CBD Hemp Oil For Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is a skin condition which can flare up out of control, and often prescribed medications simply don’t help, leaving the sufferer in a condition where they are made to feel judged and inadequate.

But there is possible solution out there, and what’s surprising is that more and more people are using hemp oil for psoriasis relief.

Although it’s not really surprising people are trying other remedies when you consider a lot of commercial psoriasis products contain anabolic steroids!

Isn’t hemp oil cannabis though? Well yes and no. And that’s where part of the problem comes, and why many people struggling with psoriasis are ignoring the real scientific reasons why CBD hemp oil really can help with this condition.

It’s a shame people back away from it because of a fear they will get high or suffer legal ramifications, so let’s set the record straight and explain how research into the medical properties of oil extracted from hemp and cannabis plants is providing surprisingly results and relief for psoriasis sufferers.

What Is CBD Hemp Oil Anyway?

Some of the confusion around what hemp oil, CBD oil, and cannabis oil are, what the differences are, needs to be cleared up right here.

Although they come from plants in the same family, hemp oil comes from the hemp plant, and cannabis oil comes from the cannabis plant. Cannabis oil contains THC, the cannabinoid the gets you high, hemp oil doesn’t.

In the middle is CBD oil.

It can come from either special groups of hemp plants, or the cannabis plant itself, but whichever it comes from, it’s THC content is so low that it is legal to buy, but crucially it still contains many of the properties of cannabis being linked with positive health benefits, specifically the cannabinoids being linked with healing and restorative properties.

CBD for psoriasis

How Effective Can Hemp Oil For Scalp Psoriasis Be?

Scientifically, CBD hemp oil is becoming more and more linked to relieving the symptoms of scalp and skin psoriasis.

What happens with psoriasis is that the skin regenerates too quickly, leading to young skin that is tougher and not ready being shed, leading to that itchy, scaly look and feel.

In the field of very new science, Cannabidiol (CBD), as well as several other other cannabinoids, has been found to potentially slow and inhibit the growth of overactive skin cells, through limiting the development of both TNF-alpha and interferon-gamma which are strongly suspected of fueling the cycle of information and rapid skin growth.

As well as this exciting potential, it’s already well proven that CBD oil, or CBD in cream form, has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Psoriasis is now increasingly thought to be driven by inflammation in key areas of the body, beyond the skin itself. At the heart of its anti-inflammatory benefits in relation to psoriasis, is that hemp oil contains essential short-chain fatty acids, for example, Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Not only can these reduce the severity of the cycle, but they also stop the itchiness and redness, and protect the tissue from damage.

In summary, CBD hemp oil can really benefit psoriasis sufferers in these key ways:

  • Can actively reduce itching and soreness
  • Can reduce visual redness
  • Acts as an emollient moisturizing scaly skin
  • Contains short-chain fatty acids to condition the skin and reduce the effects
  • Contains cannabinoids increasingly linked with stopping the psoriasis cycle 

So as it is low-cost, low-risk and is showing results, once people understand it’s not going to be illegal get them high, CBD oil is growing hugely in popularity for the treatment of psoriasis for very compelling reasons.

How To Use CBD For Psoriasis

It’s really easy to use hemp oil or cream on skin affected by psoriasis to relieve the symptoms such as redness, itchiness and even to start confronting the underlying reasons for psoriasis in the first place through the way that cannabinoids could target things causing the problems with skin regeneration.

Whether it’s cream or oil, simply apply a thick layer to the affected skin area 2-3 times a day, including in the morning and at night before bed.

Using hemp oil for scalp psoriasis is slightly more problematic if you have hair on your head, however by gently dropping oil around the scalp and then working in slowly with the fingertips, it can be done. Some people find this easier when their hair is damp.

Using hemp oil for psoriasis is completely safe, although the risk of side-effects is minimal, with something as reactionary as psoriasis, it’s important to test any new treatment on a very small area of the skin before slapping it all over.

best hemp oil for psoriasis treatment

Where To Buy CBD Hemp Oil For Psoriasis

It’s vital that you get the best quality CBD hemp oil that you can to treat psoriasis to best effect.

Only high-quality CBD oil extracted from high-quality plants and produced in a way that doesn’t remove the vital cannabinoids and fatty acids will have the full effect you will need.

If you are looking for pure CBD for psoriasis then PlusCBDoil is a highly recommended retailer.

They are well-established and have a fantastic track record. All their plants are certified, their extraction and supply chain is closely monitored and they also undertake independent lab testing for consistency and quality.

CBD hemp oil is fantastic for scalp psoriasis sufferers, and in terms of hitting the spot, hemp oil healing effects for psoriasis in this form of best targeted through high-quality pure CBD hemp oil.

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Psoriasis sufferers looking for a proper topical cream are turning to the high-quality CBD topical salve, which contains 400 mg of CBD, available from PURcbd.

This is another company with a long track record of supplying fully monitored and guaranteed CBD oil products, backed up by a 100% money back guarantee.

The cream itself is luxurious and once worked into the skin keeps it soft without feeling greasy.

PURcbd also produces high-quality tinctures, which is available in 250, 750 and 1000 mg CBD/ 1oz, it’s another fantastic option if you are looking for CBD for psoriasis.

It can be used orally and topically as well.

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