Does Subway Drug Test Before Hiring?

You know, I’m an advocate of not drug testing people to get jobs, or to keep jobs, unless they really mess up. Most of the world doesn’t drug test, so why do we drug test in the USA? As a huge company, a lot of people ask me: does Subway drug test?

Well, let’s answer that question right now. Refreshingly, the answer to this question around Subway drug testing, and the subway hiring process is different to most big companies in the USA right now.

The Subway Hiring Process

The thing is with Subway, is that the subway hiring process is different all over the USA. The reason for that is that it’s a franchise company, the same as McDonald’s and Burger King.

What this means is that although you have to keep to minimum company standards, and follow the rules they layout in your franchise owners contract, you’re basically running your own business 75%, which is why standards are so different around the country.

The subway hiring process is pretty standard, you apply, go for an interview, and if you are offered a job, they may do background testing.

Does Subway Drug Test?

But what you really want to know about the subway hiring process, is around the question of does Subway drug test.

Well, as I said at the start, refreshingly, most subway franchises don’t bother to drug test employees during the interview process.

In fact, I’ve known a couple of people who work at subway, and they’ve never had a drug test in years. It’s the same with people at McDonald’s and Burger King I know as well.

Part of the reason is that they are really awful jobs, and people joke that they wouldn’t find anyone to do those jobs for that money if they ruled people out because they smoked a bit of pot.

But that’s not the whole story. I have also read online anecdotally of people saying they did face a subway drug test, so what’s the story there?

Does Subway drug test

What Sort Of Drug Test Does Subway Do?

The thing is, you’re 90% certain to not face a drug test during the subway hiring process.

But if you’re on-the-job, and you mess up and cause an accident, then there is a strong chance you will face a drug test. This threat is partly to scare people, but mostly it’s for insurance purposes.

So although you probably won’t ever have a drug test at subway, if you have an accident then you might.

How To Pass A Subway Drug Test

But the thing is, you need to be prepared wherever you work. The subway hiring process may be easy in terms of not having to take a drug test, but you do have to work under the assumption Subway does sometimes drug tested employees.

So whether you are going for a job at subway, or you’re already working for them, it pays to know how to pass a Subway drug test:

  1. Synthetic urine

The chances are you going to know that you have to submit a sample. Either at the interview or because you get sent off for one after an accident. This gives you a chance to prepare a fake sample.

A good quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution or Quick Fix 6.2 contains all the biological markers a lab will look for to check for a real specimen. As long as the temperature is correct, you’ll pass with flying colors. Subway drug tests will be unobserved, so you can just pour into the specimen cup behind the screen, or in a cubicle.

Sub Solution especially is brilliant, because they don’t use a heating pad. The fake urine is warmed with heat activator powder, which allows you to keep synthetic urine at the correct temperature easily. If it starts to cool, you add a bit more powder and give it a shake, and within minutes that agitation will have created the heat to it warm up.

  1. The other way to pass a Subway drug test, during the hiring process or on-the-job, is a drug detox drink. A good quality detox drink like Mega Clean or Ultra Eliminex will certainly do the job.

You just need an hour. You drink the detox drink, urinate a couple of times during the hour before the test, and you’ll pass easily.

Not only do high-quality detox drinks drag out the toxins in your bladder and urinary tract, but they also replace nutrients lost, so you have a natural sample.

So there you go, you are unlikely to face a subway drug test, during the subway hiring process, or on-the-job, but if you do, synthetic urine or a good quality detox drink will pass you every time.

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