Here’s What You Can Do to Save Kratom

Kratom is under attack by the left and right. They want to make it illegal and they want to prevent you from getting it! Below, you’re going to find out what you can do to help protect Kratom and keep it legal.

About the AKA

First and foremost, you should familiarize yourself with the AKA, American Kratom Association. This organization is dedicated to helping members educate themselves. The AKA has also been at the forefront of fighting to keep Kratom legal.

The job that they’re facing is immense and their resources are limited. Many mistakenly believe that this organization is the one that complains to vendors and makes them do certain things. The agency understands that they’re not going to be able to solve every single problem out there.

Nevertheless, there is one issue that they fight for consistently and that is ensuring that Kratom remains legal in 46 states.

The group has also undertaken the effort of attempting to force the other 4 states to undo their current brands. The agency needs your help. They need assistance battling the power at be and ensuring that legal is able to remain legal.


When it comes down to it, the agency believes that separate entities need to do more to protect the consumer. This means that smoke shops and other kratom vendors need to keep a closer eye on the products that they’re selling.

They need to ensure that they’re not peddling any products that have been spiked with research chemicals or synthetics. Selling these products to consumers is risky and it is ultimately going to backfire on the business at some point or another.

There is plenty of evidence that shows Kratom is completely safe. However, the vendors who lace their Kratom with chemicals need to be punished for their behavior. Vendors who sell dirty Kratom are really giving the politicians fuel for the fire.

They’re the reason that consumers are at risk of losing their right to buy Kratom legally in the United States.

The American Kratom Association has been fighting diligently to ensure that the kratom industry is not shut down. Vendors need to be educated about what they’re selling. At the same time, consumers need to be vigilant.

They need to be cautious about which vendors they’re working with. They need to stick with reputable and trustworthy kratom vendors. Freedom is wonderful, but it also comes with tons of responsibility.

This organization is unable to police the industry. Therefore, consumers and vendors need to do it. Vendors must adhere to all FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. If they’re not, consumers need to punish them for it.

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Protecting Yourself From Microbial Contaminants

Consumers need to do everything humanly possible to protect themselves from microbial contaminants. The good news is that there is actually a simple solution to this problem. The best way to eliminate contaminants is by transforming the kratom into tee.

Or, you can dump your kratom into boiling water. Just make sure that you let the kratom sit for a minute before drinking the water. This will kill some of the most dangerous contaminants, including e coli and salmonella!

The good news is that getting sick from these contaminants is very rare. It doesn’t happen very often. If you’re getting ill while using Kratom, you’ve probably taken too much to begin with.

Avoiding Adulterated Kratom With These Tips

When purchasing kratom in capsule form, it is best to examine the contents carefully. While it may be difficult to believe, some dealers spray their kratom with harmful chemicals. If the powder inside the capsules looks like “chalky white residue”, there is a good chance that it contains these chemicals, according to the AKA. Never consume any capsule that is laced with synthetics or chemicals for your own sake.

This is why it is crucial to find a reputable kratom dealer and only purchase from them. There are lots of dealers that have earned a reputation of only selling pure kratom. Your job is to find them.

The AKA recently reported that a GoFundMe campaign was established for a woman who claimed she purchased e-liquid from a business and after a few vapes she fell unconscious. The proceeds from the GoFundMe campaign were aimed at paying the lady’s medical bills, mainly her ambulance bill.

The woman claimed that she went to the store to busy kratom but was enticed in buying the e-liquid. This story could have resulted in a major catastrophe for the kratom industry. Luckily, Susan Ash and her team thought the story smelled a little fishy.

With so many governments taking the initiative to prevent their citizens from accessing kratom, it is becoming more challenging for consumers to buy it. You can help prevent this from happening, regardless if you are a consumer or a vendor.

The AKA recommends keeping an eye out for kratom that is adulterated or contaminated. Consumers should only do business with reputable vendors who are willing to stand behind their kratom.

It is extremely risky to purchase from sellers who claim to be an Indonesian farmer. Some consumers who have purchased from foreign farmers have reported receiving kratom that has been sprayed with chemicals. Are the risks really worth it?

Even if you need to pay a little more for your kratom just to purchase it from a trusted dealer, it will be in your best interest. Many of the kratom vendors are reputable, with a good track record. However, it never hurts to conduct thorough research just to make sure.

The best way to get in on this cause is to purchase kratom. However, it is only wise to purchases from trusted sources. The AKA is working diligently to save kratom, but they do not handle customer complaints.

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