How To Make Fake Urine At Home ( DIY Synthetic Urine )

You know, it was only recently that I realized how many people try to find out how to make fake pee. It sounded a bit crazy until I realized that these are people who are looking to make fake urine to pass a urine drug test.

So this is pretty serious stuff. People are scared about losing their jobs, or something more serious if they fail a drug test. They know that they can submit a fake pee, and so they look online to try and find the recipe for making DIY synthetic urine.

I know a lot about drug testing and have had years of experience in passing them. So I’ve looked into this in detail, so that I can tell you exactly what the method is to make synthetic urine, and whether it would be good enough to pass a professional lab drug test.

On top of that, I’m going to give you some other options, so that if it all seems too much, then you aren’t trapped, and can still definitely pass that drug test.

The Reasons People Fail A Urine Drug Test

The obvious reason why people fail a urine drug test is simply that they have a sample that contains drug metabolites. These trigger the panel drug test kit, and then you will be in real trouble.

If you’re trying to evade submitting a legitimate sample, then there are several reasons why you could fail a drug test:

  • The sample is at the wrong temperature
  • It doesn’t pass validity checks for human urine
  • If it’s someone else’s urine, that it contained something you didn’t realize

In terms of submitting someone else’s sample, that is going to be fraught with danger. For a start, you don’t know how clean they are, and also you’ve got to get hold of that sample and submit it within a few hours. Anything where you have to store real urine or freeze it, is an absolute nightmare you want to avoid.

So another option is to submit a fake sample. So if you can learn how to make fake pee for a drug test, then you know you’re going to pass. That’s the reason I suspect a lot of people try to find out how to make it.

how to make synthetic urine

Is Making Fake Urine At Home Viable?

Human urine is actually more complex than you would probably realize It also has a very fixed universal composition, and that’s very difficult to replicate unless you have industrial equipment.

I’m going to be clear here, I have to say that I would never recommend that you make home-made urine. Even if you could pull it off, that’s an incredible gamble to take.

But sure, it definitely is possible to recreate the chemical composition of real human urine. But the problem you’ve got is that not only is it got to be right composition, but you’ve still got to have it at the right temperature, plus get it looking and smelling like the real deal as well.

That’s a lot to achieve.

How To Make Fake Pee ( DIY Synthetic Urine )

So now I have talked generally about the problems you could face in learning how to make fake urine, and get away with it, let’s look at the specifics.

For a start, this is going to be expensive. You don’t just get these chemicals from Walmart, you’re going to need to track them down and buy them. And you can’t just buy as much as you need, they tend to be sold in big bottles or containers.

On top of that, these are not sometimes easy to obtain. So it’s not as easy as just buying them and putting them together in the right quantities, you’ve got to get hold of them in the first place.

Another problem is that this all has to be incredibly accurate. You will need a very high quality, scientific grade, micro scale that can measure the sorts of materials we would be handling.

You can’t just whack a load of stuff in a set of home scales, human urine has incredibly specific volumes of the chemicals which make up its composition.

So now we’ve talked generally about how to make DIY synthetic urine, let’s look at the exact ingredients you will need, and the exact quantities you’ll need:

  • 33 ounces of 0.02 M HC1 solution
  • 1.9 ml of 25% v/v solution of ammonia
  • 2.8g KC1
  • 14.1g of NaC1
  • 17.3g Urea
  • 0.6g CaC12
  • 0.43g MgS04

Now unless you’ve got a chemistry degree, in which case you wouldn’t be asking the question about how to make fake pee in the first place, then like me you properly haven’t got a Scooby Doo about what any of those ingredients actually are.

Even if you can get hold of all these ingredients, and you can micro-measure them to get the right quantities, you’ve got to mix them in an environment that will make sure it doesn’t spoil what you are making.

But let’s look at the exact method to make synthetic urine at home, just assuming you have managed to get the ingredients: 

  1. Measure all the ingredients, they will be powders and place them into a lab grade container. It will also need to be sealed airtight afterward.
  2. Add the wet ingredients, making sure that the last thing you add is the 0.02 M HC1. Slowly mix it while adding this. You will have to make sure that as you add it that it looks like the color of urine, and you may need to stop slightly early it already looks like it. 

In essence, that it. But it’s not simple to get those ingredients, mix them exactly together, and keep them in an environment that it doesn’t spoil very quickly.

On top of that is the ludicrous risk you will be taking. Although it might look like the real thing, is it going to pass the eye and sniff test of a professional, and the only way you going to know if you’ve mixed it right is when they actually test it.

That’s hardly ideal, and not really worth the risk.

DIY synthetic urine

Heating Your DIY Synthetic Urine To Pass A Drug Test

Let’s say that you have performed a minor chemical miracle by creating viable synthetic urine that would pass a drug test.

The thing is that’s only half the battle. One of the biggest problems is getting it to the lab in a state that does not alert them to the fact it’s not a real sample.

First, you got to make it close enough to the appointment that it doesn’t spoil. Which means you’ve literally got to make it for you go, or you’ve got to store it somehow, which means it’s got to be refrigerated, but not for longer than 24 hours.

You’ve then got to warm it gently to get it within the correct temperature range, at least 90°F, and no warmer than 100°F.

To do this you going to need a reliable temperature strip, a good quality container, and a means of heating it.

So at the very least, you going to have to buy a decent heat pad. This heat pad has to be able to generate a steady stream of heat for several hours, you can’t just use some cheap hand warmer because the temperature will be too variable.

So it’s the combination of things that are stacking up against you here. You’re taking a huge chance in actually being able to construct DIY synthetic urine at home that will fool a professional drug testing facility.

You’re also taking a huge chance that you will be able to store it and transport it, without the sample spoiling.

Thirdly, you are going to have to get that sample to the correct temperature and keep it there.

I hope you’re beginning to see, but this is not going to be easy. Nor is it going to be cheap. In fact, you will have spent far more on getting the ingredients together, and you will be taking a far bigger risk, then if you simply buy some high-quality synthetic urine from a reputable retailer.

making fake urine at home

Options Other Than DIY Synthetic Urine

So look, learning how to make fake pee might seem a cool idea. But it’s the same sort of idea that gets people into convincing themselves that they can pass a urine drug test with some home remedy, like drinking a load of baking soda and water.

The bottom line is it’s all a bit nuts, and you really would be better off just avoiding taking any risk, rather than creating a situation where you are. What’s the point anyway?

When it’s possible to buy high-quality synthetic urine that will fool even the most experienced lab facility for far less than a hundred dollars, why have a risk at all?

In fact, for your basic pre-employment drug test, where they do a five panel test, and the lab technicians aren’t that bothered, and the validity checking standards are low, then even cheap synthetic urine will work.

But you have to know which brands will pass the testing.

The two I would recommend are called Quick Fix and Monkey Whizz. They are not the top of the market products, but they are far superior to making fake urine at home in an attempt to pass a drug test.

Both of these come with a heating pad of good quality so that you can keep it at the right temperature. Either is a good option for a basic drug test, and you’re taking almost zero risks, in comparison to trying to make fake pee yourself.

how to pass a 10 panel urine drug test

The Number One Way To Pass A Urine Drug Test

But as I said, getting the ingredients together to learn how to make fake pee is not going to be cheap, and it’s a huge risk.

If it’s a basic drug test, then Quick Fix and Monkey Whizz are definitely good enough options.

If you want a little more insurance, you want to know that no matter how much they test it, sniff it, or whatever, you will pass the test, then there’s only one brand of synthetic urine I would ever recommend.

It’s the brand I use myself, and I can tell you this works even for your high-quality 10 panel drug testing.

The brand is Sub Solution. It’s expensive but far cheaper than trying to make fake pee yourself. It has the most complex formula, containing more than 10 biological markers that a lab might check for.

On top of that, it’s also guaranteed not to contain biocide. Biocide is an artificial preservative that some fake urine companies put in to stop their products spoiling so easily.

The rumor is that some of the top testing labs have cottoned onto this, and now also check for the presence of biocide. It’s not cheap one bottle costs 80$, but it’s worth the price.

So Sub Solution is the ultimate stealth fake urine, and I’m telling you it’s guaranteed to pass.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about keeping the temperature within the correct temperature range. This is because it doesn’t even come with a heat pad, which could occasionally fail. It comes with heat activator powder.

How to keep urine warm

The heat activator powder agitates the liquid to raise the temperature. This means it easy to get it to the right temperature. On top of that, you can use a high-quality temperature strip included monitoring that temperature right up to the point you walk into the lab.

If the temperature drops, you can add a little bit more heat activator powder, and within a couple of minutes, it will have raised the temperature.

So you have granular control over the temperature of the sample, on top of removing pretty much all the risk from submitting a synthetic urine sample.

So there you go. Forget wondering how to make fake pee. Making fake urine at home is an absolute minefield you want to avoid.

Use a professional synthetic urine product, and if you really don’t want to get caught out in any way, then using Sub Solution will give you the absolute ultimate guarantee of passing the test.

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