Clearing Resin Out Of Your Clogged Pipe

As the years go on more and more people are coming up with creative ways to consume marijuana. First, you had the old rolled up cigarette style joint then came along the pipes and bongs. It wasn’t long after that the market was opened up to edibles and now there is everything from shampoos to marijuana-infused drinks available.

Despite all the creative discoveries consuming marijuana in a pipe is still one of the most popular methods of consumption. The only problem with this is that it causes resin buildup, which will eventually need to be cleaned.

The Non-Resin Method

First, what you need to know is that resin can actually be smoked. It won’t taste anything like your succulent weed, but if you are running low or short on cash it will do in a pinch. That being said if you aren’t worried about saving the resin, you can simply grab some 99 percent isopropyl alcohol, some salt, and a baggy.

You are probably wondering right away, why the salt? Well, the salt helps give the alcohol a coarse grain, which will help remove that cement-like flower resin.

This first thing you want to do is place the pipe in your baggy and pour in some isopropyl alcohol. Always make sure that you are using the highest-grade alcohol you can find because it will simply contain less water.

Now that the pipe is in the baggy filled with alcohol, you will want to pour some salt down the mouthpiece of the pipe, seal the bag, and shake the entire thing like crazy. The more you shake the cleaner the pipe will come. The resin can be pretty sticky and a huge pain so if you take the time to do this cleaning procedure at regular intervals you’ll find that you will never have to deal with a clogged pipe when you want to get high.

Scraping Your Bowl

Now, if you want to save that resin and smoke it you are much betting off going with the scraping method. Whether your pipe is clogged or you are just looking for something to get you by until payday, the scarping method will be your very best option.

If you are scraping a glass pipe you will have to be more careful, but if you are scarping a metal pipe there is less of a need for caution.

You can use any number of devices to scrap your pipe, but most people prefer a paperclip or something similar is size. To scarp your pipe you basically just place the scraping device in the mouthpiece of in the bowl and scrape out the built-up resin.

However, if you want to make the process a little less painstaking you can heat the pipe beforehand to soften the resin. Simply take a few ghost hits without burning your lungs and get the resin good and gooey and then go to scraping.

Keep in mind that this will be an extremely tedious, messy, and sticky task, but it will be worth it.

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