Could CBD Oil Be A Genuine Cure For Back Pain?

Most people know that cannabis is becoming increasingly popular among people suffering from chronic pain conditions, with its potential ability to relieve the severity of their symptoms.

Even if you are not American, you will have heard of the term “medical marijuana” and know that it relates to its use to alleviate chronic symptoms of conditions like slipped discs, multiple sclerosis and other life changing problems.

The problem is a lot of people don’t want to smoke cannabis, or eat it, or even use cannabis oil, which still contains the active ingredient THC which can get you high. But there is an alternative out there which is becoming more popular called cannabidiol, or CBD oil.

People are finding CBD oil just as effective, with many reporting using CBD for back pain symptoms is delivering amazing results.

But what’s the truth? Is using CBD oil for back pain a waste of time, or is it an easy way to relieve the symptoms of chronic back pain?

CBD Oil And How It Can Help Relive Pain

Mammals bodies contain thousands of cannabinoid receptors as part of the endocannabinoid system, which manages the interaction between various physiological processes such as appetite, pain, memory and mood. Their job is to work together to keep the body’s core functions working in harmony.

It’s already been found in multiple studies that THC, the major cannabinoid in cannabis, can affect the receptors in both good and bad ways. Synthetic THC is being used to affect the receptors in things like suppressing nausea for people on specialist medicines for example.

But generally, THC either in cannabis or in THC oil can get you high and has negative effects as well as positive. That’s not the case with CBD. It’s the second strongest cannabinoid in the cannabis/hemp plant family with many of the same potential effects on the cannabinoid receptors, but without the unwanted psychoactive effects of THC.

Although people are only just hearing about it, in Canada a product called Sativex has been available since 2005 to alleviate the physical pain of multiple sclerosis. Many studies have noted positive effects from this product which contains CBD as well as THC.

The science is there to back up the claims around the Internet about CBD being a substance that can help alleviate pain.

CBD oil is produced from either certain strains of the marijuana plant, or certain strains of the hemp plant from the same cannabis plant family, which contain high levels of CBD but very low levels of THC. Extracted from the flowers, CBD can be produced to use as an oil, or it can be mixed into other types of products such as creams for absorption externally.

It’s the combination of legality, easy production, and increasing scientific evidence that is making CBD in oil or topical format increasingly popular among people suffering from physical pain.

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Using CBD For Back Pain

CBD is becoming one of the most exciting modern ways of dealing with chronic back pain, without resorting to invasive medicines with horrible side effects.

What makes it exciting is that it’s cheap to buy, easy to use, appears to have very few side-effects, and it’s scientifically proven that CBD can positively affect the cannabinoid receptors in the body.

Generally, CBD appears to enhance the body’s ability to use the endocannabinoid system more effectively. On top of that, some studies suggest that CBD slows the body’s absorption of a compound called anandamide, whose presence limits the feeling of pain. Basically, the more there is in the body, the less pain you will feel.

On top of that, CBD is proven through multiple scientific studies to have anti-inflammatory properties, as demonstrated in this review of multiple CBD studies:

“In addition, several studies showed that cannabinoids downregulate cytokine and chemokine production and, in some models, upregulate T-regulatory cells (Tregs) as a mechanism to suppress inflammatory responses.”

You might remain skeptical, but the point is back pain medicines are manufactured by huge pharmaceutical companies.

They cost a lot of money to buy and can have wide-ranging side-effects as well. It’s big business and of course big business would not want to lose that fortune to something which costs very little in comparison.

The interference of this business would explain the lack of funded studies into CBD, but it doesn’t explain the number of people with anything to gain from claiming it helps alleviate their chronic back pain.

For example, this lady who claims CBD oil significantly relieved years of pain from sciatica.

Another example of real people getting real results comes from the “spine health” forum, and again seems to confirm people experiencing positive results with using CBD for back pain:

“I take 30mg CBD daily at bedtime and it does help with the permanent nerve pain and allows me to get more sleep than I would without. I currently have an extruded L2 disc that they want to do another surgery for but I have been able to withstand the pain by using the CBD. Just my experience and I am glad the CBD is available and that it works.”

What Is The Right CBD Dosage For Back Pain Relief?

Pinning down how much CBD in milligrams to take for pain relief is a slightly difficult question. Mainly this is because every person and problem is different.

Generally, a CBD dosage for pain is recommended around 25mg. However, some people report positive effects with as little as a 4.5mg dose per day.

Part of the problem with dosage is that different CBD oil products contain different concentrations of CBD. So it’s always keen to buy CBD oil products from a company who have a high concentration of CBD in the products they sell, with guarantees.

But as a starting point, 4.5mg per day as a starting dose, either orally or topically, is a good idea. You can then up that dose every few days until you reach around 25mg to see what effect it has had.

Slowly increasing the dose is part of the standard practice you should follow to make sure you get the right dose and don’t waste CBD oil unnecessarily:

  • Start with a small dose
  • Increase it slowly
  • Have patience
  • Be realistic about expectations
  • Carefully monitor changes

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CBD Oil V’s Cream For Pain Relief

When it comes to using CBD for chronic back pain relief, getting the right CBD dosage for your pain means administering it in the right way.

The best CBD for pain is obviously going to be that which hits the cannabinoid receptors quickly and preferably in the right part of the body.

This means there are two ways you can take CBD oil:

  1. As an oil that is taken orally
  2. As a topical cream/body butter/salve

You could combine the two, as long as you are clear on the overall dose you are receiving each day.

Generally, both will deliver results. However, topically applied creams are convenient to use, quick to absorb, tasteless, and also contain other ingredients which users have reported help to soothe the symptoms of chronic back pain.

So the combination of topical application, instant soothing, and widely reported instances of a feeling of general well-being after application make CBD creams something many people are increasingly experimenting with for pain relief.

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Where To Buy High-Quality CBD For Chronic Back Pain

Because of its increasing popularity and evidence about pain relief successes, CBD oil products are becoming easier to obtain.

However, a lot of people are selling nothing but “snake oil”, products that contain just poor quality CBD from hemp oil, or products containing a low percentage of CBD.

This is especially true of topically applied CBD products, which is why it is essential that you only look at reputable sellers who can offer:

  • A high percentage of CBD in mg
  • Superb quality ingredients
  • Moneyback guarantees
  • Long track record in business

A great first choice is a company called purCBD They are well-established with years of experience of producing high-quality CBD products.

If you are looking for a high-quality cream containing CBD to apply topically, then their topical salve is a fantastic starting point.

It contains 400 mg of CBD, which is substantial, and it’s a very high-quality topical cream containing rich and nourishing ingredients such as shea butter. You won’t need to use a lot to get all the benefits.

cbd balm for back pain

As an alternative, you could start your journey into CBD for pain relief by trying PlusCBDoil’s CBD oil balm..

Packed with all natural, deeply penetrating ingredients, the CBD can be administered easily, be absorbed rapidly, and you know you getting a strong dose exactly where you need it.

On top of that, you are getting the amazing smell of sweet almond oil every time use it.

Although there are hundred of CBD oil products out there, it makes sense to experiment by investing in a topical CBD oil cream to see what relief it can offer you.

Chronic back pain can be life altering, and when something as easy as rubbing cream onto your back could give you significant relief, it makes sense to give it a try.

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