Can You Buy Detox Pills For A Drug Test At Walgreens? Review 2019

 Running a drug test site means that you get asked a lot of questions, both in emails and social media messages.

Recently I got asked if you can buy detox pills for a drug test at Walgreens. Basically, can you buy stuff at Walgreens that can get you through a urine drug test?

Walgreens is basically the same as Walmart in terms of what it sells. It sells general detoxification products that are affordable, non-specialist and easy to sell in high numbers. So this alone makes it not usually suitable for getting through a drug test at short notice.

But to know if there’s anything available at Walgreens you can buy to pass a drug test, you need to understand how detox pills work to get you through one in the first place.

How To Pass A Drug Test Using Detox Pills

What basically happens is that a detox pill speeds up the natural detoxification process that the body is doing all the time.

Whenever you eat something, drink something, or smoke something, it goes through a process in the body where it is broken down, converted and then expelled.

Detox pills contain ingredients that can potentially aid the body in speeding up that process. Both by reinforcing the chemicals and nutrients the body needs to work at maximum ability, and also ingredients that can potentially bind to the toxins, or work with the body to eradicate them more speedily through the bladder and bowels.

So you are looking for a product that has been designed to achieve this. The problem is that general detox pills are more supplements to aid a natural detox, meaning they are not designed for that nuclear option of encouraging a more rapid detox.

You also have to remember that any pill which claims to detoxify you in 24 hours or less is either lying, or you are buying something which is a gamble.

Detoxification, even with assistance usually takes at least seven days, although high-quality products plus abstinence and healthy living can potentially get you clean in less time.

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Do Walgreens Detox Drinks Work?

Let’s first clear out of the way the question about do Walgreens detox drinks work as an alternative.

Walgreens detox drinks are not specialist and not usually good quality. One of the rare exceptions is QCarbo32. This is a specialist drug detox products and it does have a track record of working sometimes.

So it’s probably the best are going to get, but it’s not a great option as its track record is not amazingly high. On Amazon, it has 34% one-star reviews, which tells you the story.

What About Walgreens Detox Pills?

So now we have removed Walgreens detox drinks from the equation, it leaves us with the original question about getting detox pills from Walgreens to pass a drug test.

Looking through their online catalog, they don’t sell anything high quality, that’s the bottom line, with three representatives standing out:

  • Herbal Pre Cleanse Q Caps
  • Premium Detoxification
  • Herbal Clean Pretox

There are others, but these three are representative enough for me to talk about. Basically, they sell the same detox pills as CVS and Walmart, they are all very poor in terms of track record, with horrendous reviews across the Internet.

On top of that, the company behind two of them, Herbal Clean, make several claimed seven-day detox pills, all with different names and designs but a very similar list of ingredients.

Basically, they are good at marketing and packaging, not very good at creating detox pills that can actually get you through a drug test.

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What Detox Pills Will Work To Pass A Drug Test?

So the bottom line here is that you’re not really going to pick up any detox pill at Walgreens that will get you through a drug test, and you are certainly not going to get detox pills for at weed Walmart, because THC metabolites can take up to 3 weeks to get out your system.

In terms of detox drinks, which have to be high quality to mask the toxins for a few hours to get you through a drug test, QCarbo32 is the only one you can get from Walgreens that has anything like a track record.

But it’s odds of passing are close to 50-50. Do you fancy tossing a coin?

The only detox drinks which really work are Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean (if you use the Pre Rid pills as well). They cost double what you will pay for Qcarbo32, but they do work.

You can buy Rescue Cleanse from If you’re in a real hurry, their express shipping will get you it delivered domestically within 24 hours. So there’s literally no reason to buy a detox drink from Walgreens or Walmart.

When it comes to detox pills, the only ones I’ve ever really recommended are called Toxin Rid. You can read a detailed review by clicking here.

Toxin Rid are very special pills. They are designed to get you specifically detoxify a drug test. They come in different courses from 1 one day through to 10 days.

Anything below five days and is pushing it, but the 5-10 day cleaning programs really do work. What makes it great is that not only are you getting the detox pills, but you also get a detox drink and a fiber supplement which can help with pushing toxins out.

Conclusion: Don’t Buy Detox Pills For A Drug Test From Walgreens

So the conclusion here is that you cannot get anything from Walgreens that will help you get through a drug test.

You are going to have to buy specialist products. In terms of detox drinks I would look at Rescue Cleanse, and in terms of detox pills, the only ones that have a really strong track record in working are Toxin Rid, I have tried them myself and got through a test, they really do work.

It’s simply not worth risking your job or freedom to cut corners and costs by trying to shop for specialist detoxification products at Walgreens.

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