Does Petsmart Drug Test?

I often see discussions from people wondering does Petsmart drug test? Quite a few of those discussions online are misleading and it worries me that so much poor information is out there.

Recently I got a question on Facebook from someone asking me the same thing, so I thought it was time to put the record straight and tell you exactly when and how Petsmart drug test.

There is some good news and some bad news in this, but if you’re serious about being employed by them, or maintaining your employment then there are ways around a drug test, even if you are a regular weed smoker for example.

So let’s get down to it and tell you exactly what the Petsmart drug test policy 2018 is, and how you can pass a Petsmart employee drug test every single time.

Does Petsmart Drug Test On First Interview?

A variation of the question about drug testing in the company is asking does PetSmart drug test on first interview.

Well, I’ll repeat the answers I give every time someone asks me about a first interview drug test.

Nobody is going to drug test you after first interview, unless that places you in a position where you are going to be offered employment immediately, or are being moved on to a second stage process.

The reason for this is that no company is going to pay for a drug test if they have 50 first-time interviewees, of which only one is going to employed.

What will be the point in drug testing all these people?

The other variation on that question is does PetSmart drug test on first interview, meaning actually at, or directly after that first interview.

Again the answer is no. If you are going for a drug test, then it’s going to take time to arrange it.

I’ve seen anecdotal evidence online that some people go later in the day, and some people go within the next couple of days, it appears you have 48 hours after the request submit a sample.

But you will only be asked to go for a drug test if they are going to employ you based on the sample being clean, and you passing a background check.

does petsmart drug test

When Does Petsmart Drug Test?

Okay, so now we understand a bit about when PetSmart don’t drug test, let’s talk about when you could face a PetSmart drug test.

Basically, the circumstances under which you could be asked to take a drug test are:

  1. At the second stage of the initial interview process. You have your first interview, and if you are going to progress to a second stage if it’s a management position, or if they are going to offer you a position subject to background checks, then you will be asked submit the sample at your local Labcorp within 48 hours of the request.
  2. At any time during your employment you could be subject to a random drug test. This will usually be based on suspicion, I haven’t found any evidence that they randomly do it to sample groups, or on a rota, or a quota. It’s in your employment contract and it’s usually related to suspicion of being under the influence.
  3. If you are involved in an accident. People I know, and people online I’ve researched and chatted to say it’s only if you have an accident involving machinery.

But I can’t believe that is the only case. If you hurt somebody in an accident that didn’t involve machinery, or you were hurt in suspicious circumstances, I’m pretty sure there would be a potential drug test, if only to cover the company’s backside for insurance purposes.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Petsmart Do?

Although the PetSmart drug test policy 2018 states simply taking a drug test is an option they reserve the right to take, it appears that they only use urine sample testing.

On top of that, pre-employment drug testing at PetSmart universally appears to be unsupervised drug testing, and is the most basic five panel drug test, because it’s the cheapest method.

They also do a criminal record check, so if you’ve got one of those then you are in trouble for employment purposes anyway.

Generally the good news here is that the drug test is firstly unsupervised, and secondly it’s a urinalysis which is the easiest type to pass.

petsmart urine drug test

How To Pass A Petsmart Drug Test

So now we know exactly how and when PetSmart drug test you, let’s look at how you can guarantee to pass a test. 

  1. Firstly, you could do a natural detox. If you have about three weeks abstinence before your interview process starts, then unless you are an incredibly heavy weed smoker whose body is riddled with THC toxins, then you should be fine.

If you have a week to 10 days, you can accelerate that natural detox with a detox pill like Toxin Rid.

So basically the best way to pass any drug test is to abstain about three weeks before you start applying for jobs, but obviously, a lot of people don’t do that.

  1. If you know that you’ve got drug metabolites in your system, then the cast-iron way of passing a PetSmart drug test is to submit a synthetic urine.

If you use a high-quality synthetic urine like Clear Choice Sub Solution then you stand a very high chance of passing.

Not only does it contain all the natural markers looked for in a sample, but it has a unique activation powder which keeps the sample at the right temperature.

The bottom line is if you want to pass a drug test to get employed at PetSmart, or anywhere else, and it’s an unsupervised urine test, then keeping some Sub Solution in your home ready to use is the best strategy.

  1. The other thing you can try if you don’t have the nerves to take fake urine to the lab testing facility and submit it is to use a high-quality detox drink instead.

If you use Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean a couple of hours before you submit your sample, then you really do stand a good chance of the toxins being masked. 

Don’t fall for the trick of other detox drinks, they are mostly just flavored water and will not work.

You could also try detox pills for a couple of days to push through more the toxins, making the detox drink more likely to succeed.

But the final word is, don’t try any other detox drink other than Rescue Cleanse, or Mega Clean if you can get it with the six pre-rid tablets.

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