What Kind Of Drug Test Does Harris Teeter Use?

 Harris Teeter is a big employer across the southern USA, with 245 stores in seven states. So it’s little wonder that so many people are searching for the answer to the question: does Harris Teeter drug test?

Well, the answer is yes, they do. But what’s important is when they drug test, and how they drug test.

The answer to how they drug test might surprise you, as it’s not what most companies do. So let’s get you informed right now, so that if you are looking for employment, you can pass a Harris Teeter drug test every time.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Harris Teeter Do?

Unusually, Harris Teeter do an oral drug test. I say it’s unusual, because most employees in the USA use urine drug testing.

Although it’s no more accurate, urine drug testing does allow the people to see if there’s been drug use for longer than oral testing.

But with mouth swab testing, unless you are a heavy smoker, who has a lot THC in your system, then nearly all drug metabolites are undetectable in saliva after about 48 hours.

Mouth swab drug testing is cheap though. So I’m guessing that Harris Teeter have looked at the deterrent V’s the cost and decided mouth swab testing is the way to go.

Does Harris teeter drug test

When Does Harris Teeter Drug Test?

During the interview process, you could face a Harris Teeter drug test at any time. I think they keep it vague because they know it’s possible to get around a mouth swab drug test, if you know when it’s coming.

Some people say they faced a drug test right after their interview. They were offered the job, and then a mouth swab sample was taken after acceptance.

Other people said it was during orientation, and in online question and answer forums, some people said that they didn’t get the mouth swab test done until that actually started work in the store.

It’s also reported that during employment, Harris Teeter do also do random drug testing on employees as a deterrent. Some people say that they have got away with it for years, because they always get to hear when it’s going to happen, and managed to get a later shift, when the people administering the tests have gone.

How To Pass A Harris Teeter Saliva Drug Test

ultra wash mouthwash review

If you haven’t taken anything for about 48 hours, then you will mostly be okay anyway. If you are a light weed smoker, THC metabolites could be detected in saliva for up to 7 days, even longer if you are a real heavy user.

But generally, if you are a light user, or you haven’t done anything for a couple of days, then all you need to do is make sure you brush your teeth and gums thoroughly a few times before you do your sample. You can make this even better by using a normal mouthwash.

However, if you are a heavy smoker, have taken something in the past 48-72 hours, or just want a 100% insurance policy, then you need to buy a specialist mouthwash.

Ultra Klean Ultra Wash, or Toxin Wash Rescue Wash our specialist mouthwash products that will help to get rid of toxins about 30 minutes after you use them. They are small bottles, so you can take them to work with you.

Even more discreet, but more expensive is Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum. It’s a small capsule you can keep in your pocket. You chew it for about 30 seconds, swallow what’s left, and your saliva will be neutralized for about 30 minutes.

Any of these solutions is perfect for guaranteeing you will pass a Harris Teeter oral drug test.

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