Detox Pills CVS: What’s The Deal With Buying Them?

Big online stores like Walmart, Walgreens and CVS are really convenient for getting hold of a wide range of products at a great price, and quickly.

The problem is that these stores don’t usually sell detox products that really work.

If you buy detox pills from CVS then you will, unfortunately, be caught in the same trap that people panicking and running into local headshops the day before a drug test to pay a fortune for something that doesn’t work fall into.

So what can you buy in terms of detox pills at CVS? Will any of them work, or would you be better off completely steering clear of the price and convenience, and looking elsewhere?

How Long Does A Detox Take?

The first thing we need to do is educate ourselves about how long it takes to actually properly detox your body.

To be free of toxins takes longer than you think. Although some drugs can disappear after a few days, to be completely free of all toxins and be undetectable for all types of drug test, you need to have been clean for at least seven days, and sometimes up to 14 days.

So any products you buy that claim to detox you in 24 hours, or even in less than seven days, are dubious at best.

Detox pills CVS

CVS Drug Detox: What Are Your Options?

There are several problems with looking at buying detox pills, detox drinks or any other drug test avoidance products at a major online retailer outlet like CVS pharmacy:

  1. Generally, products which help people in the United States of America to avoid detection in a drug test are illegal in many states. Therefore, major online outlets which sell generally across the country tend to avoid products which are illegal in some states.
  2. In terms of detox pills from CVS, they only sell awful natural supplement pills which contain herbs and ingredients which claim to improve your wellbeing physically and emotionally. The trouble is that most of these products do not detox you and any claims they make along those lines are false.
  1. Because CVS is a reputable online pharmacy company, people inherently trust them. In terms of detox products, such as detox pills and drinks, this is a completely false assumption. There is literally no trust in the products they sell being able to detox you because generally, they don’t claim they can.

People often buy CVS health 14 days cleanse detox pills. Which is fine, because it fits within the 14-day window that the can generally detox anyway, and with these pills and some healthy living tips you can detox.

But the problem is that they are not designed to detox your body for a drug test specifically, and unless you wait 14 days there is no guarantee at all that you would pass a drug test.

In fact, it’s obvious you would be 100% guaranteed to fail a drug test if you try to use this product in anything less than 14 days, and when you can detox naturally after about 14 days anyway, the point of it?

Other detox products CVS sell which are guaranteed to be a complete waste of money include:

  • Super Colon Cleanse Laxative
  • Super Cleanse tablets
  • Whole-body Cleaning System
  • Herbal Pre-Cleanse Q Caps (I’ve written a review of how bad they are here)
  • Nature’s Secret Super Cleanse tablets

So the bottom line here is that from everything I have researched and tried over the years, looking at the CVS online store now, I can see literally nothing in terms of pills which could legitimately detox you to pass a drug test in a week or less.

CVS health 14 day cleanse

Buying Detox Drinks From CVS

You can buy detox drinks at CVS, but honestly, they are not good.

You can find detox drinks like Qcarbo and Stinger there, along with many other unreliable marijuana cleansing drinks, but they really aren’t worth the time or money.

The truth is that if you’re looking for a detox drink then a general retailer is simply not the place to look for it. A good detox drink will not even really detox you, it will mask the toxins, but most of the drinks you can get from CVS have a history of failure, or are pretty much-flavored water.

For more info check out my “detox drinks for drug test “article.

Alternatives & Best Strategy For Using Detox Pills

So what are you meant to do if you are looking for a reliable detox pill or drink?

Well, the bottom line is that it’s not possible to do a CVS drug detox, because you simply can’t buy the products you need.

If you have 14 days before taking a drug test, then Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is your best bet in order to ensure that you really are properly clean of toxins.

If you have 10 days or less, then Toxin Rid is the best choice. You can’t buy this at Walmart or CVS, but only from specialist retailers like (insert one here). But what you will get is a great product that will help to flush out your system within a week.

Toxin Rid detox pills

Detox Pills CVS: Do Not Buy Detox Products Based On price!

Toxin Rid is expensive. Compared to nearly every detox pill on CVS it is considerably more expensive.

But if you are crazy enough to be going for a drug test and are trying to save money, rather than buying the fresh product, then you probably deserve to fail anyway.

Good quality detox drinks like Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse are not cheap. Rescue Cleanse the example is around $50 for a bottle.

Compare that to the $15 crap you can get from CVS and you’ll see where I’m coming from. You get what you pay for.

Is the same with pills as well. Toxin Rid ten-day detox pill program costs well over $150, but again it’s about investing in getting that job, keeping that job, or even staying on parole.

So my advice is that you should not be visiting CVS looking for any detox product, good quality detox pills and drinks cost money and should only be bought from a specialist retailer.

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