Feminized Marijuana Seeds And The Female Cannabis Plant Explained

Anyone that has ever smoked a joint or took a hit off a bong and enjoyed the powerful properties of the THC owes their thanks to the female cannabis plant and seeds. And, this is because the female seeds are the only seeds that are capable of producing cannabinoid-rich flavors that provide psychoactive effects. This is why those feminized seeds are so sought after.

The Male And Female Cannabis Plants

Cannabis plants that are pollinated naturally with different breeding techniques can produce both female and male seeds. These seeds are usually called regular seeds and they usually occur at an even split.

What this basically means is that the average grower has a 50 percent chance of yielding a feminized cannabis plant and a 50 percent chance of yielding a male plant. You might think that this is a very ineffective and arbitrary way to approach the growing process since it already takes so long before you can determine the sex of the plant.

You would be correct in your thinking. Male plants are of little value to the breeders and they could potentially spoil an entire grow.

Traditionally, growers approach this conundrum by simply planting as twice as many plants in hopes that more of them would turn out to be females rather than males. This means if you are looking for a big yield you are going to have to plant as twice as many seeds, which only increases your chances of getting busted.

However, this is where the feminized marijuana seed can come in handy.

Why Use Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

When it comes right down to it there are a number of benefits that growers can get from only growing with feminized seeds. First off, there is no guesswork you already know that you are going to produce a female plant. Secondly, you are going to save yourself space, time, and work.

Overall, you really streamline the growing process. Male plants don’t just take up space in the garden, but they can sap valuable resources and time. And, this is because it takes so long before you can actually determine the sex of the plant.

It is true that there are some strains that will flower quicker than others, but for the most part, the signs of the sex will not be apparent until they are way past the vegetative stage.

The vegetative stage usually occurs when the amount of light and dark that the plants receive changes to twelve hours of light and twelve hours of dark. Of course, in outdoor grows this is something that will occur naturally with the changing of the seasons, but in indoor grows this is something that the grower will have to inflict.

Once the plants are old enough to where they start developing their sex farmers have to be extremely cautious because male plants can pollinate female plants. Simply put, with feminized marijuana seeds you avoid all this hassle.

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How Do Cannabis Seeds Get Feminized?

So far producing a female plant probably seems like a lot of trouble and guesswork. No one wants to rely on guesswork when they are taking a chance of getting locked up. Luckily, you won’t have to because there are techniques that you can implement to increase the chances of producing a female plant.

One traditional method is to simply stress the plant into growing into a female. Interrupting the plant’s light cycle during the flowering stage will help you achieve just this. However, it should be noted that this only works to an extent. It is not really a foolproof plan.

A more controlled method is to spray the plants down with a thiosulphate solution or a colloidal silver solution. These solutions are a blend of water and fine silver particles, which actually genetically modify the sex of the plants.

The silver solution will interact with certain with the ethylene hormones and prevent them from forming. This means that you will get a female plant, but it may produce male flowers with pollen sacs.

Since pollen sacs only develop on plants with female genetics it is going to turn those male flowers into female flowers, which will be covered in all those vibrant cannabinoids. This method guarantees that you are going to get a female plant 100 percent of the time.

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