Drug Detox Kits At Walmart: Do They Work? Updated Review 2019!

Because it’s so popular Walmart is often a destination for people looking for things to help them do a drug detox.  In fact, “drug detox Kit Walmart” is a pretty popular search engine term, for obvious reasons.

People are looking for a quick fix when they need to get through a drug test. But the problem is that just grabbing at the first thing you find somewhere popular is a recipe for disaster.

So what can you buy to help you detox from Walmart? Is it possible, or do you need to go for more specialist retailer and invest in some proper products?

Can You Pass A Drug Test With Walmart Drug Detox Kits?

You can buy detox products from Walmart, but the truth is most of them are rubbish. They might work for light smokers, but for someone who is a regular smoker or drug user, they just aren’t going to cut it.

I’ve already reviewed most of the detox products you can buy at Walmart, things like Stinger Detox, Herbal Precleanse Q Caps, Vale Detox, Champ Flush Out, Zydot Ultimate Blend, Qcarbo and Mega Clean.

The conclusion I reached, based on my own testing and the testing of friends and Internet forum chat is that most of these products just don’t work. That’s because they are sold at Walmart, lots of people grab them when they are desperate to detox before a drug test.

Drug Detox Kit Walmart

Walmart: Detox Pills And Synthetic Urine Aren’t Available

One of the big problems with buying detox products from a general retailer like Walmart is that you can’t get synthetic urine and detox pills at Walmart.

For example, if you go to a specialist site, you can buy Toxin Rid detox pills or 32oz of Mega Clean detox drink with six Pre Rid pills. All you have to do is take the pills 1 day before the test and then on the day of the test user detox drink to mask the toxins that are left.

So if you are a regular smoker or user, it’s the little extras you can get from a specialist retailer that will make the difference. Otherwise, it can be more of a lottery.

So What Can You Use To Detox?

walmart detox pills

The only drug detox Kit I would recommend from Walmart is to buy Mega Clean 32oz. it’s the only detox drink I really use, and it’s the only one that seems to have a great track record. But without the Pre Rid pills, it’s not as guaranteed.

If you are a regular smoker or user, not having a pre-cleanse treatment is riskier.

The only other option from Walmart that could work is Qcarbo32. But even that isn’t as good quality as Mega Clean, I’ve reviewed it already and it’s just not

Another option is to not detox at all but to submit a synthetic urine sample during a drug test. In my opinion, this is the safest way to pass an unsupervised urine test. For more info, check out my synthetic urine review article. The only problem is that you can’t buy synthetic urine at Walmart.

The conclusion is that it’s not safe to buy drug detox kits from Walmart. They might be cheaper,( usually not as cheap as Amazon, however, but just like Amazon they are often not good quality and not safe for getting you through that test).

The bottom line is if I’m truthful, some of those detox products available at Walmart are nothing more than colored and flavored water.

A quality detox product costs money. The example, good quality synthetic urine costs anything up to $75, while a detox drink like that works can cost up to $65. At the top end of the scale, Mega Clean with the pre-rid pills cost $69, but for that money, you getting a guarantee of success you simply won’t get from buying drug detox kits at Walmart.

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