The Differences Between Salvia Divinorum And Shrooms

Although both salvia and shrooms are seen to offer a broadly similar experience, and can often be seen as the same thing in terms of the experience and, there is actually a very large set of differences between them.

If you are making a decision about trying one of them, then on the surface the differences between salvia divinorum and shrooms can appear minor when reading about them, but it’s important to say right here at the start that isn’t the case.

There has been a huge amount of research into the effects of magic mushrooms for example, while virtually nothing has been done formally around the effects of salvia, both short-term and long-term.

So let’s take a look at why salvia and shrooms are very different, yet also seen as similar, and what you can do to prepare for experiencing those differences.

Both Salvia And Shrooms Are Hallucinogenics

Both salvia and shrooms are psychoactive drugs. They will both give you dreams and visions, and generally alter your perception.

They are both classed as hallucinogens, psychedelic substances, that are both capable of mind altering experiences. Hallucinogenic’s can have a wide range of effects, which is why although they can be similar, they can also be hugely different in terms of experience and the duration.

People who smoke weed often think that they are prepared for the experience of trying mushrooms or salvia, which is also known as the “seers sage” which should give you an idea of what it was originally used for.

But it’s really important to know that if you are a cannabis smoker, it is in no way going to prepare you for a experience on either of these two. Both Sally D and Magic mushrooms will give you a far more intense experience, far more than the strongest modern cannabis strains.

Salvia Divinorum

How Sally D and Magic Mushrooms Work In The Body

Salvia takes hold very quickly, giving an intense and short-lived experience. Mushrooms works slightly differently, building up and giving a longer experience.

Salvia effects the u-opioid receptors in the body, whereas the active ingredient in the Liberty Cap mushroom (which is why magic mushrooms are also known as caps), psilocybin, is a partial agonist of the 5-HT receptors.

This creates different effects, obviously dependent on dose:

  1. Salvia can create an incredibly abstract experience. It instils almost total disassociation, with reality and vision very disturbed for a short period of time.
  2. The psilocybin in mushrooms creates a wave of peaks and troughs, that reach a plateau and then decline. It’s a more balanced and long-lasting experience.

So that’s why the effects are different in the body for these two psychedelic substances, but how exactly do they manifest themselves physically and emotionally during a user experience?

Trips On Salvia And Shrooms Are Very Different

Mushrooms are usually eaten while salvia is usually smoked. This is why the effects of mushrooms tend to take longer to reach full effect, while the effects of salvia can be felt very acutely within a couple of minutes.

So the first key difference between trips is length and initial intensity. Once the effects of shrooms fully kick in they can last for much longer. So one is more intense in the short term, and the other is more intense in the longer term.

So great is the difference, that most people report the effects of smoking salvia as mostly over within 30 minutes, whereas the journey on magic mushrooms does not even begin until around 30 minutes.

It’s not only the method of ingestion which makes this case, but it’s also that they target different receptors, and those which salvia hits are far more immediately reactive.

Both drugs are hallucinogenic’s and can produce vivid visions, dreams, and physical effects.

Many people literally describe a trip on salvia as “bonkers”. In terms of the description, people describe it as being slapped around the face and then feeling transported into another existence, feeling more like an object than a human, living in a dream world.

A trip on mushrooms tends to reach a plateau over time, coming in waves that slowly transport them upwards, peaking and then declining. Again, a sense of altered reality, visions and perception change occurs, but not with the same initial aggressiveness.

Obviously every user experience is different, but that’s the general theme. It’s the rapid onset of salvia compared to mushrooms that make a difference, along with an intensity which can leave somebody almost incapacitated if taken at a higher dose.

Shrooms vs salvia

Deciding Whether To Try Salvia Or Caps

It can be a big decision to try taking enough salvia or magic mushrooms to go on a proper hallucinogenic trip.

Especially the first time, it can be quite scary. The reason for this is that your visions of reality can be altered. So for example, if somebody says they feel like honey, you can literally see honey dripping off them. Obviously, this can be fun, but also dark vivid visions can occur as well.

If you are current cannabis smoker, you should not think that smoking salvia divinorum will be similar. In fact, one of the reasons that people get into trouble the first time they try it is that they are existing cannabis smokers and they approach taking it in the same way.

It’s also about the length of the experience you want.  Salvia can be incredibly intense, but within an hour you will be mostly back to normal, whereas on the other hand if you ingest magic mushrooms then you are potentially going to be taking the day out to go up and then come back down.

Both can produce visions. These can be good or bad. Salvia is known as seers, or diviners, sage for a good reason, because that’s exactly what it was used for in the past. It produced visions in people which could then be used to predict events or make decisions. It really can produce a sense of altered reality at the higher doses.

But of course, you don’t have to try either of them a high dose. The sensible way to experiment is to start with a smaller dose and work your way up. Check out my previous article on salvia’s proper dosage, effects and where to buy quality salvia divinorum online.

Whichever one you choose, it’s important to realize that although there are differences between salvia divinorum and shrooms, both have in common the ability to alter perception, produce visions and create strong physical effects and response.

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