How To Sneak Urine Into A Female Drug Test

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about how to conceal urine for a drug test, female drug testing I mean.

The thing is with concealing urine for a female drug test, is that there is a lot of bad information out there, and women are more scared about submitting a urine drug test sample than they perhaps should be.

So in this post, I’m going to look at all the big questions around concealing urine for a female drug test, like can you use male urine, how do you keep urine warm if you’re female, and also the methods and products that simply don’t work.

What Happens During A Female Drug Test?

I’ll start by telling you the biggest shock of all around what actually happens during a female drug test: there’s not a single difference between a female or male drug test.

That’s it, it’s that simple. They are the same. Carried out the same, and your sex doesn’t matter.

The only difference between the type of test you might face is whether it’s bound by the court or the federal agency, or whether it’s a drug test voluntarily taken by a private citizen.

The difference between the two types is the invasiveness. If you are told you have to take a drug test, maybe for probation purposes, then it will be observed. This doesn’t mean you will have someone suddenly standing right in front of you staring at you, but they will be in the room, and they will potentially be able to search you.

That will make it incredibly difficult to use synthetic urine that you have smuggled in. That’s when you need a detox drink instead.

The second type is voluntary drug testing, taken for things like getting a job.

With the second type, you are not observed or searched. You go behind the screen, or into a separate cubicle, or room, and you submit the sample in private. So with this more common type, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman, and it doesn’t matter how you transport the fake sample to the testing facility.

How to sneak urine into a drug test female

Can A Female Use Male Urine For A Drug Test?

The second biggest myth around female drug testing is the question around can a female use male urine for a drug test. The straight answer to that question is yes.

Although it is possible to detect someone’s sex from their urine, it’s not common for this to happen at all, because it’s expensive and largely irrelevant. You might be tested for hormones if you are being drug tested for something like an athletic body, but not anything like probation or pre-employment drug test.

So the bottom line is that if you were inclined to submit a clean sample of a friends urine, then it doesn’t matter if they are male or female, a female can use male urine to pass a drug test. However, there is a caveat with that, it’s incredibly risky, for three reasons: 

  1. Human urine starts to spoil after just a few hours. It will start to cloud, and start to go “stringy”. So unless you are able to go straight to the lab, or you freeze it, then you’re going to have problems around timing.
  2. You got to find somebody who’s got clean urine. Not just someone who hands on the heart hasn’t taken anything illegal for a couple of weeks, but to also hasn’t got any health conditions, or isn’t taking any medication that could throw up a false positive.
  3. You’ve got to keep that sample from spoiling, and also keep it at the right temperature all the way up to the point you submit it. 

How To Keep Urine Warm For a Female Drug Test

Which leads us on to that other big question, but how to keep urine warm for a drug test of females.

Actually, it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, or if you are using real or fake urine, you will still have the problem that you have to submit it at a minimum temperature of 90°F, or maximum temperature of 100°F.

Human urine comes out of the body within a very small temperature range, between 96°F and 100°F. Legally, because it will cool quickly, a sample that is 90°F or above has to be accepted. It also has to be tested for the temperature within four minutes of the sample leaving the body.

In terms of how to keep urine warm for a female drug test, you have to keep it close to your body and use a heating pad, or something else, that generates heat to keep the sample within those temperature ranges.

That’s not easily done, because things like hand warmers aren’t designed to generate an exact level of heat that will keep the temperature within such a fine range.

The Cupid Female Urine Device

The Cupid female urine device is something you might well read about, with people saying you need to buy it to pass a female drug test.

The bottom line here is that’s a load of rubbish.

Unless it’s a supervised drug test, in which case submitting a fake sample at all would be incredibly risky, it will not be observed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, you don’t need to strap anything to your body in a certain way, or use something that allows a natural urinating position, it’s irrelevant because you won’t be seen. So the Cupid female urine device, in terms of standard female drug testing, is a waste of money.

How To Sneak Urine Into Drug Test For Females

So you don’t need a device that makes you urinate in a specifically female way, so things like the Cupid female urine device, are irrelevant when it comes to knowing how to sneak urine for a female drug test.

In terms of how to conceal urine for a female drug test, you’re just looking for a bottle that is flat enough to strap to your body, as a female, you could just pop it into your underwear and then use a band to keep it tight to the body. But the problem is still there around bulk, a bottle of fake urine with a heating pad strapped to it could stick out.

However, it is possible to conceal it well enough even with a heating pad, which is why the first two recommended brands of synthetic urine for both females and males I would recommend are called Monkey Whizz and Quick Fix.

Both of these have complex formulas that will pass standard sample validity tests. You simply:

  1. heat the sample
  2. activate the warming pad
  3. then go and submit your sample

The only downside to these fake urine products is that the heat pads can sometimes not be consistent.

If you’re not comfortable carrying a flask, then Monkey Whizz also do a urine belt, that holds it against you and spreads out the urine in a pouch.

But if you don’t want any problems around the temperature of the sample, then I recommend Sub Solution synthetic urine. The reason is it doesn’t use a heating pad. You mix together the urine powder with water, and then you don’t even need a microwave, you simply add the included heat activator powder and agitate it.

Sub solution reviews

The heat activator powder is brilliant, because it will get it to the right temperature and keep it there, and just before you go into the lab, you can check the sample and add a bit more powder if necessary.

On top of that, Sub Solution is the most complex chemical formula, and more closely recreates human urine than any other brand I’ve ever found. It’s not cheap a bottle costs 80$, but it definitely works. You can buy it straight from the manufacturer.

So there you go, it’s actually pretty easy to keep urine warm for a female drug test, and pretty easy as a female to conceal urine for a drug test. You just need to use high-quality synthetic urine like Monkey Whizz, Quick Fix, or Sub Solution.

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