When Does Safeway Drug Test Employees?

Safeway is a huge retailer in the USA, with more than a quarter of a million employees. With so many people being hired and employed, it’s little wonder so many people are wondering: does Safeway drug test?

So what’s the deal? Will you be subjected to a drug test if you go through pre-employment with Safeway?

And if you are already an employee, does Safeway drug test all employees?

Well, I am going to answer all those questions for you right now. I’m also going to tell you exactly what the Safeway hiring process is, and how you can always guarantee to pass a drug test.

What Is The Safeway Hiring Process?

The Safeway hiring process is pretty standard, it’s the same model as nearly every other employer uses for low-level employment in the USA.

Basically, you apply, you go along for an interview, and you are then into the second round. The second round could be another interview, or for low-level jobs, it’s usually a conditional job offer.

This conditional job offer can be made at the end of the interview, or sometime after.

When you are given a conditional job offer, it will be conditional on you visiting a drug testing facility to take a drug test, and passing a drug test. It will also be conditional on you passing a background check.

However, one point of difference is that very occasionally people report that Safeway recruiters can offer you a position at the end of an interview, and then request a drug test at the same time, so you don’t get a gap, the sample is taken right then.

Does Safeway Drug Test

Is The Safeway Pharmacy Drug Test Different?

If you are going for a job at Safeway, the Safeway pharmacy drug test is literally no different to any other role.

So the same rules apply for going for a Safeway pharmacy job as for any other type of position.

Just because you will be working in a pharmacy, doesn’t mean that you are subject to different company drug testing rules or standards.

When Does Safeway Drug Test Employees?

Safeway basically tests employees under the following circumstances:

  1. During the employment process
  2. When internally promoted
  3. If involved in an accident during employment (on-the-job, not out of hours)
  4. If there is reasonable suspicion you are under the influence at work

What Sort Of Drug Test Does Safeway Do?

So now you know when you might face a Safeway drug test, let’s talk about what sort of drug test Safeway do on people.

The great news is that Safeway do mouth swab drug tests. This is great news for two reasons.

Firstly, a mouth swab test is only effective for about 24-48 hours after you have taken something or smoked weed. Usually after 24-36 hours, the metabolites mostly no longer appear in saliva.

You could be unlucky if you are a weed smoker because marijuana metabolites can stay in your saliva for a few days. But generally, if you haven’t done anything for 48 hours, and you’re not a heavy user, then your saliva should be clear.

Secondly, when it comes to the Safeway drug test, even if you are faced with an on the spot drug test, a mouth swab drug test is easy to clean up for, if you know how.

how to pass a safeway drug test

How To Pass A Safeway Drug Test

A Safeway mouth swab drug test can be avoided by using two methods:

If you are going for a job interview, or you have 48 hours until you have to report to a drug testing lab, then unless you are a very heavy smoker or user, you can simply brush your teeth every couple of hours, and use mouthwash every couple of hours.

This will keep washing away the drug toxins, and if you do it right before you go for the test, then you will test negative.

However, if you are not certain you will pass, you’re a heavy user, or you just want an insurance policy, then you should use Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum.

You just pop in your mouth, chew it, swill the liquid around for about 30 seconds, and then swallow what’s left. Your saliva will then be neutralized up to 30 minutes, giving you time to submit a drug metabolite free mouth swab.

Oral Clear is great even if you face an immediate on-the-job test. When you are called, as long as you have the saliva neutralizing gum capsule in your pocket, at some stage before they take the test, you are going to have a situation where people are not looking at you.

It could be the walk into the office to take the test, it could be when their back is turned at some stage, it could be when you hear it’s going to happen.

You simply pop the Oral Clear capsule in your mouth, chew it for 30 seconds, and you will be clean to pass that Safeway drug test.

Alternatively you can try out Ultra Klean’s Ultra Wash saliva mouthwash, but it requires some time and preparation.

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