Certo Drug Test method | Does Sure Jell Work?

There’s been a steady online buzz in the past few years about how you can pass a drugs test using the Certo drug test method.

So what I thought I’d do is a Certo drug test review in order to clarify this method a bit for people who may be curious about it. The main thing you obviously want to know is doing the Certo drug test method work.

What Is The Certo Sure Jell Drug Test Method?

Certo drug testBasically, the Certo Sure Jell drug test method is a way to potentially detox in order to pass a blood or urine sample drug test.

Certo is a brand of fruit pectin, which is the main ingredient used. It is the most common brand used, the second is a brand called Sure Jell, hence this method’s name, but you can use any brand of fruit pectin.


The Sure Jell drug test for probation, jobs or whatever, has been commonly touted for quite a while. Because of its convenience to buy and cheapness, it has become a popular method to try if you are looking to detox from drugs for a test.

Certo Drug Test Review: Does It Work?

The anecdotal evidence online suggests that some people do pass a drugs test after using the Certo Sure Jell Method. The problem I’ve seen is that there are so many factors involved in it, for example, age, body type, general size and fitness, metabolism, habits such as smoking, all that stuff.

The assumption is that the fruit pectin coats your stomach lining and bladder, blocking THC and toxins from temporarily entering your urine, it works similar to marijuana cleansing drinks.

The problem with this assumption is that there is absolutely zero evidence to suggest this actually happens. And after doing some work on this, I still can’t locate anywhere that shows a primary source for this claim about the Sure Jell drug test method.

From what I understand from my own research and other people’s discussion, the most likely reason that this method has some effect is more to do with the fiber contained in the pectin. I think it potentially interacts with your body and THC.

What do I mean by that? Well, basically the fiber in Certo/Sure Jell/Fruit Pectin leaves the body through your stools. The pectin takes bile with it and as bile is a transporter of fat, it takes fat out of the body at a slightly higher level than normal. THC is fat-soluble, hence why it may encourage its leave the body slightly more quickly, and importantly not through your urine.

On top of that, any sudden consumption of a significant amount of liquid is going to dilute your urine, which at lower levels could get you through the drug test.

sure jell drug test

Should You Try The Certo Drug Test Method?

If your life or career depends on it absolutely not. That’s the bottom line. There are much safer ways to pass a drug test.

For a simple unsupervised drug test, synthetic urine is the safest way. The best fake pee for drug test called: Sub Solution synthetic urine.

It contains every essential chemical, it looks and even smells like real urine. If you are on a tight budget I recommend the latest version of Quick Fix Synthetic urine.

Click for the list of best synthetic urine brands 2019

If the test is unsupervised or you are not comfortable using synthetic urine, then your only other alternatives are detox drinks.  I recommend three brands:

Although there is some evidence that the fruit pectin in Certo and Sure Jell can accelerate fat leaving your body, and this may help to transport THC out of your body more rapidly as well, and through your stools and not your urine, the quantity in which it might do this is completely unknown.

On top of that, any detox attempts before a drug test could ruin the result if they test your urine sample for dilution ( I have mentioned this in my Palo Azul tea review).

It’s easy to do and cheap and you not being sold to from some crazy online seller, but it’s also just as reliable as most other methods to pass a drugs test out there. If you still decide to give it a try I advise you to combine with Toxin rid detox pills, you can read my detailed review here.

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Certo Drug Test method review

  • Cheap
  • Certo is available in every grocery store
  • Works within a few hours
  • Unreliable
  • There are much safer methods
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