Does Menards Drug Test?

Menards is the third biggest DIY chain in the continental United States, with more than 300 stores across 14 states.

So it’s no wonder that with that many branches, and employing a lot of people every single week, that I get a lot of people asking me: does Menards drug test?

Especially around the first interview, people are worried and confused about whether Menards will send them off for a drug test instantly, and as a weed smoker that means an instant fail, unless you have abstained for weeks or covered your tracks.

So let’s help you out right now if you are thinking about working at Menards so that you know exactly how Menards does a drug test, and how you can avoid getting caught.

Does Menards Drug Test At The Interview?

When people wonder whether Menards does a Drug test at the interview, they often mean the first interview.

For the low-level job, you might only get the first interview, for other jobs you might get more than one, for example, if you are going for a management position.

But the reliable information I’ve got from online forums and people I know is that after you have been offered the position, you’ll be asked to take an immediate drug test.

I don’t mean literally immediately, I mean that they book you in for one on the spot, and then you have to turn up at the appointment which is usually within a day or two.

What Sort Of Drug Test Does Menards Do?

So does Menards drug tested interview? Yes.

But the good news is that it’s always an unsupervised urine sample test. That’s great because it’s easy to get around these types of an employee drug test.

What happens is that you go along to the lab at the agreed time, you pop behind the screen, pee into the sample bottle, and you come out and hand it to the technician.

You’ve already realized no doubt that as it is behind a screen, they can’t see you. Which means they can’t see what you’re actually going to submit as a sample!

does menards drug test at the interview

How To Pass A Menards Drug Test

So to pass a Menards drug test, you are going to need to use one of two methods: 

Submit a fake sample

Strap some high quality synthetic urine to yourself, something like Sub Solution or Quick Fix, go behind the screen and submit it.

Because these two brands of synthetic urine contain all the markers the labs will look for in a genuine sample, you will pass pretty much every time, unless the company has paid for a higher level of testing, which Menards doesn’t appear to do.

Mask the drug toxins with a detox drink

This is the simplest method, but it’s not quite as guaranteed and safe as submitting a sample of synthetic urine.

A couple of hours before you go to submit your sample drink a bottle of a high-quality detox drink like Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse.

After about an hour you’ll get a window of opportunity of around three hours where the toxins are being flushed out of your urine, allowing you to submit a clean and genuine sample.

The final word of caution, you should avoid homebrew methods like taking niacin or a method like the Certo surejell method.

The results using these type of homemade solutions are far from guaranteed, nobody knows the right doses and half information online about them is inaccurate

Stick to using a high-quality detox drink or submitting a fake urine sample when you go for that drug test during the Menards hiring process and you’ll be fine.

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