Does Winn-Dixie Drug Test?

Winn-Dixie has 500 stores and 40,000 employees, as it’s low wages, they get a high turnover in staff, which is why people are always asking the question: does Winn-Dixie drug test?

Although it’s sometimes not clear from searching online, and discussing Winn-Dixie’s drug test policy with people through social media, a good picture does emerge that will allow you to prepare for a drug test under any circumstances.

So let’s take a look at the Winn-Dixie hiring process, and discuss whether you will ever face a drug test during the interview process, or while working for them.

The Winn-Dixie Hiring Process

The Winn-Dixie interview process is pretty standard, you apply, you get invited for an interview, and either at the end of the interview, or more likely a couple of days afterwards, you will be told you’ve got a conditional job offer.

If you accept, then you will face background checks and a drug test. However, a lot of people report that they never went for a drug test; they were simply not told to go and take one.

So the recruitment process is pretty straightforward, but it sounds like you can toss a coin on whether you will face a drug test or not. But regardless of those odds, you need to be prepared to take one during the hiring process.

When Does Winn-Dixie Drug Test?

As I just said, they will send you to submit a sample after you have been given a conditional job offer, if at all.

In line with most other companies, more senior positions are definitely drug tested before a job offer is made firm.

On-the-job, Winn-Dixie reserve the right to drug test you as outlined in your employment contract. I’ve never seen anyone say there is random drug testing at Winn-Dixie, so it appears to be that it would only be with suspicion, or if you were involved in an accident.

Searching online, and talking to people on social media, I’ve had enough people tell me that they have never had a drug test for working for Winn-Dixie for me to conclude that once you have got through the hiring process, you stand a great chance of never having to take one, unless you give them a reason to be suspicious.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Winn-Dixie Do?

Winn-Dixie will send you off for a urine sample drug test. This is definitely the only type of drug test the company ever uses.

This is great news, because it means that you can easily pass a drug test every single time, as long as you know what tools to use to pass.

You will have to go to a clinic and submit a sample. But crucially, these tests are always unobserved, and the testing is usually cheap, which means not only is it basic, but usually the lab technicians are less than interested in you.

Does Winn-Dixie Drug Test

How To Pass A Winn-Dixie Drug Test

So now we know that you could face a urine test during the interview process, or work for Winn-Dixie, let’s look at the three ways you can pass one:

  1. You can use a detox drink for an interview drug test, or possibly while working for them. The problem with an on-the-job drug test is you won’t get much notice, but you should get at least an hour to travel to the lab.

So you just need to keep a bottle of a good quality detox drink with you. I recommend Ultra Eliminex and Mega Clean, both of those brands have always worked for me. You simply drink the contents the bottle at least an hour before you submit your sample, urinate a couple of times during the hour, and you stand an almost certain chance then of being clean.

  1. You can use a natural detox alongside Toxin Rid detox pills. Toxin Rid accelerates the elimination of toxins by up to 50%. The problem is that even an accelerated detox still takes about five days as a minimum.

But if you know you are going for a job interview in a few days time, and you could then face a drug test a couple of days later, as long as you’ve got five days, you can abstain from taking in toxins, accelerate the process using Toxin Rid, and be certain you will pass.

  1. The most certain way to pass a Winn-Dixie drug test is to submit a fake sample, using synthetic urine. I’d only ever recommended two brands, Sub Solution or Quick Fix, with Sub Solution being my first choice every time.

They are both complex enough to pass a simple drug test for validity, meaning they will not be spotted as fake. On top of that, Sub Solution uses heat activator powder rather than a heating pad, which gives you close control over the temperature of the sample.

If you’re brave enough, you can even check and add more heat activator powder right up to the moment you are ready to submit the sample.

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