How To Pass A Drug Test With Household Products

For as long as there have been drug test, people have been searching for ways you can pass them.

It’s no wonder that people have wondered how to pass a drug test with household products, especially if they are desperate because they are facing one the next day.

There are loads of high quality, specialist products out there which can help you pass a drug test, fake urine, detox drinks, detox pills and supplements, and proven methods that use a combination of ingredients.

But do you need any of these? Is there a “holy Grail” household product, or products, out there that will get you through a drug test?

How To Pass A Drug Test With Household Products

Why Do People Look For Household Products To Pass A Drug Test?

Formal drug testing has become more widespread over the past couple of decades. Urine sample results have been upheld in court for around 30 years in the US.

On top of this, many employers in the US use urine drug testing to test potential employees once they have been offered a position.

Because of this explosion, and the rise of Internet forums, other methods of potentially passing a drug test have become popular. Word-of-mouth is powerful.

Desperation breeds unrealistic searches.

 Household Products & Methods To Pass A Drug Test

Top 5 household products to pass a drug test
It doesn’t matter whether you are going to take a urine, blood, hair or saliva drug test, someone out there will recommend household products and remedies that will work. Some of the most common include

  1. The Certo drug test method. This is all about drinking pectin. This is a natural sugar which is meant to bind to the bowels and basically catch toxins before they get into your urine.
  2. Baking soda. This is often recommended to clean your hair ready for a hair follicle test.
  3. Vinegar. Either through washing your hair using normal vinegar, or drinking Apple cider vinegar to pass a urine test, it’s often mentioned as a way to pass a drug test.
  4. Cranberry juice and other natural juices are often recommended because they are antioxidants, which are meant to be able to speed up the rate at which you expel toxins.
  5. Tea and other natural diuretics are rumored to help speed up toxin removal

That covers the main ones, but the list goes on, and on and on.

Can Any Household Product Pass A Drug Test?

If there was an easy way to just take something simple and pass a drug test, everyone would do it and there would be no need for expensive proprietary products.

People do it to either save money which is stupid or out of desperation because they’ve run out of time before a drug test to order something that will work off the Internet.

The bottom line here is that toxins are only expelled from your body at a certain rate. You can do very little to speed them up. Yes, you can help your body a little bit, but nothing will magically change your metabolism.

And in terms of your hair, no household product on its own is going to be able to open up the hair shafts and cleanse the underlying cortex.

Rescue cleanse

How To Pass A Drug Test

So now you know the truth, that there is no household product that is going to get you through a drug test, then you need to make a better decision. If you want to pass a drug test you going to need to spend money on quality products:

  1. Synthetic urine

If you are prepared to spend decent money, around $40-$75, then you should invest in some fake urine like Sub Solution or Quick Fix. This is the most certain way to pass a drug test, just submit a fake sample that will pass lab testing.

  1. Detox drinks

These will cost about $50, but something like Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse can mask the toxins in your urine for a few hours you can get through a drug test. You can also get Mega Clean with Pre-Rid pills that you can use in the days leading up to a urine test to increase the chances of the detox drink working.

  1. The Macujo Method

This is expensive and time-consuming, but if you are going for a hair follicle test it’s your only realistic option to get through it. You will need several ingredients, the most expensive of which is the original formula of Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo. But it really can work.

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