Goldenseal Drug Test Method: Does It Work?

I’m always fascinated by the things people claim will help you to pass a drug test. The Goldenseal drug test method is one of those natural remedies that for years has been linked with passing a drug test.

I’ve been reviewing drug test avoidance products for years, testing them, and using them in real life. I’ve always avoided home remedies and household products to pass a drug test, because they are far too risky.

But what’s the deal with the Goldenseal drug test method? Is there any chance that you can use Goldenseal tea for drug test, or is it an old wives tale?

I’m going to look at the evidence, and I’m going to even test the Goldenseal drug test method so you can see if it’s true or not.

What Is Goldenseal?

Goldenseal is a herb from the buttercup family. It has a large yellow route, which is where the term Goldenseal root comes from. It’s mostly extracted to use in natural medicine, or to be consumed in  tea.

It appears that it became linked with avoiding drug tests due to a novel written in 1900. Called “Stringtown on the Pike”, in which novelist John Lloyd put into the plot that a murder victim confused chemical testing because they had consumed Goldenseal.

Nowadays, Goldenseal is used for many minor ailments, such as respiratory tract infections, colds, stomach problems, as a topical antibacterial agent, and for UTI’s.

I’m guessing the fact that some people use it for urinary tract infections is another reason it’s been linked to flushing out drug toxins.

goldenseal root drug test

Goldenseal Root Drug Test Method

The Goldenseal drug test method is pretty straightforward:

  1. Get hold of some Goldenseal, and drink about a liter of it, to the highest concentration you can manage.
  2. Over the next hour, urinate several times.

That’s really it, and so I did exactly that and then took a home drug test kit. I failed the drug test, which was hardly surprising.

Does The Goldenseal Drug Test Method Work?

I think it’s pretty clear, and you probably guessed already, that the Goldenseal drug test method is nonsense.

The evidence it can is based on fiction novels and old wives home remedies. There’s also the link to it possibly helping with urinary tract infection symptoms. But none of these things can help flush out drug toxins.

Some people also suggest you can use a Goldenseal detox for drug test success. This is slightly different, because you are doing a detox and drinking the Goldenseal to apparently accelerate it.

But as there’s literally no evidence that Goldenseal can help remove drug toxins any more efficiently than water, then what’s the point?

In fact, I’ll go a step further here and talk about scientific studies. There have been studies into drug test avoidance methods. In one study several methods were tested alongside just drinking lots of water. In that study, Goldenseal was no more effective than plain water.

goldenseal tea drug test

What Works To Pass A Drug Test

The truth is that if you want to pass a drug test, then the Goldenseal drug test method is not something you should be looking at. You need professional products, that are specially formulated, and tried and trusted.

What works to pass a drug test are the following:

  1. Synthetic urine will pass a drug test because you are submitting a clean sample. A really high quality synthetic urine like Clear Choice Sub Solution or Quick Fix will contain all the natural biological markers that a lab will test for when they validate the sample. Once it is validated, it will pass because it’s clean.

I would advise only using Sub Solution or Quick Fix, because of the quality, and the fact that they are easier to keep at the right temperature, because of the high quality heating tools that they come with.

This especially applies to Sub Solution which has a heat activator powder, which is brilliant.

Synthetic urine kit

  1. You can use a detox drink to pass a drug test, rather than trying to mess around with the Goldenseal drug test method. The specially formulated liquid will drag out drug toxins, while containing nutrients that will maintain the natural balance in your urine.

They aren’t cheap, but the good quality one like Mega Clean or Ultra Eliminex will definitely work, I’ve used both several times.

  1. The third way is to use drug detox pills. You need more preparation, as even the best detox pills out there, called Toxin Rid, are really only effective if you have about five days or longer in which they can work.

You do a natural detox, eat well, exercise and get lots of sleep, so your body can eliminate the maximum toxins, plus you take the pills to accelerate the elimination speed by up to 50%.

So there you go, the Goldenseal drug test method will never work. Goldenseal tea is nice drink, but it won’t pass a drug test. Stick to the tried and trusted methods like detox drinks, synthetic urine, or if you have longer, detox pills.

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