Does Home Depot Drug Test Employees?

 With more than 2200 store locations and over 400,000 employees across all 50 states of the USA, Home Depot is one absolutely massive employer. So the question around does Home Depot drug test, is a very common one I’ve been asked.

The problem is it’s not actually that clear to answer the question about the Home Depot drug test. When it’s administered, what type is, and what roles you will be drug tested for, are all tough questions to answer.

But through my connections, people I know online and offline, some research, and reading of the documentation used in the Home Depot recruitment process, I’ve managed to piece together exactly what the Home Depot drug test policy is, what kind of drug test they use, and how you can easily pass a Home Depot drug test.

When Does Home Depot Drug Test?

 Not everyone has a Home Depot drug test, some people slip through the net. But most people going for a job at Home Depot do state that they had a drug test during the recruitment process.

But when the drug test happens is the big question. Some people suggest it’s straight after the interview, other people say it’s if you are given a firm job offer, and others say it’s during orientation.

So it seems to happen during one of three stages of the process, each progressively later. So you will have to be prepared for a Home Depot drug test at any time when you’re in the process of applying for a job there.

Home Depot Drug Test At First Interview

Now, this is where it gets confusing. Some people do say that they were drug tested at first interview by Home Depot.

Some people told me that they completed the background check form, and with the given details of times within the next 48 hours when they had to go and submit a urine sample.

Other people said that they completed the background check form and then had an on the spot mouth swab drug test right after the interview.

So the bottom line here is that when you go for your interview at Home Depot, you could face a mouth swab drug test on the spot, or you could have a couple of days before you have to submit a urine sample.

home depot drug test

Does Home Depot Drug Test: Policy 2019

The bottom line is that Home Depot do reserve the right to drug test you. It could be during the recruitment process as of outlined above, or it could be on-the-job for the following reasons:

  1. People have reported being drug tested after incidents, things like accidents and fights. Some people say a mouth swab was done on the spot and sent off for analysis, others were told they had 24 hours to report to a clinic to submit a urine sample.
  2. Internal promotions seem to generate drug tests, but they are treated like interviews, and often it’s alongside fresh background checks as well.
  3. You can be drug tested for reasonable suspicion. I read one online example where somebody was ill and unstable at work and was reported by the customer because they thought they were high. They were sent off that day to do a urinalysis test at a local clinic, which thankfully they passed.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Home Depot Use?

So in terms of what kind of drug test does Home Depot use, it’s mouth swab tests and urinalysis. So you’re either going to be mouth swab tested on the spot, or sent off somewhere to submit a urine sample.

With a mouth swab test, they use a special swab to collect a sample from in your mouth, usually around the gumline, or under the tongue, where they will have been told drug metabolites are most likely to gather.

With the urine sample drug test, it will be unsupervised. That means you go behind the screen (or often into a completely separate room), submit your sample, and then come out and give it to the technician.

In both cases, the Home Depot drug test is easy to pass, as long as you know how. So let’s explain exactly how you can pass a drug test from Home Depot at any time.

How To Pass A Home Depot Drug Test

Let’s say you are facing a mouth swab drug test. There is a way around it, and it’s called Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum.

Oral Clear isn’t actually gummed at all. It’s a small capsule of liquid, and the capsule is edible. All you do is pop the capsule in your mouth, chew it, swill the liquid around your mouth thoroughly, and then swallow the lot. It only takes 30 seconds, and your saliva will then be neutralized for up to 30 minutes.

You can even do it if you are facing a mouth swab drug test on the spot at Home Depot with someone in the room. If you’ve got the capsule in your pocket, just take it out into the palm of your hand, then cough and place your hand over your mouth as you do so. The capsule is then your mouth, and you can surreptitiously swill it around and swallow it. The only downside is its price, one piece costs $90.

Synthetic urine kit

If you are sent for a urine sample drug test, then you know it’s going to be unsupervised. So you can submit a fake sample. There is a way to do this is to get your hands on a box of Sub Solution or Quick Fix. Simply heat them up, put the small flask of urine in between two sets of underwear, and head off to the lab.

When you get behind the screen, pour the fake urine into the container, and you’re done with your Home Depot drug test.

In both cases, you’ll want to have Oral Clear or the synthetic urine (I’d recommend Sub Solution as your first choice, but it’s expensive at $80, while Quick Fix is cheaper at $40) in stock. So you need to order it a few days in advance. If you’re going for a job at Home Depot, I would get them in your house as soon as you do the application.

So there you go. Does Home Depot drug test? Yes, they do. But now you know what kind of drug test Home Depot use, and you know how to pass a Home Depot drug test. It’s easy, simply by using high-quality synthetic urine, or if it’s a mouth swab test, by neutralizing your saliva using Oral Clear.

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