Does Aldi Drug Test?

Aldi is a growing employee in the United States which is why so many weed smokers especially are worried about their drug testing policy when going for a job interview, going through the hiring process, and when already employed.

So what’s the deal with Aldi and drug testing? Some drug forum seen to imply that they drug test at first interview, while other people are questioning does Aldi drug test at all.

Well, the great news is that I know exactly what the Aldi drug testing policy is, when it happens and how it happens. So sit back and buckle up and let’s get you updated.

Who Does Aldi Drug Test?

Aldi drug tests current employees for the following reasons:

  • Internal promotion
  • Involved in an accident
  • Suspicion

So if you are currently employed, then yes Aldi could drug test you for those reasons. So generally, after you have been hired by Aldi you are in the line of fire for a drug test at any time.

When it comes to new employees, the bottom line is that they do also drug test you. But what’s important is the stage of the employment process it happens, and how much notice you get.

So Aldi Does Drug Test After Hired?

If you are going through an employment process with Aldi then if you are a weed smoker or drug taker of any type, then you need to be concerned.

The bottom line is that Aldi sends all potential new employees for a urine drug test once you have passed the initial interview stage.

Basically you will get a call or letter, email or whatever, after your second or third interview, depending on the type of position you going for.

It will tell you that you are in line for selection, but that if you want to continue with the hiring process then you will have to report for a drug test.

So Aldi does drug test after you have been hired sort of, you have to pass a drug test to reach the last stage of interviewing to get hired.

fake urine for aldi drug test

How To Pass An Aldi Drug Test

The good news is that it’s possible to pass an Aldi drug test during hiring.

They are always unsupervised urine sample tests. They are almost always done by Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp, and you always only get 1-2 days notice.

Now the obvious thing to have done if you are looking for a job is to be clean. This will mean sensibly abstaining from smoking or taking stuff, so that you have no metabolites in your system.

To do this you will need to have stained for about three weeks prior to a drug test. So if you want to do a natural detox, then you need to be stopping smoking when you start looking for jobs.

But if you get caught out, then you have two possible options to get through an Aldi unsupervised urine drug test:

  1. Submit a completely fake sample
  2. Use a high quality detox drink

With such short notice and no detox having taken place at all, even a high quality detox drink is a little bit risky strategy.

So I’m going to advise that you simply submit a fake urine sample.

The best fake urine you can buy is Sub Solution, it’s not cheap, costs 75$, but it contains all the natural markers a lab will look for in a basic urinalysis, it contains uric acid, urea, and it comes with a highly tailored heating powder which will allow you to submit the sample completely right temperature.

Getting through an Aldi hiring drug test is easy if you submit Sub Solution synthetic urine. Tons of people have passed types of urine drug test using it, so it’s a great choice.

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