Does WinCo Drug Test On The First Interview?

With 122 stores, six distribution centers, and nearly 20,000 employees, it’s really not surprising that so many people wonder: does WinCo drug test? It’s a large employer, with lots of people going for interviews, which is why you need to know.

But the picture can be complex, for reasons I will explain. Complexity around how and when WinCo drug test, and the circumstances under which they don’t drug test.

So in this post, I’m going to explain to you exactly when WinCo does drug testing, and also how you can pass a urine drug test at Winco during the hiring process.

 When Does WinCo Drug Test?

What happens during the WinCo hiring process will depend on where you are in the country, and also what job you are applying for.

Generally, for low-level positions, you will have a single interview. Either at the end of the interview or a couple of days after the interview, you will be told if you have got the job or not.

For management positions and specialist positions, they could be more than one interview during that process, and you will be told you’ve got the job a few days after.

Background checking and drug testing make up part of the end of the WinCo hiring process. But it’s when it happens that is sometimes different.

What Happens During The WinCo Background Check?

Once you know you have got the job, WinCo will do a background check on you. Part of this process will be that you have to submit a specimen urine sample at a local lab.

So importantly, you won’t be drug tested at the interview, or immediately afterward. You’ll be told to report to a local drug testing facility, and be given a couple of days notice, giving you time to arrange to get there and submit a sample.

Which is great because that makes things easier when it comes to finding ways to pass a WinCo drug test.

Does Winco drug test

Are All WinCo Employees Drug Tested?

I’ve read online evidence the not all new employees drug tested. However, the vast majority are drug tested at the end of the employment process.

Internally, promotions are always drug tested. Management I would also assume a more at risk of being drug tested on-the-job as well.

However, WinCo seems to have quite a liberal drug testing policy. They don’t appear to do random drug testing on-the-job, and I’ve seen evidence online of people saying they turned up for work obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but nobody sent them off to be tested.

Their company policy also states that alcohol is permitted in moderation if you go out for lunch, or on company events. I haven’t ever seen that before, but it makes sense.

Anecdotally, I’ve also seen that their attitude is you can smoke a bit of weed in your own time, as long as you don’t turn up to work high, which is why they don’t randomly test all their employees on-the-job.

The thing is drug testing is quite expensive, so they just don’t do it for everyone.

However, it is written into their policy that they can drug test anytime, which is the same as almost every company in America, so if you turn up high, there is a chance that you could face a WinCo drug test.

How To Pass A WinCo Drug Test

So when it comes to passing a WinCo drug test, we are looking at passing one during the hiring process.

There are three ways you can pass a WinCo urine drug test:

  1. Detox pills for drug test

This is where you simply abstain from drugs and let your body work the metabolites out over time. A full natural detox takes at least seven days, often 10 days or more. Weed metabolites can actually stay in the body for up to 30 days.

You can speed up a natural detox by using a great product called Toxin Rid. It contains all natural ingredients that help your body to eliminate toxins at a faster rate. So alongside a natural detox, it will help you to achieve it more quickly.

You can buy Toxin Rid in various course lengths, from three days, which is useless, up to 10 days. I recommend the seven and 10-day courses because that gives you plenty of time to ensure complete elimination of toxins.

  1. Use detox drink

A high-quality detox drink like Ultra Eliminex or Mega Clean can be taken a couple of hours before you go to submit your WinCO drug test sample.

It will flush out the toxins in your urinary tract, and replace the lost nutrients, allowing you to submit what will be a toxin-free, undiluted sample.

Don’t fall for rubbish detox drinks, only go for top brands, and make sure that you submit your sample within a maximum of about three or four hours after drinking your bottle of Ultra Eliminex or Mega Clean.

Synthetic urine kit

  1. Submit synthetic urine

You can buy high-quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution and simply submit a completely fake sample during your Winco drug test.

Only go for high-quality fake urine like Sub Solution, or Quick Fix 6.2. These contain all the natural markers a drug testing lab will look for, and they look and smell like the real thing.

I always recommend Sub Solution first, because it comes with heat activator powder, not a heating pad. This gives you granular control over the temperature, meaning you can keep it at human urine temperature right up until the moment you walk into the testing lab.

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