Herbal Clean Super Q Caps Review

I got passed this stuff a few weeks back. As it is yet another herbal cleaning product that claims to detox you, and it only costs $17 on Amazon, I didn’t give any thought and just put on a shelf.

I saw it the other day and decided to take a proper look at it and do a Herbal Clean super Q Caps review before I threw them in the bin.

But perhaps I’m being too skeptical and just maybe this $17 detox pill might be the magic bullet at a low price point that is been flying under my radar for years?

Herbal Clean Super Q Caps Review

What Are Super Q Caps?

There is actually a lot of hype, big success claims, and positive super Q Caps testimonials out there and a lot of websites are selling them.

Basically, they are pills that contain natural ingredients which are meant to flush your system for a short space of time to clear you of THC and get you through a urine drugs test.

Could The Ingredients Actually Work?

I wasn’t filled with hope when I read the ingredients of Herbal Clean Q Caps:

• Dandelion roots
• Juniper berry
• Cayenne pepper
• Turmeric root
• Uva ursi root
• Milk thistle seed
• Licorice root
• Slippery elm bark

Now I know enough just from looking at those ingredients that although they are all natural, none of them are going to make your system miraculously flush itself clean of THC toxins ever, let alone in a day.

So I Followed The Herbal Clean Q Caps Directions…

…to the letter.

I stopped smoking for the day, I took all four of the “concentrated capsules” with the right amount of water, then after 15 minutes drank the recommended additional 24oz of water. I then urinated twice in the space of an hour.

Three hours later I took a home drugs test and failed.

I never expected to pass, and although I’m a heavy smoker, the box claims its for clearing high toxin levels even with a large body mass, even stating it is a “maximum strength cleansing formula”. So there should have been absolutely zero problems.

Herbal Clean Super Q Caps directions

Herbal Clean Q Caps Review: Conclusion

This is one of the easiest conclusions of ever come to. My gut feeling was right even before I tried it, and it was proven right when I did the test myself.

Herbal clean doesn’t work. Period.

On top of that, it’s not just me, there were lots of negative reviews on Amazon as well as lots of obviously fake reviews claiming it’s wonderful.


One irony is that herbal clean also make a popular detox drink called Qcarbo. Although that isn’t high quality or reliability all, it’s still a better bet than trying to pass a drugs test using Q Caps. If your urine test is unsupervised, go with synthetic urine if it’s supervised then Mega clean is your best bet.

1.8 Total Score
Herbal Clean Super Q Caps Review

  • Cheap
  • Doesn't work
  • False claims
  • When using this product you may experience nausea, dizziness, diarrhea or cramping
  • Its recommended to purchase additional cleansing products
User Rating: 1.8 (5 votes)
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