Does Cabela’s Require A Drug Test?

Cabela’s is a long established brand in sporting goods and correct marketing, so it’s little wonder that they employ a lot of people. So the question: does Cabela’s drug test is a common one.

In this article we’re going to take a look at exactly if, how, and when Cabela’s drug test. Specifically, as it’s the most common question: do they drug test as part of the Cabela’s hiring process?

On top of that, I’m going to tell you exactly how you can pass a urine drug test at Cabela’s pre-employment drug test.

The Cabela’s Hiring Process Explained

The Cabela hiring process can range between quick, and convoluted, depending on the location, and the position you are going for.

In most cases, it will consist of an initial telephone interview, followed by a face-to-face interview. If they like you, and you pass a drug test and background check, then they will employ you.

However, I’ve heard horror stories about multiple interviews for higher up positions, done over several weeks. It appears that they do take the interview process seriously, and part of that is drug testing.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Cabela’s Use?

There appear to be two types of drug test that Cabela’s use: urine and mouth swab testing.

Some people say that they have been urine tested. Everyone I have seen who states that, says that a couple of days after the interview, you have to submit a sample. So that’s all fine, we can get around that.

However, one thing to be aware of is that in some locations, people say that the Cabela’s pre-employment drug test is a mouth swab.

The worst part about that is that the mouth swab is reportedly taken at the end of the interview. So you don’t get any notice stop if you pass the interview and they want to hire you, you will be given an immediate mouth swab. That means you have to turn up to the interview ready for a test.

Cabela's hiring process

How To Pass The Cabela’s Pre-Employment Drug Test

So does Cabela’s drug test? The answer to that is yes, and now we know it’s a urine and mouth swab test you could face.

If it’s a urine test, you have two options.

The first is to submit a fake urine sample, synthetic urine, something like Clear Choice Sub Solution. That’s easy to carry because it doesn’t have a heating pad, it uses heat activator powder. On top of that, it’s very high quality and contains all the ingredients you need to pass a standard drug test. I recently posted a detailed Sub Solution review. You can purchase it from

The second is to use a detox drink like Ultra Eliminex or Mega Clean. Drink this a couple of hours before you leave for the lab facility, and you should have at least three hours clean in order to submit your sample.

If it’s a mouth swab test, a saliva test, that Cabela’s carry out, and as you’ve heard it can be at the end of the interview, then your options are as follows.

  1. If you haven’t taken in any toxins, basically drug metabolites, in the previous 48 hours, you should be able to get away with just brushing your teeth a ton of times, and swilling out your mouth with a strong mouthwash a few times before you leave as well.
  2. If you haven’t given it 48 hours, or have taken in a lot of toxins, or are a heavy weed smoker, then your only real option is to use Oral Clear neutralizing gum. The only gives you a half hour window of cleanliness, so you might have to keep in your pocket, and discreetly pop it in your mouth at the end of the interview when they are preparing for the swab test.

Oral Clear literally only takes 30 seconds chew and swallow, so it is perfectly possible to pass a Cabela’s drug test using it.

Click here for more detailed info on how to pass an oral drug test.

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