Dr Greens Agent X Fail !!!

This isn’t actually a product review, this is more of a heads up. I got a message from someone saying they had an epic Dr Greens Agent X fail.

This set off the warning klaxon in my head as it’s always been a trusted brand, although I haven’t used any of their synthetic urine products for about five years.

But when I did use it, it worked for me and got me through a couple of work urine drug tests. So I assumed it was the same product, same formula and still worked.

So what’s the story with Agent X?  Is it now unreliable?

The Agent X Fail Warning I Got

I’ve got a Facebook group where we discuss everything connected to finding ways to pass drug tests.

Someone posted that they had failed a drug test with an Agent X sample. Luckily it was only a pre-employment drug test for Walmart, as part of their background checking process.

But it made me sit up and take notice, because I’ve always thought that Dr Greens Agent X was a reliable product, and it certainly had been for me.

But was this a warning that something has changed, and that it is time for me to stop recommending it?

Things Have Changed With Dr Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine

Dr Greens Agent X failDr Greens Agent X reviews have always generally been positive because it’s been a trusted brand.

It contains Urea and Uric acid, which are essential to passing a drug test.

But reading online, asking questions from connected friends, it appears things are not so good with this fake piss anymore.

Some people are saying the formula has changed.  Dr Greens make a wide range of products, including Agent X in two versions, premixed and unisex.


Now I know there were some issues with other products they make, for example, their Field Kit synthetic urine, Superhero, and 420 P Clean are definitely unreliable, and that’s been the case for several years.

But their core product of Agent X was reliable.

So based on the feedback and investigation, I have two withdraw my recommendation for this brand and suggest you stay well clear.  Dr Greens Agent X now appears to be an epic fail.

Alternatives To Agent X You Can Trust

It would be wrong to just tell you not to use Agent X without recommending synthetic urine that you can trust.

The person who messaged me on my Facebook group asked if I could recommend something solid that really works.

My most trusted synthetic urine brand is Sub Solution.

Its hands down the best because it contains all the right ingredients to pass a drug test, it comes with the ability to heat it to the right temperature, and there are loads of reviews online saying it’s worked for people.

It’s not cheap, but the bottom line is if you need to pass a urine drug test then you’d better have some Sub Solution tucked away in your place for the occasion.

Some sad to say that Dr Greens Agent X is a fail and you should avoid it, but there are great alternatives out there still.

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