Failed Drug Test Because Of Urine Temperature !!!

This post is just a warning for any of you people who might be facing a urine drug test.

One of my buddies failed his drug test recently because the sample he submitted was too cold. What he had done was by a bottle of synthetic urine, a high quality brand called Quick Fix 6.2.

But the problem was that the heat pad he used didn’t quite keep the sample at the correct temperature, which meant he failed. Part the problem was there was a delay on the way to the drug testing lab, which meant his sample was hanging around for a little longer than he wanted.

So what’s the deal? Why is the sample temperature to import, and how can you stop getting caught for having a fake urine sample at the wrong temperature?

Why The Temperature Of Urine Samples Is Important

The basic urine drug test checks for the presence of various drug metabolites. But that’s not all it checks for.

Almost as important as finding the metabolites, is checking that the sample is genuine. This includes looking for the following:

  • Correct pH
  • Correct temperature range
  • Correct gravity
  • Presence of natural markers such as urea and uric acid

Now a good quality synthetic urine like Quick Fix or Sub Solution will take care of all of those apart from the correct temperature range. They offer tools to help you, and then it’s down to you.

What Temperature Should A Sample Be?

Human urine is within the temperature range of 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s outside this range then the sample will either be failed outright, or further checks will be done.

Now I know for a fact that American drug testing labs have to accept any sample that is over 90°F, which gives you a 10° range for the sample to be at.

So as long as you use a good method of stabilizing the heat once it is at the right temperature, then you should be fine, but the problem my friend had was the lack of flexibility in the fake urine products he was using.

Fake Pee For Drug test

Using Fake Urine: Cold Facts

Let me say that if it’s at the right temperature then Quick Fix 6.2 is awesome synthetic urine, it will pass you almost every time.

But the problem is that it uses a heating pad to keep it the right temperature. You basically have to microwave it, activate the heat pad, and then keep it against your body to maintain the temperature. If that heat starts to disappear then you are screwed.

My recommendation is to use another brand of synthetic urine called Sub Solution. It’s probably better quality than any other brand on the market anyway, and vitally in terms of a failed drug test because of urine temperature, you are unlikely to ever face this because of how it’s heated.

Sub Solution uses a patented heat activator powder. You simply add about a third of the powder to the fake urine sample, gently shake it, and within a couple of minutes, it will be within the right temperature range.

You can check this on the side of the sample bottle where there is a stick-on thermometer. If it’s not within you simply add a bit more powder to get it within the right temperature range. For more info, check out my sub solution synthetic urine review.

If my buddy had been using Sub Solution he could have just added a bit more heat activator powder before he went into the testing facility and passed his test. That’s a real lesson to learn.

Don’t Fail A Drug Test Due To Your Urine Temperature!

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