Does Kohls Drug Test?

A couple of days I got asked the question: does Kohls drug test? Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who works for them, not even amongst my wider network of weed smoking friends.

So I asked on my Facebook group and nobody could come up with any solid answers there. It’s a bit ambiguous partly because there are two questions, does Kohls drug test generally, and does Kohls drug test at orientation.

So I’ve been researching online and it’s fair to say the answers are mixed. The let’s put down everything that I have found out for you here so that you can be a little bit more educated about the possibility of getting a drug test either before or during employment at Kohls.

Does Kohls Drug Test At Orientation?

To try and answer the question whether Kohls does a drug test at orientation, I did a lot of research online and about 50% of the people talking about it said there was no drug test at all when they were employed.

But that means the other 50% said that they did have a drug test right after their job interview, or didn’t say at all. By that, I think they mean that Kohls asked them to attend a drug test once they have been offered a position, so basically, you have to pass a drug test to get the job.

On top of that, company policy is to randomly drug test, and drug test under suspicion any time. You have to sign this as part of your employment contract.

So my gut feeling is that you could get a drug test and should prepare for one, and if it’s a management position you definitely will get a drug test orientation.

Does Kohls Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

Most of the people who spoke as part-time employees at Kohls said no Kohls does not drug test part-time employees.

I’ll go back to the companies policy, which is reinforced in their employment contract, that you can be asked to take a drug test anytime.

So although they might not waste money on someone working a dozen hours a week for example when they are offered a job, as part of a random thing, or suspicion, yes part-time employees at Kohls can face a drug test.

Does Kohls Drug Test Part Time Employees

So What’s The Bottom Line: Does Kohls Drug Test?

So yes the answer is that it appears that Kohls does drug test employees. Kohls can drug test at orientation, they can drug test part-time employees, and you can be asked to do it any time at short notice.

Yes, there is a 50% chance it appears that you will never be drug tested at Kohls, but you have to prepare the fact you could be.

The problem as a weed smoker or other drug user is that if you got metabolites present, you don’t know what sort of drug test Kohls might ask you to take.

How To Pass A Kohls Drug Test

So as we don’t know what sort drug test Kohls might  ask you to take definitively, we have to talk about the two obvious possibilities:

  1. A urine drug test
  2. A mouth swab drug test

If it’s a saliva drug test, get saliva neutralizing gum, it’s easy to use, just chew it for 30 seconds then swallow it or spit it out, it will clean your saliva for up to 30 minutes. You can read my full review here.

The best way to prepare for a urine sample drug test is to submit a fake sample.

I’m guessing Kohls are not going to be paying for an expensive supervised drug test, rather more likely is the simple unsupervised test, which makes submitting a fake sample of some high quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution a great choice.

The other choice if you don’t fancy that is to grab a bottle of Rescue Cleanse detox drink. As long as you get a few hours notice, you can drink the bottle and stand a great chance of submitting a metabolite free sample within an hour or two of doing it.

So there are choices you have, and my advice if you are working at, or thinking of working at Kohls that you have a bottle of Rescue Cleanse or Sub Solution in stock.

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