Green Vein Borneo Kratom Review: Effects, Dosage, Where To Buy

Green Borneo kratom is often marketed online as having remarkable properties, which makes it a highly sought after strain of kratom. Some of it is overblown, and some of it is just plain wrong, so I thought it was time I did a proper green Borneo kratom review, to set the record straight.

In this review of green Borneo kratom, I’m going to tell you where it comes from, I’m going to talk about green Borneo kratom effects, side effects, and dosage.

On top of that, I’m going to give you my buyers and users experience, through pointing you towards the best places I’ve found to buy green Borneo kratom online.

What Is Green Vein Borneo Kratom

Unsurprisingly, green vein Borneo kratom is grown on the island of Borneo, in south-east Asia. That island is split between three countries, but it’s primarily grown in the Indonesian area, although it is grown across the island in places.

Kratom generally has been used for centuries. It’s made from the leaves of the kratom tree. They are dried out and ground into a powder, which is then ingested.

The people of the region have used it to treat many things, including pain, opium addiction, as a treatment for stomach complaints, and also to produce energy, calm, and even euphoria or sedation.

Workers in the region have used green vein Borneo kratom as a stimulant, like we use coffee. A small amount in the morning, gives them alertness and boosts energy for the working day, especially in the past, when that working day was mainly hard physical labor in the fields.

Which is why it’s now gaining a following in the West. People are using it to lower anxiety, lower stress, and allow them to deliver higher performance levels as well, making it something that students and business people increasingly use.

Green borneo kratom dosage

Green Borneo Kratom Effects

Green Borneo kratom is known as one of the “balanced” strains of kratom. Basically it’s a “Jack of all trades”. What I would call it, in terms of personal description, is uplifting but relaxing.

What I mean by this is that kratom tends to fall into three general groups of effects, generally uplifting, energizing and euphoric, generally sedating and anesthetizing, and then the third group falling into the middle of these ends of the spectrum.

Green Borneo kratom sits in the middle of this spectrum. Green kratom tends to sit in the middle, while white tends to be uplifting, and read sedating. However, green Borneo kratom effects also include sedation and elation at higher levels, meaning that although it’s in the middle, at higher dose, it can increase the effects at these ends of the spectrum, but tending towards sedation.

So at high levels, green Borneo kratom can mainly offer pain relief, and act as a sedative, but not overwhelmingly like some red Borneo kratom, at medium dose, there is a good balance between having energy and focus, but also being relaxed as well.

This balance continues down to a low dose, until the point where the dose is not high enough to feel any effects.

Green Borneo kratom is known to be one of the longer lasting strains, with a moderate dose lasting for as many as eight hours.

Green Borneo Kratom Dosage

Most kratom tends to fall into the same range when it comes to determining a low, medium or high dose. These are affected slightly by how much it affects you, and what you want to achieve by taking it.

In most types of kratom, the higher the dose, the more sedating it is, except with white strains, where it tends to be more and more euphoric.

But in terms of a green Borneo kratom dose specifically, we usually look at the following brackets: 

  • A low dose of 1-2 grams
  • A medium dose of 3-4 grams
  • A high dose of 5-6 grams
  • An overwhelming dose 7+ grams 

If you are going to start experimenting with the beneficial effects of green vein Borneo kratom, particularly its ability to deliver focus on relaxation simultaneously, then it’s best to start with a low dose of a single gram, and work up a gram at a time, until you find the feelings that work best for you.

Side Effects Of Green Borneo Kratom

Green Borneo kratom is not known for having a lot of side effects, especially at a moderate dose level.

Generally, with an increasing dose of kratom, you may suffer an increased chance of side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, upset stomach, irritability, sluggishness. It depends on the dose and the type of kratom.

In terms of the side-effects of green Borneo kratom specifically, the main one people report, although I’ve never experienced this myself, is nausea. This strain seems to have a little stronger ability to provoke nausea in some people.

Where To Buy Green Borneo Kratom Powder

As I said at the start of this green vein Borneo kratom review, it’s actually a fantastic strain, that is very balanced, but it can be difficult to buy quality Green Borneo kratom at a reasonable price.

But over the past couple of years, I found a few online retailers who sell green Borneo kratom powder that is high-quality, which minimizes the chance of side effects, for a fair price.

Green Borneo kratom coastline

CoastlineKratom sell some very high quality green vein Borneo kratom powder. These guys have a long track record in providing good quality kratom, that they source themselves direct from Southeast Asia.

I can vouch for the fact that their green vein Borneo kratom is great quality, smooth, refined, and it produces great results. Because it’s such high quality, side-effects are minimized as well.

On top of providing fantastic green Borneo kratom at a great price, they offer a no questions asked, money back guarantee, plus free shipping on orders over $75.


Green borneo kratom powder

PurKratom are another trusted retailer if you are looking for a reliable place to buy kratom.

This green Borneo kratom is actually slightly different to me, and that’s backed up by a couple of user reviews on their website as well. It seems the source of their green Borneo kratom is slightly more uplifting. So when we spoke about the balance between uplifting and sedating, this tends towards uplifting and energetic.

On top of being a very high quality green Borneo kratom powder, that will give you an energy lift, you can shop safely, backed up by a moneyback guarantee.

On top of that, if you can wait a few days, they offer completely free 3-5 days domestic shipping, on any order size.

Green Borneo Kratom dosage

BuyKratom are my third “go to” kratom retailer. Whenever I’ve ordered from them, it’s arrived quickly, in good shape, and has been very good quality kratom.

In terms of green vein Borneo kratom, BuyKratom again offer a very high quality, well packaged product.

I found this to be a very well balanced, if a little potent.

And that’s been backed up by other users on the site, who state that it gives a great balance between delivering energy with calmness, but it can be quite a punch at a higher dose.


BuyKratom offer a moneyback guarantee, and free domestic shipping on any orders over $75. So yet again, another reason that I recommend these three places to buy green Borneo kratom, is the fact you can order post free, and stress free.

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