Everything You Need To Know About Cannabinol

The Basics Of Cannabinol

There are over a hundred known strains of cannabinoids throughout the world, and each one comes with its very own set of effects. Even though there are so many strains, most people don’t really know anything cannabinoids.

In fact, most individuals probably have assumed that over the years the use of cannabinoids has declined, but that is not really the case at all. Sure, cannabinol is nowhere near as psychoactive as THC, but it comes packed with a variety of therapeutic effects.

This is why cannabinol (CBN) is being found in more topical, edibles, and capsules.

In fact, cannabinol is a most known for its sedative properties. Anyone marketing cannabinol products will be broadcasting it by boasting about its powerful sedative effects. Some scientists claim that just 5 milligrams of cannabinol can have the same effects of 10 milligrams of Valium.

This is especially true when it comes to the Indica strains. Researchers believe that the Indica strains have the properties to make you much sleepier due to the fact that they contain higher CBN levels.

When a cannabis plant begins to produce enzymes they will eventually turn into what is known as raw cannabinoids. These raw cannabinoids can be present in several different forms like THCAs, CBDAs, and CBCAs. THCA can be heated, which will cause it to turn into THC and THCV.

If you age the THCA it can get transformed into CBNA, which can later be converted into CBN. 

Over the years there have been several studies conducted with the use of cannabinol and rats. One study found that after a group of a rat were treated with CBN that were quicker to respond to food and they were able to consume more food for longer periods of time. So, cannabinol can have a huge positive effect when it comes to increasing appetite.

Even in 2006 one exciting study found that the use of CBN combined with several other cannabinoids could even be highly effective at treating cancer. These powerful strains had the ability to limit the growth of cancer cells. CBN was proven to be extremely effective when it came to controlling the form of lung cancer known as Lewis carcinoma.

You might be surprised to learn that cannabinol research can be dated back to the 1970s. In fact, research conducted in 1974 showed that when THC, CBD, and CBN were all combined they had the properties to prevent seizures.

However, it should be noted that CBN is a lot less potent when compared to THC and CBD.

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Other Effects Of Cannabinol

It has been highly noted that CBN is not as psychoactive as THC. And, a study that was conducted on male volunteers proved this statement to be completely true. While the subjects did not get the same psychoactive effects that they would have gotten with THC, they did feel drugged, drunk, dizzy, and drowsy when the CBN was combined with the small amount of THC.

This pretty much means that CBN has the ability to increase the physiological and psychological effects of THC.

However, another study involving the combination of THC and CBN proved that CBN didn’t have any additional effects on the THC. One of the most noted finds was a trail study that found the use of cannabinol could potentially slow the onset symptoms of ALS.

When cannabinol is used as a topical it can have antibacterial capabilities, which will be extremely handy when it comes to treating skin conditions like psoriasis or burns.

It also has sedative properties that cause side effects similar to the benzodiazepine, Valium (diazepam). Like Valium, cannabinol has properties that can decrease anxiety. While human cannabinol studies are lacking, users of cannabis with anxiety have reported improvement immediately after consumption.

Millions of cannabis users have reported experiencing a “high” or euphoria, a vivid taste and smell and sedation, but only when large quantities of the drug is consumed. Negative side effects associated with large doses can range from severe anxiety to paranoia.

How Is Cannabinol Produced?

Cannabinol pretty much comes from the part of the cannabis plant that is typically known as hemp. Over the years hemp has become highly known for its rich source of health benefits, but once CBN is extracted from this part of the plant, the benefits increase.

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that CBN is just one of the 85 cannabinoids that can be extracted from this part of the plant.

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Is Cannabinol And Cannabis The Same Thing?

Due to the complexities and the extraction processes of cannabinol, most individuals automatically assume that cannabinol and cannabis is the same thing. However, this could not be further from the truth, as the most abundant element of cannabis is THC.

THC is the illegal and intoxicating substance that gets users high when ingested. Cannabinol doesn’t have any drug-like properties and it is completely separated rom the THC.

Where To Find Cannabinol?

Previously, cannabinol was only found in small traces of specific cannabis strains. It has been reported that only one percent of cannabinol is found in these strains. In the past, most people only cared about cannabinoid, THC. But, this has all changed thanks to recent research that focuses on all the cannabinoids.

Experts are beginning to realize the importance of the less common cannabinoids, such as delta 8 THC. So, they are beginning to isolate and extract it from the flowers of the cannabis plant. However, the small concentrations of CBN make it difficult to isolate and extract it from the flowers.

While delta 8 and THC can be found in concentrated form, CBN is still unavailable.

Mary’s Medicinals offers two different forms of cannabinol products, including a transdermal patch and capsules. Both of these forms work in a similar manner, as they induce sleepiness. However, some users find the capsule form more suitable, because they have more control over dosing. But, individuals who have difficulty swallowing pills prefer the transdermal patch.

SpOILed Patients Collective is another popular supplement that contains CBN. This product is only available in the form of a liquid but contains a high quantity of the cannabinoid.

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