The Benefits Of CBD Hemp Oil For Dogs

A lot of people are discovering the benefits of CBD hemp oil, due to the positive effect it has on a range of issues. As people discover the benefits, so more and more owners are discovering the same benefits of hemp oil for dogs.

It doesn’t stop with dogs either, hemp oil is also being found to have positive effects in other animals as well, and with no discernible negative effects.

But why is hemp oil good for dogs, and can really help with improving and curing serious conditions while also generally help with function and condition?

And as the difference between hemp, CBD and cannabis oil can be confusing and concerning, which should you choose?

What Is Hemp/CBD/Cannabis Oil?

Hemp oil is a rich oil derived from the hemp plant. But it’s not hemp oil that contains the active ingredients in the volume we need to derive positive health benefits for humans or pets.

What we are actually talking about is CBD (cannabidiol) oil, which has slightly different properties.

We are also not talking about cannabis oil. Neither hemp or CBD oil contain any significant quantity of the active ingredient that gets you high, called THC.

So what we have is a situation where you can get cannabis oil derived from the cannabis plant, which contains CBD and THC. You then have the hemp plant which produces hemp oil, and which contains very little CBD or THC.

In the middle, you have special breeds of the hemp plant, or certain types of cannabis plant which can produce CBD hemp oil from their flowers, and which contains low proportions of THC but high proportions of CBD.

CBD is the main cannabinoid which is increasingly being linked to side-effect free health improvements and the minimizing, sometimes clearing, of health conditions in humans, and also now increasingly in pets dogs.

So CBD hemp oil is nutritious, beneficial and completely legal because it does not contain THC, and is what you should be looking to buy for your pet.

CBD hemp oil for pets

Is CBD Oil For Cats Useful?

Before we talk about the specific benefits and applications of CBD hemp oil for dogs, we can also answer another common question.

Although the specific benefits are different, you can certainly use CBD oil for Cats and derive many health benefits as well.

The nutrition in the oil, especially its richness in essential omega fatty acids, benefits dogs, cats, and humans. This is because all three species have an internal endocannabinoid system, which governs many body functions and responses, and which the cannabinoid CBD positively interacts with.

On top of that, people are finding especially that cats are calmer when given a regular course of CBD oil. It has the same anxiety and calming effect on cats as it does dogs.

So there are plenty of reasons to also try CBD hemp oil on your pet cat.

CBD oil for cat

The Top 5 Benefits Of Hemp Oil For Dogs

In terms of CBD hemp oil for dogs, the top five benefits of providing your pet with a regular, accurate dose of high-quality CBD product are:

  1. Hemp oil helps dogs to be calmer

CBD hemp oil can help pets become calmer. Talking specifically about dogs, hemp oil has been anecdotally proven to deal with situational anxiety successfully.

This is now also being backed up with scientific evidence in humans, and those results seem to be backed up by observations in dogs as well. CBD attaches itself to cannabinoid receptors in the dog’s body linked to anxiety and interacts with them to calm the dog down.

  1. CBD Hemp oil can reduce pain in canine cancer

It’s the case now that some vets are recommending CBD hemp oil to relieve pain in incidences of canine cancer. CBD hemp oil can help to strengthen the immune system, deliver a hit of nutrients and also crucially relieve inflammation and anxiety.

This combination of positive effects is giving increasing numbers of dogs with canine cancer relief, and a better chance of a dignified life. In some cases, now being explored scientifically, cancer appears to stop or even start to reduce when CBD oil is used, but it should not be seen as a miracle cure.

  1. It can help make an old dog more comfortable

It’s getting increasingly well known that medicinal marijuana is being legalized in the USA. Most of the reason for this is that science is now backing up the evidence of cannabis users that cannabinoids help to reduce inflammation in the body by interacting with the receptors that tell the body to inflame to protect itself.

In older dogs, the same as in people, inflammation of joints and around organs causes increasing discomfort and a lack of mobility as they age. CBD hemp oil is increasingly being used by responsible pet owners as a way of safely reducing this aging pain.

  1. People are using CBD oil for dog seizures

Studies suggest that as many as 5% of dogs suffer from seizures, these can be minor, but in some instances very distressing whole body experiences.

CBD oil for dog seizures is, therefore, being increasingly used as it is showing evidence of working.

There have been loads of videos on YouTube of dogs having seizures calming down almost completely within a couple of minutes of being administered CBD oil.

It’s pieces of anecdotal evidence like this, alongside the increasing attention from veterinarians, which start to mount up.

Again it is the interaction between CBD oil and the cannabinoid receptors in the body which manage the dog’s response which is important.

  1. It has positive effects on maintaining healthy function

CBD hemp oil contains an incredible amount of nutrients in a very concentrated form. It is a source of essential Omega fatty acids including Omega 3 and Omega 6, , vitamins E, B1 and B2, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, GLA and stearidonic acid.

The range of powerfully nutritious ingredients has been seen to positively affect the condition of dog skin and fur, the condition of the eyes, in addition to internal benefits such as improved heart health and general organ function.

CBD oil also contains antioxidants which counter the presence of free radicals in the body and to reduce inflammation which is important in maintaining healthy organ and joint health.

cbd oil for dogs

Recommended Places To Buy CBD Oil For Pets

If you are going to give your dog CBD oil then you are going to need a specialist CBD oil for pets product because it’s will have been instructed to contain a regular dose, and will have been manufactured in a high-quality environment.

When you are looking for a recommended seller of hemp oil for dogs, you are looking for the following:

  • Organic hemp oil
  • It must be cold-pressed with minimal processing
  • The source and production must be monitored and regulated
  • It must be 100% CBD hemp oil with no additives 

You should also think about the format you buy CBD oil in because administering it to your pet will depend on how receptive they are to receive it.

You can buy CBD hemp oil for pets in small bottles of oil known as tinctures, in spray form for administering straight into the mouth, and even in the form of ready-made hemp oil dog treats.

Although many high-quality online sellers exist, our recommended three are:


This well-established company sells CBD hemp oil specially formulated to benefit pets. They sell the full range of products including hemp oil dog treats.

They have a good social media presence, the highly educational ultimate guide to using hemp oil on dogs, and fast and responsive customer service, or backed up by a money back guarantee.

Although they sell a great range of specific dog products, like dog chews containing CBD, all of the high quality, the only downside is that this makes their range of products slightly more expensive is why they are third choice, but convenience costs.

hemp oil dog treats


CBDpet is a specialist CBD hemp oil for pets product. It has been formulated especially for administering to pets like dogs and is of very high quality.

It is fully guaranteed with a 90-day money back guarantee, it is independently tested to make sure quality is maintained, and the company has its own development chain which means that the quality from growth to consumption is always the same. On top of all that, it’s organic and cold-pressed.

The only downside is that CBDpet is available as a tincture oil dropper product only. They don’t sell CBD oil dog treats or other formats, although these can be easily made at home.

CBD oil for pets


Our number one choice for obtaining hemp oil for dogs is this highly reputable company. They sell to the human market and also have a specialist range of animal CBD products. On top of that, they have been around for five years and have a great track record of online feedback.

What’s good about this product range is that you can buy CBD hemp oil for the size of dog you own, so that the concentration of CBD is tailored more to the size of your pet. This also has the benefit of lowering the price of the smaller dog owners.

The company also make specialist CBD oil for cats as well. The specialist oils for cats and dogs also contain coconut oil and salmon oil, to increase the ability for CBD to be digested as well as to increase the proportion of positive nutrients.

CBD oil for cats

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