Does Wendy’s Require A Drug Test?

Wendy’s is a huge employer in the USA. So it’s obvious a lot of people are wondering: does Wendy’s drug test?

Well, that question is actually surprisingly difficult to answer clearly. Which is why so many people are searching for the answer online.

But with a lot of research, plus my own experiences of working there, I pieced together what’s going on, and can now tell you not only when Wendy’s does drug tests their employees, but also what type of drug test they administer.

On top of that, I’m going to tell you exactly how you can pass a Wendy’s drug test.

Does Wendy’s Drug Test At Interview?

Wendy’s does drug test at interview. I’ve worked for Wendy’s in a couple of states, both corporate and franchise. But that’s not the end of the story.

Franchises are the majority, and they are notoriously different at how they apply the companies drug testing standards.

Different district managers also have different rules and enforcement, as do different store managers, it’s all a bit decentralized.

Yes Wendy’s does potentially drug test during the hiring process. It can be right after the interview, or you might have to report to a local Lab Corp within a couple of days, but they generally do a drug test at some stage.

However, that’s not the whole story. A couple of people I know, and people anecdotally online, state categorically that they never received a drug test during any stage of the interview process, in fact they have never received any sort of drug testing in their time at Wendy’s.

When Does Wendy’s Drug Test Employees?

If you already work for Wendy’s, then generally you are pretty safe from being drug tested, unless you have a really zealous store or district manager.

Most of the time you won’t ever face a drug test at Wendy’s if you are an existing worker.

However, they do reserve the right to test you if you are in an accident. There is evidence from people that drug testing does take place if there is an accident in which somebody gets seriously hurt.

Does Wendy's Drug Test

What Sort Of Drug Test Does Wendy’s Do?

I’ve never heard of anyone personally who had anything other than a urine drug test at Wendy’s.

A urine drug test is quite easy to pass, the only thing that can catch you out is that if you are asked to take a drug test on-the-job, or more commonly, during the interview process, then it could be at short notice, maybe a on the spot.

So you need to know how to pass a Wendy’s drug test at short notice, even if it’s unlikely you will ever face more than one.

How To Pass A Wendy’s Drug Test

Overwhelmingly in my experience Wendy’s, you will basically stand a 50:50 chance of having to submit a urine sample during the interview process, and maybe even at the end of an interview.

As long as you are prepared, a urine sample is quite easy to pass.

  1. You can use synthetic urine

As long as you have even 15 minutes of advance notice, you can prepare a sample of synthetic urine that will be at the correct temperature.

But the only brand of synthetic urine out there that will allow you to get it to the right temperature that quickly without a microwave, is Sub Solution. This is because it contains heat activator powder, rather than using heat pad. You just pour bit in and agitate it, and within a couple of minutes it will warm the liquid.

So that gets around the problem of a cold sample. On top of that, Sub Solution contains all the right chemicals, and looks like the real deal as well. The only downside is you will need to have access to the sample and the activator. For more info check out my Sub Solution synthetic urine review. You can order it from the manufacturer’s webshop.

But if you are going for an interview, you will know it’s a possibility, and can prepare the sample before you go in.

  1. You can use a high quality weed detox drink

A good quality detox drink like Ultra Eliminex can be used one hour before you go to submit your sample.

You drink the bottle in about 15 minutes, urinate frequently over the next 45-60 minutes, and you should be clear for about 3 hours, plenty of time to take an interview and submit the sample.

I recommend Ultra Eliminex because it is a new product. It’s a modern, complex formula, designed to really flush out the toxins, and at the same time restore the nutrient balance lost, so that your sample appears genuine.

So either a high quality detox drink like Ultra Eliminex, or a good quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution, are your best chance of passing a Wendy’s drug test.

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