Field Kit Synthetic Urine review

There was a very interesting discussion that I had with a friend yesterday. He was supposed to undergo a urinalysis for a job with Frito Lay and as anal as it sounds, a Drug Test Technician (DTT) would visit his house or his current workplace and collect the urine specimen while watching him piss into the bottle.

Whatever happened to the good old days of switching your sample with synthetic piss in a private cubicle, I wonder. Talking about synthetic piss, another gimcrack that you should be wary of, has just hit the shelves.

It’s called Field Kit Synthetic Urine and it is so poorly made that in all probability, your sample will be busted the moment you submit it.

I know what you are thinking. It is impossible to get busted with fake piss if you get the temperature right. That’s what you have heard from the pros.

But it isn’t 2002 that we are talking about here. Almost every employer knows that fake piss exists and the tests have gotten more stringent.

Here’s my review of the Field Kit Synthetic Urine.

A little bit about the brand

Field Kit synthetic urine reviewField Kit Synthetic Urine is made by BC entities. It is available in a 3 oz. bottle and each package include a bladder bag and a heating pad. So, you can preheat the urine in a microwave, fill it into the bladder bag and attach it to your body to keep it warm while you reach the lab.

If microwaving is out of the question, then it can get pretty confusing, especially if it’s the first time you are doing this.

The instructions mention that once you activate the heating pad, you need to wear the bladder bag on your body for at least an hour to keep it at the optimum temperature.

At a time when you have instant heat activators that work in a few seconds to heat the fake urine to precise temperatures, it seems arcane to use a body strap for an hour.

Field Kit synthetic urine review – My Experience

Despite the cumbersome instructions, I heated up to the right temp with microwave, then activated the heat pad, wore the belt (with an extremely uncomfortable design) around my waist and waited for an hour. The temperature gauge showed 95 at that point which should ideally suffice for submitting a sample to the lab.

But when I transferred the urine into an actual specimen collection bottle, the temperature dropped drastically. The bottle almost felt cold and I knew that something was amiss. When I rechecked the specimen, the temperature was below 90.

In a real-life scenario, that’s a busted sample right there. This only reinstates what I have always mentioned. Synthetic urine kits with heating pads are unreliable and should only be considered as a backup method. The best synthetic urine brands come with heat activator powder.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that the bladder bag has a cap which makes a loud popping noise when opened. Good luck explaining that sound to the lab technician. The other option is to remove the cap before you head into the lab in which case you risk spilling the urine on your clothing.

So, the next time you are looking for synthetic urine that works, it would be in your best interests to give Field Kit by BC entities a miss. Sub Solution, Quick Fix, and Monkey Whizz are much better choices. If you have an upcoming supervised drug test, check out my detox drink reviews or the complete “how to pass a drug test in 2019 guide” (urine, hair, blood, saliva).

2.7 Total Score
Field Kit Synthetic Urine review

  • Cheap
  • Low Quality
  • Unreliable
  • No heat activator
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