What Are The Best THC Detox Pills For A Drug Test [A Critical Review]

The Fastest Way To Detox Your System

If you’re searching for what detox pills for drug test are best, then you’ve probably already realized that there are a lot of detox pills out there all claiming to work miracles. It’s a minefield, and you could lose money on buying the wrong ones.  Plus they won’t detox you and you’ll fail your drug test. So you could lose your job or freedom as well.

The problem is that there are so many terrible detox pills for weed out there that simply don’t work, and so much poor information, that it’s tough to pick the right ones.

Well, the worry is over. When it comes to selecting detox pills to cleanse your system and get through a drug test, there are actually only a couple of clear choices. There are two detox pill brands with a long track record, which I have used myself, which my friends use and which you will see rave about on Internet forums as well.

So let’s get educated on the scams you shouldn’t fall for, and the choice you actually have if you want to get through a drug test using detox pills.

THC Detox Pills Are Different To Detox Drinks

It’s important to start by clearing up some confusion people have about detox pills and detox drinks.

Let’s talk about detox drinks first. The name is actually misleading. They don’t detox you.

What a detox drink does is to temporarily mask the toxins, not remove all of them from your body. What it does is flush out your system so that at that point in time, from when the drink takes effect and for a few hours afterward, the toxins aren’t present in your urine.

But once that window of opportunity is over, the toxins will start to appear in your urine again.

So detox drinks, high-quality ones, can work.  But only if you get things right on the day.

Detox pills for drug test are different because what they do is different. A good quality detox pill will help to speed up your system, helping to remove the toxins from your body faster.

So they aid the body’s natural cleansing process to make it work at peak efficiency to permanently release and remove toxins.

Using these pills combined with natural detox is the fastest way to detox your system permanently.

The Fastest Way To Detox Your System

How Long Will A Detox Take?

For most drugs, you are looking at around a week for the toxins (known and metabolites) that can be detected in a drug test to be removed by your body.

For some drugs, this can be up to 2 weeks, and for a very heavy weed smoker up to 3 weeks if you do it all completely natural.

Three weeks is a long time to not only abstain, but also to eat and drink healthily, and to make sure you get out and do some exercise as well.

But if you want to do it completely naturally, that’s how long it can take to be certain you are clean.

The reason that some high-quality drug detox pills cost a lot, a lot more than a detox drink, is that they can significantly speed up this natural process. Sometimes in as little as a day, and mostly with the right pills and the right body, easily within seven days.

natural detox

Are There Different Detox Pills For Weed?

This is a question that gets asked a lot, and the answer is simple.

You don’t need different detox pills for weed. It doesn’t matter what drug you take, the basics remain the same.

You can call them THC detox pills, marijuana detox pills or drug detox pills they are all the same.

The active ingredient in the drug enters your body and is converted into by-products called metabolites. In marijuana, for example, the active ingredient which gets you high is called THC, and in the body, this toxin shows up mainly as THC-COOH.

It’s the metabolites which drug testing usually looks for. However, that’s not the whole story, as some drugs tests, especially blood tests, look for the actual drug or active ingredient itself.

But generally it doesn’t matter what substance you have taken, it’s how quickly the body processes the psychoactive chemicals and the metabolites to expel them.

Detox pills for a drug test can help to enhance that process, regardless of what type of drug you have taken.

So if you have been confused because you’ve seen a product called THC Total Herbal Cleanse the example, the truth is you don’t need a separate ” THC detox pill” if you are a weed smoker.

Names like that just designed to draw you in to make you more likely to buy them.


Detox Pills That DO NOT WORK

Before we talk about the benefits of that rare breed, the detox pill that actually works, let’s rule out stuff that won’t help you to pass a  urine drug test.

When you search online will read certain forums, the “usual suspects” always appear. The problems with these brands, and it’s not just these brands but I’m highlighting these ones, are:

  1. I just don’t see the evidence they work properly. I’ve tested a few of these and so have my friends and they just don’t pass drugs test, even simple home ones. They just don’t seem to cleanse the system. Also looking on forums at more recent comments that appear to be the case as well.
  2. A lot of them are living on past glory. Although they might have worked for some people in the past those days have long gone, with better formulations coming in more recent times.
  3. They are heavily marketed. That doesn’t mean there are any good, the more you see something the more you assume that people are recommending it.

So to give you an example of some of the biggest fails out there when it comes to detox pills:

Herbal Clean Q Tabs

Herbal Clean is a specialist company that makes several similar detox products, including the strongly marketed and well-known Qcarbo detox drink range.

Unfortunately, the bottom line is that none of those products have a particularly good reputation.

This herbal cleanse is no different. None of the ingredients are linked strongly to speeding up a detox, and the claim made by the company that this is the fastest way to detox your system is false.

You simply cannot achieve that with the ingredients in this product.

So if the company blatantly lies, do you trust them?

Detoxify Instant Clean

This is another heavily marketed product. But you only have to look at a big site like Amazon, where it currently has 55% one-star reviews, to smell that something is wrong with it.

When you look at the reviews simply saying “doesn’t work” time after time, it gives you an idea.

There is no specific claim made around the product, but in its marketing, they mention the words “instant clean”. This simply cannot happen, you cannot detox your body instantly.

detoxify instant clean capsules

THC Total Herbal Cleanse

As we have already discussed this detox pill product, you already know the trick they are using.

By abbreviating its name to THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, they are alluding to the fact it’s a specialist cleanse for weed smokers.

The truth is that not the case. It’s a bland herbal cleanse that might help you in some way over a week or so, if you’re lucky, but the evidence again is that most people are finding that this just doesn’t work.

Look around the Internet and you’ll find hundreds of negative reviews.

The only secret you need to know about this product is that it’s named to make you think it works with cannabis specifically, and the company throw money at marketing at a viral level to try and build a reputation.

You can read my review here.

Magic Detox review


Let’s cover this one as well to save you from getting into trouble. Niacin is not a detox product, it’s a prescribed medicine.

There is no evidence it helps with a cleanse, nobody knows the right dosage to take to achieve even if it worked, and on every website or YouTube video you visit you will see a different dose and time period stated.

It’s dangerous to experiment with this stuff, too much can intentionally cause liver failure. So just steer clear of it. For more info check out my Niacin method review.

Where Not To Buy Detox Pills For Drug Test

Before we talk about the detox pills that can work, let’s talk about where not to buy detox pills, ever.

You should never buy detox pills from general retailers like Amazon. Often they are fakes or stock that has been bought cheap because it’s going out of date.

I also wouldn’t recommend detox pills for a drug test at Walgreens or Walmart because they sell only the most mainstream cleansing products.

The only place you should be buying recommended detox pills is through a specialist online retailer that only sells those products, and has a long track record of selling the right gear, and knowing what they are talking about.

Drug Detox Kit Walmart

What Detox Pills Will Pass A Drug Test?

When it comes using detox pills for a drug test, you have to understand it’s not literally taking them and going and passing a test. They are not a magic one day detox cleanse for drug test

All the detox pill can do is speed up your body’s natural expulsion process to get rid of the toxins so you get through the test.

On top of that, if you are going for a hair drug test then you need to know that’s no pill, drink or anything else is going to get you through it.

Your drug history is stamped into your hair and can only be removed using a drastic intervention strategy.

The only real option open to you for a hair follicle test is the Macujo method.

But there are a couple of THC detox pills which have a great reputation, excellent reviews, and which I and people I know have used to achieve a detox to get through a drug test without using masking products.

  1. Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula Review

The first “real deal” drug detox pills are made by a company called Clear Choice. These guys have a strong reputation for making high-quality detox products.

Their high pedigree product range includes Rescue Cleanse detox drink and Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum. So this is a company with a track record that you can trust.

They also don’t make crazy claims about their marijuana detox pills passing a drug test. Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula achieves the following two key things:

  • It is a daily supplement that speeds up the metabolism to help your body
  • Taking it regularly will keep your toxin level lower through increasing efficiency

If you abstain and take these pills every day, then you can achieve a full detox in around half the time you could naturally. So it’s a 50% boost, which means you can be clean usually in around 10 days, rather than 20+.

What’s great is the company don’t claim it’s the best detox for a drug test, it’s clearly sold as a supplement that you use in conjunction with another product, usually Rescue Cleanse32 Oz, it costs additional 50$.

But it can work on its own by accelerating the permanent elimination of toxins in your system. You can order Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula for 32$ from their official website.

Herbal Pre cleanse formula review

  1. Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox

One of the better detox pill products out there is Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox. I say it’s better because although it’s not as good as Toxin Rid, it is a reputable product, that really will work for you.

Five days is what I would say is that their minimum time you will need to genuinely detox. It’s simple to take, you take four different types of capsules, at different times the day. These will boost your body, helping it to work better at eliminating the toxins in your bloodstream.

On top of that, you can now get an exclusive bundle on this detox product, where they give you eight super strength ICE capsules as well. You take these at the end of the five-day program, on the day before your drug test, to really make sure you are cleaned out.

The caveat here is that if you are a very heavy weed smoker, like several joints a day, then the number of toxins in your body will possibly overwhelm this product. It will take you longer to get rid of them.

But for lower levels of toxins, an occasional smoker or user, maybe a couple of times a week, then the Rescue 5 Day Detox will certainly give you a far better chance of eliminating toxins.

You will have to do a natural detox during those five days as well though. That means no taking in toxins, eating well, sleep well, exercising, and drinking a lot of water each day.

But this product really works, and it’s one of only three detox pill courses that I would ever recommend.

You can buy Rescue 5 day detox here.

Rescue 5 day detox

  1. Toxin Rid – Best Detox For Drug Test

I have saved the best till last. If you want to detox significantly faster than you can naturally, then there is only one detox pill for drug test you should really be considering.

Toxin Rid is a total detox solution, which comes in a range of programs to suit your individual situation.

So it’s your choice. If you have 10 days before a drug test, you can select the Toxin Rid ten-day detox program.

You can choose between one, two, three, four, five, seven and 10-day program packages.

The 1-3 days packages then you are taking more of a gamble. Even the most powerful detox solution will struggle to flush you out in the amount of time, especially if you have been a heavy smoker for example.

So I recommend you use the 4-10 day programs. But obviously if you have less time to your test, then you’ll have to go nuclear and take a gamble, if you choose 1-2 or 3 day detox program then combine it with a detox drink like Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse (use the pills in the first 1-2-3 days and drink the cleansing drink 1-2 hours before the test).

More info on detox drink and how they work HERE.

THC detox pills

The rest assured, Toxin Rid is powerful. I talked about how it doesn’t matter what metabolites you have in your system, and the great news is that Toxin Rid isn’t choosy either.

You can blast them out of your system regardless of whether it’s THC, opioids or ATS>LOQ (amphetamine metabolites).

The other reassuring thing is that Toxin Rid is not just a set of pills, it’s a complete detox solution that consists of three parts:

  1. Pre-Rid tablets (this number varies depending on the length of the course).
  2. A dietary fiber supplement.
  3. A detox liquid to take on the day of your test.

The last part is optional because you might pick the 10-day detox program and wish to do it 14 days before your test, so you are naturally clean by the time of your test.

For more info please check out my Toxin Rid review.

Or you could swap out the included detox liquid for Rescue Cleanse, or even Mega Clean. It’s your choice.

But the bottom line here is that you are getting a complete solution you can use on its own to get you through a drugs test.

It’s not cheap because this is the fastest and safest way to detox your system, with prices ranging between $50 and $190, depending on the length of the program you choose.

And even better, if you buy your program from a reputable seller you can even get a free home drug test kit bundle then, so you can check you are clean prior to going for your test.

Toxin Rid Short Courses

As they are expensive, a lot of people wonder what the point of the short, 1-3 day course duration’s of Toxin Rid are for. Most people know that you can’t detox your body properly in that short space of time, so what’s the point of spending that money?

Basically, the reason to buy a short course of Toxin Rid is that it can be used to flush out more toxins just before a drug test. You then drink a detox drink on the day of your test, safe in the knowledge that there are fewer toxins in your body.

You see, the thing is, when you drink the detox drink, it’s only temporary. The toxins in your bladder are flushed out, but after a few hours, they start to creep out of your blood and cells, back into the urine.

So if you have spent the previous three days using Toxin Rid, accelerating the flushing out of toxins with a short course, then there are fewer toxins creeping back in. Which means the detox drink has to do less work, and your chances of submitting a clean sample are increased.

Conclusion: The Top 3 Detox Pills For Drug Test

detox pills for drug test

  1. Toxin Rid
  2. Rescue 5 days detox
  3. Herbal Pre Cleanse Formula

So there you go, not all detox pills work, and you are literally throwing money down the drain if you choose to try most of them.

From my experience, my friends, and years of Internet feedback, you can ignore the advertising and false claims to focus on a choice between Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula, Rescue 5 day detox and Toxin Rid.

I think it’s clear which choice you should make though if you have the money.

Toxin Rid is the most powerful, the most flexible, and it includes everything you need to actually get through the drug test. So it really is the best detox for a drug test choice you can make.

Drug Detox pills FAQ

Do detox pills work?

Some detox pills don’t work at all, some work a little bit, and some are very effective. Sorry, but that’s the answer, it’s not a yes or no question.

Some brands are absolutely useless and should be avoided. Other brands can work a little bit but aren’t strong enough to really do much other than to speed up the natural elimination of toxins by 10% or so.

Good quality detox pills like Toxin Rid definitely work, they can speed up a natural detox by several days, often allowing you to detox fully in 7 days or less. When you compare that to a completely natural detox, which can take between 20-30 days, then that’s a big difference. Detox pills clean your blood and urine, however, if its a salvia or a hair follicle drug test, you will need different detox.

Do detox pills work for all drugs?

If the detox pill works at all, then it will work for all drugs. All drug metabolites get flushed out of the body through urine and feces in the same way. It doesn’t matter what drug you took, the converted metabolites are in your bloodstream, and they get expelled through the same methods.

So as long as the detox pill is good quality, and has a reputation for working, and is mixed with a natural detox where you avoid drugs, exercise, eat well, drink lots of water and generally live healthily, then yes detox pill will work for all types of drug.

Is there any one day detox cleanse for a drug test?

The straight answer here is no, nothing like that exists. You simply cannot drag toxins out of the bloodstream that quickly. They need to work their way out. Although you can speed up this process slightly, you can’t get them to magically drop out of your body in 24 hours.

Even a strong detox pill like Toxin Rid needs several days, usually five days or longer, to drag all the toxins out. Very occasionally when you have very few toxins the body, it can manage it in three days, but five days is the usual bare minimum time you will need.

Do Walmart detox pills actually work?

The simple and straight answer here is that no detox pills you can buy at Walmart work. They are all low in quality, low in price and they simply don’t have the power to work.

Most are sold purely as herbal cleanse remedies, which may have a slightly positive effect as part of a long-term natural detox, but in terms of rapidly flushing toxins out of the body so you can pass a drug test, nothing you can buy from Walmart will even get you close to passing a drug test.

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