How to Extract THC from Marijuana

Every pothead has heard of “Space Cakes”, “Pot Brownies”, or many of the other marijuana recipes out there, but do you know how they are made? Well it comes down to one thing, extracting the THC from the marijuana plant.

It may sound complicated, but don’t get nervous, you don’t need a chemistry or culinary degree to do it.

So how is it done then?

Well there are several different ways that the process can be performed, but the one key thing that you will need, is patience. That’s right patience.

Without it, the process just can’t be completed properly. So if you don’t have any patience just forget it or you will be wasting your bud.

Other than that, your choice of buds, and a few common ingredients and your on your way. So lets get started, because my mouth is watering for some brownies. Here are two ways to extract the THC.

2 Ways to Extract THC from Marijuana

– Option #1

This is the recommended choice by the people who have tried to extract the THC oils from their weed. It is fairly a simple process, but it does take some time to perform it correctly.

how to extract THC from Cannabis

Items Needed: Jar with air-tight lid, Bottle of 190 proof grain alcohol (Everclear, but you can also use other similar alternatives), gold coffee filter or t-shirt, non-stick container (glass), and your buds.

First take your weed and grind it into a fine powdery substance (almost like salt) and place it into the jar. Now take the alcohol and add enough that the weed freely floats in the liquid (use just enough but don’t get carried away with the alcohol since it will prolong the process).

Tightly apply the lid to the jar and shake the mixture several times, enough to allow the alcohol to soak into the weed shake, and it will start extracting the THC. Let the mixture sit for atleast 2-3 hours (the longer the time the better – I like to let it sit overnight), shaking it occasionally (while you shake it oily bubble should form on top of the liquid).

After you have allowed the mixture to sit long enough, remove the lid, and strain the mixture through your coffee filter or piece of t-shirt into the non-stick container (squeeze the filtered out weed particles to extract as much of the liquid out of them as possible).

Now it comes time for patience again, since you have to allow the alcohol to evaporate from the mixture.

To do so, simply allow the container to sit in a warm place until the mixture starts to become like a puddy (make take a day or two, but if you let it sit too long it will become a hard tar like substance – anyone say hash?).

Now you have your on THC butter/oil. You can also get the alcohol to evaporate by using an electric stove, but the alcohol makes the mixture very flammable and it is very dangerous and not recommended (Definitely Do Not Use A Gas Stove).

Also, the excess shake that was strained from the liquid, can be used in the mixture a second time so you can make sure that as much of the THC is extracted as possible.

– Option #2

The second option is a little less demanding and time consuming, but it has one downside, there is a very pungent odor that comes from it. This step will also take patience as in “Option #1” to perform the extraction properly.

Cannabis butter

Items Needed: Boiling Pot, Very fine strainer, Non-stick container, Unsalted Butter, Water, and of course your bud.

The first thing you must do is just as in any mixtures, is to determine the correct amounts of each ingredient to use (about ¼ of decent bud per 2/3 cups of unsalted butter or about 5 grams of some really good stuff per 2/3 cups of unsalted butter).

You will also need 3 cups of water for each 2/3 unsalted butter/weed mixture. Always remember to make sure that the weed you are going to use in the mixture is grinded into a shake like substance. Now that the hard part is done, simply take the water, unsalted butter/weed mixture and place in boiling pot and place under a low heat.

Simmer the mixture for about 45 minutes to an hour and strain all the solid weed particles from the mixture, allowing only the liquid of the oil/water combination to strain through into a non-stick container (makes it easier to get all THC oils off).

Discard the strained marijuana particles (unless you have another use for them) and allow the liquid mixture to sit until all the oils separate from the water and form a buttery substance on top. Then simply take a spoon and remove the top layer of hardened oil and you now have your THC butter/oil.

Regardless which option you choose, you will end up with your very own THC butter/oil for your cooking or baking needs. Now all you need to do is add it or substitute it for oil or butter used in any recipe.

So enjoy and remember that patience is the key to the whole process, and the only real way to mess it all up is by rushing or trying to speed up the process.

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