Does QuikTrip Drug Test?

QuikTrip is one of the largest convenience store chains in parts of the southern and western USA, so it’s little wonder that so many people are wondering does a QuikTrip drug test, and if so when and how?

Well if you’re wondering about their drug test policy, the great news is that I’m going to give you the lowdown right now.

I have a buddy who works at QuikTrip, and I have had some information through my Facebook group which is backs up what he told me.

So let’s answer the question about QuickTrip drug testing right now, and tell you exactly how you can pass a QuikTrip drug test every single time.

QuikTrip Drug Test Policy

The actual QuikTrip company drug test policy is quite clear, where it differs is in local adaptation. Basically individual branches in different states might not be as rigorous in some places as they are in others.

But the bottom line is this:

• Quik trip does not test new part-time employees, only full-time
• If you are promoted from part-time to full-time you will be tested
• If you are joining as a manager, or getting promoted, you will be tested
• QuikTrip can drug test on suspicion through your employment contract

Interestingly, it appears that they will also routinely drug test you if you are involved in an accident requires medical attention or time off work.

Does QuikTrip Drug Test At Interview?

If you are going for a full-time job at QuikTrip, whether it’s a management position or a normal staff position, then you will be sent for an unsupervised urine drug test at a nearby lab.

You will not be tested at first interview, only when you are about to be offered a position, right when they do background checks on you.

Taking and passing a urine drug test is a condition of being offered employment.

So if you are going for a part-time job then you will not be drug tested all, and it’s full-time, only when they are at the stage of background checking.

Does QuikTrip Drug Test

How To Pass A QuikTrip Drug Test

My buddy has told me that urine tests are always unsupervised. This is actually standard practice for employment tests because there are no privacy issues to contend with, plus it’s simple, easy and cheap for the company, but still offers them a deterrent.

So now you know that it’s an unsupervised drug test, you have the following options to pass a QuikTrip drug test:

1. Submit a fake sample

This is the surefire way to pass a urine drug test. You need a good quality synthetic urine. I only ever recommend SubSolution urine, or at a push Quick Fix 6.2.

Both of these are high quality and contain all the things a lab will look for in a real sample.

On top of that, I know for a fact that Sub Solution does not contain biocide, which most fake urine brands use as a preservative.

Some lambs now check for the presence of biocide in order to find out if you submit a fake sample.

Sub Solution also comes with a unique heat activation powder. This will get it to the right temperature to submit it as a real human sample.

If it is too hot then you are either dying or submitting a fake sample, and the same as it’s too cold. Human urine is always within a very small temperature range. 

Click here for more info on how to use synthetic urine for drug test.

2. Use a detox drink

Your second option if you not going to have the guts to take a fake sample along, is to use a high-quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse, Mega Clean or Absolute Detox.

Rescue Cleanse has the overall best track record and is probably the first choice I would recommend.

All you do is drink it after abstaining for a couple of days, and it will give you a clear zone of about three hours after drinking it where your urine should be temporarily clean of toxins.

For more info on detox drinks click here.

All three of these brands though will do a good job for you in passing a QuikTrip drug test.

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