How to Get Medical Marijuana Card in California

In 1996, California passed laws legalizing marijuana for medical use, only. Before the marijuana can be distributed, a program must be completed to obtain the California medical marijuana card.

Medical marijuana dispensaries and medical marijuana clinics are located throughout the State of California and they issue the marijuana to card holders.

So far, 29 States have legalized the medical use of marijuana and most of these States require the patient to register first – but what is required depends on the state. The California Medical Marijuana Program is regulated on the county level, not the state level.

Each county have their own requirements that determine if a medical marijuana card will be issued to a particular applicant. In each county some of the requirements are the same.

1] A complete list of each county’s medical marijuana program is listed on the California Department of Public Health website. Find your county and follow the rules given.

2] Fill in an application with the county to apply for your card.

3] Provide official documentation of medical records. These will help to determine eligibility.

4] Be prepared to pay $66.00 for the application fee, including any additional county fees.

5] After careful consideration a decision will be made and if you are qualified, this information will be mailed to you.

Medical Marijuana Card in California

Determining If You Are Eligible – To be considered eligible to use medical marijuana, the patient must be diagnosed with a serious medical condition which can be improved or alleviated by marijuana use. Some of the most recognized conditions are;

* Cancer

* Seizures

* Arthritis


* Glaucoma

* Migraines

After the diagnosis, the condition must be of a certain degree and it must limit the ability to perform some of or most of the activities necessary for everyday life. If your family physician is unwilling to recommend the use of medical marijuana, visit one of the clinics or physicians who specialize in medical marijuana consultations. A list of these specialists can be found at the California NORML website.

A current record of a professional medical diagnosis or a referral from another physician may be necessary and the cost of a visit can be as much as $200, without a guarantee of approval.

After you are recommended for the use of marijuana as treatment, ask them to put this in a signed, written document. Make sure the document describe your specific medical condition and it should clearly state that the licensed physician has recommended marijuana as (one of) the best treatment of this condition.

After obtaining a written recommendation, contact the Medical Management Professional for instructions on how to apply for your identification card or contact the California Department of Public Health. Although you can legally use marijuana if you have a doctor’s recommendation, you must still observe all laws when doing so.

California is not the only state in which eligible residents and their certified caregivers can legally obtain marijuana through medical marijuana clinics and dispensaries.

To find out more about the dispensary regulations, visit Americans for Safe Access to see a comprehensive list of local California Dispensary Regulations.

NOTE: This is for informational purposes only and it is not intended as the replacement of legal or medical advice. As usual, illegal or unauthorized drug use is not encouraged. Under federal law; marijuana is (still) illegal to possess, sell or grow without expressed written consent from a qualified official.

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