Does Carmax Drug Test Their Employees?

Carmax has around 25,000 employees in the USA, based at nearly 200 locations. So with that amount of staff and turnover, it’s no wonder that people going for jobs there wonder: does Carmax drug test?

Well, Carmax has a drug testing policy which is in line with most other companies in the USA. They reserve the right to drug test anytime, including during the hiring process.

So using online research, a couple of online contacts who work there, plus a friend who has, I’m going to tell you exactly what the Carmax hiring process is, and if you are likely to ever face a Carmax drug test.

But pay attention here, because one thing Carmax sometimes does isn’t standard in pre-employment drug testing, and you could really get caught out.

What Happens During  The  Carmax Hiring Process

The Carmax employment process is quite rigorous by all accounts. People talk about an online questionnaire, background checking, a telephone interview, then at least one face-to-face interview.

After that, you can be offered a position, or you may have to come back for another single, or multiple, personal interview.

So it’s very intensive. As I’ve already mentioned, background checking is key to that process. But it’s also made clear by people online, and my friend, that drug testing is mentioned very early, and definitely takes place.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Carmax Do?

Most people asking what kind of drug test does Carmax use are told that it’s a five-panel urine test. This is pretty standard stuff, and it looks for the main metabolites like THC.

So you’ve nothing to worry about in terms of it being different to a normal pre-employment drug test, in terms of what it looks for.

However, some people have also mentioned having their mouths swabbed. I haven’t been able to confirm this properly, because my friend had never heard of this, but online, multiple people definitely mention a mouth swab test.

It may be that this is been phased out in preference to a urine test, or it could depend on the location you are being recruited in. But it’s something to be aware of.

Does carmax drug test

 Does Carmax Drug Test After The First Interview?

Now, this is what makes Carmax different to almost every other employer I’ve ever heard of, apart from the government.

When you are offered a job, most employers will give you a location to go to submit a urine sample. You usually have at least 48 hours to do this. Basically, there’s some space for you to prepare.

But my friend, and multiple people online, including very recent posts, say that Carmax takes the urine sample at the end of the interview.

So you go through the interview process, and at the end of the final interview, if they offer you the job, and you accept, they literally take a sample then. One person said they were offered a job and then literally asked to go to a toilet five minutes later to submit a urine sample for testing.

Which means you don’t get that usual space to prepare. If you are going for an interview at Carmax, you need to be prepared to submit a urine sample right there and then.

How To Get Negative Carmax Drug Test Results

Let’s talk about a possible mouth swab drug test first.

If you face one of those, you can usually get away with brushing your teeth and using Listerine. As long as you haven’t taken anything in the previous 48-72 hours, you should be good to go.

You can add a bit of extra assurance by chewing Oral Clear gum. You might not get a chance to do this in the interview, as they seem to be on the ball, so it could be you have to chew it on the way in instead.

When it comes to passing a urine drug test, you’ve got two options:

  1. Submit a fake sample

Synthetic urine kitYou’ll have to carry a sample of Sub Solution with you. I think you are going to struggle to strap synthetic urine that uses a heating pad to your leg and then sit in an interview just in trousers and shirt for maybe two hours. So the only option is going to be Sub Solution, as it uses a heat activator powder.

Carry it in your pocket in a small, flat container. When you go into the room to submit your sample, check the temperature. Carry a small amount of heat activator powder with you, and you can add it if you need more heat.

For more info check out my synthetic urine review.


  1. Use a detox drink

Ultra Eliminex ReviewsA good quality detox drink like Ultra Eliminex or Mega Clean, consumed two hours before the interview, should be enough to deliver a clean urine sample. These are pretty much the only two detox drinks I would recommend you use.

To be honest, Carmax seem pretty intense generally during recruitment, but asking you to submit the sample directly at interview is unusual, so you need to be on your toes.

So I would suggest that if you really want that Carmax job, which means passing a Carmax drug test, that you drink the detox drink, and also carry synthetic urine on you.

For triple insurance, take the Oral Clear as well. That way, you can judge the situation as it happens, to make sure you submit a clean sample when asked.

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