Does Staples Drug Test Before Hiring?

Staples is a big employer, which is why a lot of people search for the answer to the question: does Staples drug test?

Well, the first thing I will say is there’s a lot of wrong information out there. A lot of people say that Staples don’t drug test, and that they were never drug tested when they went for a job at Staples. But that isn’t the whole story, and to be complacent could catch you out.

So let’s answer the question does Staples drug test employees, and also tell you what type of drug test they do, and how you can pass a Staples drug test.

What Drug Test Do Staples Do?

Yes, Staples does drug test, and it uses oral drug testing. I’ve never seen anyone state online, or heard anyone say they do any other type.

Which is great, because it means that a mouth swab drug test at Staples is easy to pass.

What I mean is, a mouth swab test is the easiest type to pass, whether you know it’s going to happen, and can prepare, or whether you only have a couple of minutes notice.

Does Staples Drug Test During Hiring?

Now I’m going to kick my way through the wall of false information at the start of this by saying that there is overwhelming evidence that Staples do drug test. In fact, I know somebody who worked there a year ago, and they definitely were drug tested during the interview process.

Now staples are quite indifferent to drug testing it appears. And it doesn’t seem that they drug test everyone, but during the hiring process, a lot of people going for interviews a Staples do state that they were drug tested.

So, if you are going through the interview process for a job at Staples, you have to be prepared both for a detailed background check and a drug test to be done.

Does staples drug test

Does Staples Drug Test Employees?

Most people only seem to be drug tested by Staples during the interview process, alongside background checking.

But, I have seen online a couple of people claim that they were drug tested during their employment.

However, as it seems Staples are quite poor drug with testing, and only use mouth swab testing, I’m guessing that it would be only with strong suspicion, seeing you smashed at work, with your store manager, or personnel manager, taking a mouth swab sample.

So generally, unless you are in an accident, or look out of it, then on-the-job drug testing at Staples is something that is not common. However, it is possible, which means it would be sensible to carry something on you to beat that drug test, should it happen.

How To Pass A Staples Mouth Swab Drug Test

So now you know that the answer to the question: does Staples drug test, is yes, now we need to talk about how you can pass a Staples drug test.

Because Staples only seem to do mouth swab drug testing, we only have to talk about passing a mouth swab drug test using avoidance techniques.

Way to pass a mouth swab drug test, especially if you’re a really light smoker, or haven’t taken anything for a day or so, is simply to brush your teeth half a dozen times over the few hours before you have to take the test, which is usually after the interview, you don’t have to go off to the lab.

How to pass a staples mouth swab test

On top of that, use a strong mouthwash a few times as well. That will swill away all the toxins, and you’ll be fine.

However, if you can’t guarantee that, because you have smoked a lot, or very recently, then you are going to need to use something a bit stronger.

The first thing I would recommend to pass a Staples drug test is Toxin Wash saliva mouthwash. This is a very strong specialist mouthwash that will definitely flush away all the toxins, and give you half an hour clean, even if you smoked just a couple of hours ago.

It comes in a convenient little bottle, so it’s very discreet to carry. You can simply wash your mouth out just before you go into your interview.

The second way, which is even more discreet and powerful is Oral Clear gum. It’s not actually gum, it’s a small capsule of powerful liquid. You put it in your mouth, pop it, and then swill the liquid around in your mouth, chewing and swallowing what’s left.

That will neutralize your mouth up to 30 minutes. So you could pop it in your mouth just before you go into an interview. It’s not cheap, one piece of “gum” costs 90$, but it definitely work.

On top of that, you could carry a capsule of it on you all times when working Staples, and as long as nobody is looking, you could pop it in your mouth, and then you will be clean to take a Staples mouth swab drug test within seconds.

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