The Jerry G Method – Step by step guide

Let’s face it. Drug tests are a bummer.  But because most laboratories and employers prefer an inexpensive urine test, there are ample ways in which you can beat it. If it’s an unsupervised one, consider yourself lucky and just switch it with a bottle of Clear Choice Sub Solution and you are done.

However, if the employer is using other methods of detection like a hair follicle test, then the situation gets trickier. Fortunately or unfortunately, there’s a lot of unverified guidance floating around on the internet on how to beat a hair follicle drug test. One of them is the Jerry G method. The other one being the Macujo method.

Jerry G was an active member of some drug test forums. When he created the method and sworn by his life that it worked, it gained a lot of traction among marijuana users due to his legendary status in those days among weed users.

I have seen a lot of people do this method and end up with permanently damaged hair. So, I thought of giving my take on this hair detox method and whether it really is as effective as it is often touted to be.

What is the Jerry G Method?

The Jerry G method is a way to break down the outer layer of the hair follicle which is called the cuticle and flush out the drug metabolites from the inner layer which is called the Cortex. That sounds pretty effective in theory.

But it’s the application that makes it unkind for your hair.

The method requires you to repeatedly bleach and dye your hair with a hair dye that contains ammonia. And, you will need to wash it repeatedly with Toxin wash Shampoo after every time you bleach or dye it. Let me explain in detail.

How does the Jerry G Method work

It is an 8 step process and the first and most important step is to stop using Marijuana at least 10 days before the test. If you do not have that much time on hand, you can reduce this to say, 7 days. But most people who have used it at shorter notice have failed the test.

Here is a step-by-step guide of the Jerry G method.

Step 1 – Stop using Marijuana and any other drugs that you may be using

Step 2 – On the same day that you stop using it, bleach and dye your hair (dye must contain ammonia for this to work)

Step 3 – Wash your hair with Toxin wash or any similar shampoo

Step 4 – On the 10th day after you first dyed the hair, bleach and dye your hair again.

Step 5 – Wash your hair again with Toxin wash

Step 6 – On the day of the test, apply a paste of baking soda on your hair. Wait for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off thoroughly.

Step 7 – Wash again with Toxin wash Shampoo

Step 8 – Finally, wash your hair with Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo

That’s it. You are now ready for the hair follicle test.

If you have hair that is longer than 6 inches or if you believe that you may have higher toxin levels, then you will have to follow the procedure multiple times to ensure that you clean your hair thoroughly.

What are the things that you need for the Jerry G method?

One of the reasons why the Jerry G method has gained so much popularity is because it is cheaper than the Macujo method. What  you need :

  • A bottle of bleach
  • Any ammonia-based hair dye
  • Toxin wash shampoo
  • Zydot ultra clean shampoo
  • Baking soda
  • New combs to prevent recontamination.

The big question though, is how effective is this method?

Jerry G method vs Macujo

Jerry G methodWell, that depends on what you are looking to achieve. Is your end goal only to pass the test or do you want to pass the test with some hair left on your head? The Jerry G method ‘may’ work. If you have 10 days, to begin with, and you follow the instructions to the T and you are ok with subjecting your hair to some of the harshest chemicals on the planet multiple times, sure! It may work. But what is assured is that it will wreck your hair completely.

Like I mentioned at the start of this post, I have seen women cut their hair completely after the test because of the extensive damage that was caused due to the repeated dyeing and bleaching. The Macujo method, on the other hand, is relatively safer, works faster (only five days) and does not require you to repeatedly bleach and dye your hair with ammonia.

You need to get the older batch of Nexus Aloe Rid shampoo that contains Propylene glycol and any shampoo which contains Salicylic acid. But that’s about it. The other things like Vinegar and tide detergent are easily available at home.

Does the Jerry G method work?

The Jerry G method’s success rate is good, but not as good Macujo method’s, but even if it works it will ruin your hair completely for months or years to come.

2.9 Total Score
Jerry G hair detox method

  • Cheaper than the Macujo method
  • Relatively good success rate
  • Not the safest method
  • It will ruin your hair completely
  • Takes longer than the Macujo method
  • Requires 5 ingredients
User Rating: 2.9 (54 votes)
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