Comparing Kratom And Xanax For Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is a serious problem with no real solution. There are ways to dull anxiety, but some of those pharmaceuticals come with serious side effects. Could kratom be more effective and safer than Xanax as a treatment for anxiety? This very subject will be explored in greater depth below.

Some Basic Similarities

First and foremost, you should know that kratom and Xanax are not completely different. While they have tons of differences, they share a handful of similarities as well. For starters, both are marketed and sold as a potential treatment and remedy for anxiety.

It is well known that both drugs are capable of alleviating anxiety by calming the user’s nerves. This is where the similarities end. The two drugs work in different ways to address the patient’s anxiety.

Different Classifications For Both

In recent times, lawmakers have attempted to outlaw kratom. They claim that it is dangerous. In reality, it is nothing more than an herbal leaf. In fact, a lot of experts will agree that kratom is actually safer than Xanax.

Nevertheless, doctors prefer to prescribe Xanax since it is a pharmaceutical. Xanax is a drug that is produced in a pharmacy. It can cause serious side effects. Kratom is an herb that derives from a tropic evergreen tree.

Xanax for anxiety

Differences In How They Work

It is also important to understand that the two substances work in completely different ways. Xanax is capable of interacting with the brain. It will slow the chemical movements that are responsible for causing imbalances in the brain.

Kratom is a little bit different. It acts like an opioid receptor antagonist. It is capable of helping the body respond to the impacts of certain endorphins and opiates. Xanax takes a more drastic angle towards rectifying the problem.

The Long Term Risks Of Both

Before attempting to use either drug to combat your anxiety, it is absolutely pertinent to learn about the long-term risks of doing so. After all, anxiety is not going to go away. You’ll need a treatment that can be used for the long term. Both have some long-term risks.

First and foremost, it is believed that prolonged use of kratom can cause weight loss, hyperpigmentation of the skin and even psychosis.

There is no evidence that kratom could cause serious damage to any internal organs. Xanax is much riskier in this regard.

When using Xanax over a long period, the body is actually going to start adapting to the presence of the drug. This means that it may being producing less neurochemical. That could cause instability when you’re no longer using Xanax.

It is also true that Xanax is very addictive. If you use it long enough, you’re going to develop a physical and mental addiction to the drug. That could really turn your life upside down. The risks are slimmer with kratom and this is why it is growing more popular as a treatment for anxiety.

Difficulty Of Use

It is also important to understand that kratom is slightly more difficult to use than the alternative. When you’re prescribe Xanax, you’ll be told exactly when to take it and how much to take. That makes things so much easier.

With Kratom, you really have to play a guessing game. First and foremost, you’ll need to choose a strain. The number of strains out there is pretty high. That can make things tough. You’ll also need to figure out the correct dosage. While kratom will require a little more effort on your end, it could prove to be well worth it in the long run.

Kratom is probably safer and it’ll be just as effective as Xanax.

Which Kratom Strains Work For Anxiety?

Now, it is time to put away the Xanax and find a suitable Kratom strain for your condition. If you’re dealing with anxiety, you will want to stay away from the Thai, White Vein and Maeng Da strains. Instead, you should try Indo, red vein bali kratom, and Boreno strains.

These will provide you with the best results. Remember that the dosage is going to vary slightly from one strain to the next. Therefore, it is best to start around 4 grams and work your way up as necessary. Increase the dosage carefully and never overdo it.

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