How To Pass A Drug Test For Benzoylecgonine

Benzoylecgonine is the main metabolite of cocaine. It is the substance that is checked for in drug tests.

If you want to learn how to pass a drug test for Benzoylecgonine then you need to know how long it stays in your system, what type of drug test you are taking, and also what options you have to minimize the chance to detection through speeding up its exit from the body.

There are lots of factors involved in this, but a little bit of education now could save you from years of pain later.

What Happens With Testing For Cocaine and crack/Benzoylecgonine?

When you take cocaine, the liver breaks it down into various metabolites, the main one of which is benzoylecgonine. Lab drug tests test for this metabolite because it stays in the body longer than the others, giving a better chance of a positive detection.

A positive result will occur if you have 300+ micrograms of benzoylecgonine per liter.

Some lab drug tests aim to detect other metabolites, so the detection of benzoylecgonine is not the whole story, but it is the most common.

Benzoylecgonine elimination times

How to pass a drug test for BenzoylecgonineHow Long Is Benzoylecgonine Detectable In Urine?

Benzoylecgonine is detectable in urine from around two hours after ingestion through to around five days is a maximum. The average is usually a much lower three days.

There will be several factors that determine how quickly it leaves your system:

  • How frequently you use cocaine
  • How much cocaine you take
  • How much you go to the toilet
  • Your body size
  • Your metabolism
  • Your levels of health and fitness

It should be noted here that in extreme circumstances, due to the relation between the factors above, a chronic cocaine user can take more than five days to clear their system, and in some rare instances up to 14-21 days.

This can be even worse if alcohol usage is high during the same period as the body has more toxins to deal with and expel, and also a new metabolite is formed which is also detectable.

How Long Is Benzoylecgonine Detectable In Blood?

Cocaine metabolites will be detectable in a blood test within a few hours, and may stay in your system up to 7 days (extreme cases).

However, it’s more common for cocaine to leave your bloodstream within a couple of days. In some cases regular users may take longer, but sometimes it can even take a shorter time. This is the problem with blood testing, it’s incredibly unpredictable.

How Long Is Benzoylecgonine Detectable In Blood

How Long Is Benzoylecgonine Detectable In Hair?

Benzoylecgonine will be detectable in a hair sample for up to 90 days. It will be showing up in a hair sample after around five days.

The problem with hair sampling is that you don’t know exactly how much hair contains a detectable sample. Also, labs tend to only take off the ends which show 90 days history, but in some non-standard testing it can be a longer length of hair and therefore longer drug history

The bottom line with a hair detection test is that if you are going to have one, it’s going to be a real lottery. The only way you can get any guarantees is to use the macujo method to cleanse your hair of toxins. I have spoken about this previously, it is suitable for getting rid of the signs of all drugs and I have covered it in detail HERE.

How Long Is Benzoylecgonine Detectable In Saliva?

The benzoylecgonine elimination time in saliva is pretty fast. Usually, it disappears in less than two days. It’s detectable a few moments after taking cocaine.

So unless you are going in for a drug test that day, you are going to be 50-50 on being okay. Having a saliva test is the least worrying and intrusive drug test you can have as a cocaine user.

How You Can Pass a Benzoylecgonine Drug Test

Benzoylecgonine Drug Test

The most usual type of drug test you will receive is a urine test. That’s because of it unobtrusive, accurate and easy to administer.

But to pass any type of benzoylecgonine drug test is going to need a combination of knowledge about how quickly it leaves your system and some tools to help you.

  1. For a saliva benzoylecgonine test, you can use Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum. This is a capsule you pop in your mouth a few minutes before the test is administered. You then chew the capsule so the liquid washes around in your mouth and then swallow the lot after a few moments. If you think you might be in danger of having a saliva drug test, then having a capsule of Oral Clear on you all times will ease your fears massively.
  2. For a blood benzoylecgonine test, you can speed up the flushing of your system using Toxin rid detox pills. It has 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 10-day programs that when mixed with exercise and hydration can really help to flush out your system more quickly than it would naturally.
  3. For urine benzoylecgonine, drug test Toxin Rid detox pills are again the best solution. You can also use detox drinks to help this process. Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse are the two best detox drinks on the market and are strong enough to work on their own a lot of the time, or alongside Toxin Rid. They can help to mask toxins for up to 5 hours, so should be carefully used on the day of a drug test. Another option for a urine benzoylecgonine test is to use high-quality synthetic urine for your sample.
  4. For a hair, benzoylecgonine drug test the only virtually guaranteed method is the macujo method. I’ve covered that in detail before, and it involves washing your hair with various shampoos and detergents in order to strip the top layer of hair and then wash the underlying fibers to remove the toxins.

Whatever type of drug test you are undertaking for benzoylecgonine, the final bit of advice I have for you is to also do a home drug test before you go for your real one if possible. This is only possible with urine or oral drug test, but it will give you a clear sign of if you are in trouble or not.


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