How To Make Cannabis Almond Milk

If you love the taste of almond milk and you’re looking for a smooth drink to help consume your cannabis, then infused almond milk might just be the best solution for you.

What Can You Use Cannabis Almond Milk For?

You can use cannabis almond milk for a lot of different things. You can use it for your morning cereal, you can put it in your smoothies and even use in your sauces. Almond milk is a bit different than cannabis oil. The level of concentration is vastly different and cannabis oil has a lot more calories than almond milk. This is because the water level of almond milk is far higher than cannabis oil.

How To Make Your Own Cannabis Almond Milk

You shouldn’t need too many ingredients, it’s relatively simple to make your own. First, here’s a list of ingredients you’re going to need:

  • .5 ounce cup of raw almonds
  • 3 cups of water, preferably distilled water
  • You’ll also need your cannabis, preferably 3 grams but you can use anywhere from 2 to 5 grams
  • You’ll need to make sure you have the almonds already soaking in the 3 cups of water for approximately 8 hours (things won’t come out right if you don’t)
  • A food processor
  • A cheesecloth or you could also use a strainer
  • A saucepan

Step 1 – Make sure you have all the ingredients ready and pre-soak the almonds for 8 hours

Step 2 – Drain the water and then rinse off the almonds thoroughly

Step 3 – Use the food processor to blend the milk and the almonds and 3 cups of water, it should look like milk when you’re done

Step 4 – Once you have your almond milk, then you need to strain the milk preferably with a strainer but you can also use a cheesecloth

Step 5 – Once the milky substance has been strained, put the milk into a saucepan and keep it there until it starts to boil lightly

Step 6 – Only if the cannabis is ground well, add the cannabis to the saucepan and reduce the amount of heat, bringing it to low heat and make sure you’re occasionally stirring as well

Step 7 – After 2 hours, strain the milk through the cheesecloth or strainer from earlier

Step 8 – You’re all good to go, it’s now ready to serve

You can use this newly found cannabis almond milk in cereals, shakes, smoothies or anything else. Some people even put this milk into baked goods as well but we’re not sure about the effectiveness of these baked goods.

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Using Other Types of Milk

Almond milk isn’t the only type of milk that you can use for cannabis-infused milk. You can also use cow milk, coconut milk, goat milk, soy milk tempeh milk and just about any other type of milk. Experiment a little bit and you’ll be surprised at what you can make. You can even blend different kinds of milk together but we can’t comment on what kind of taste you’ll get.

If you’ve never made this before, maybe you should start out with just 1 gram of cannabis instead of using several grams. You should build up your tolerance first before using all of your cannabis and it’s great to get some hands-on experience because the first batch you do more than likely won’t be perfect.

Don’t feel like making your own? There are plenty of almond cannabis milk products out on the web as well but you might run into some legality issues because not every state can purchase or receive these products.

Almond cannabis milk is still bound by the same law that marijuana uses for recreational use and almond cannabis milk can’t be classified as medicinal. Also, on another note, you have to use the almond milk within one week of creating it or it could go bad and leave a sour taste in your mouth after use. Just like regular milk, it doesn’t last very long after its creation or purchase.

There are some different variations of almond cannabis milk you can create but generally speaking, the one recipe provided in this guide is the most popular recipe. It’s the easiest to make, it doesn’t require many different tools and the only real problem with the recipe is that it requires a lot of waiting.

It requires 8 hours of waiting just for the almonds to soak into the water. It’s well worth the wait though because, at the end, you have some almond cannabis milky goodness.

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