Could Cannabis Be Effective For Helping Drug Addicts Get Off OF Heroin And Opiates?

Opiate Statistics

During the past few years, Americans have experienced a startling number of overdose deaths related to heroin and other opiates. In fact, the opiate problem has really become a nationwide epidemic. Now, opiates are responsible for more American deaths than the Vietnam War.

Recently released data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded that 64,000 individuals died from an overdosed associated with opiates in 2016.

In the eyes of many people, opiates have become the country’s biggest enemy. Family members and friends of the deceased would most definitely see the same. Unfortunately, researchers and politicians have been unable to find a solution to the problem.

A National Health Crisis

Before the recent election, President Trump promised to do a great deal to rectify the opiate problem. After becoming President, Donald Trump confirmed that the opioid epidemic had become a national health crisis.

Many believed that this would bring support to those fighting for a solution to the problem. Unfortunately, that has not happened. Some efforts have been made, but the bleeding hasn’t stopped in the least.

The mass majority of the attention has been paid to providing drug addicts with better and more treatment options. These programs primarily encourage abstinence.

Most recovery programs force those recovering from drug addictions to stay away from each and every intoxicating substance. This includes marijuana.

opioid crisis

Poor Success Rate

It should come as no surprise to learn that most rehab centers have a very poor success rate. In fact, most only have a success rate of about 30 percent. If these drugs were so easy to kick, they wouldn’t be a problem at all.

This should be plenty of evidence that abstinence-only treatments are not effective. This is why many people believe that cannabis might be a good solution.

Could marijuana be a good remedy for helping drug addicts kick their opiate or heroin addiction?

Rehabs With Marijuana

America’s rehabs are ineffective. This has been proven time and time again. Could rehabs that support the use of marijuana be more effective? Some evidence has concluded that rehabs that support the use of cannabis could actually help tame the addict’s urges.

These rehabs tend to have less strict policies and allow the participants to indulge in marijuana. These rehabs attempt to take a different approach to drug withdrawal and recovery.

Instead of trying to achieve perfection from the beginning, they focus on making progress. The best way to do that is by ensuring that rehab residents are able to remain free of dangerous opioids.

It is believed that providing hard drug users with a safer option might be best. This also makes it possible for the recovering addict to live a life without so many unrealistic expectations.

In other words, it may be possible to wean addicts from opiates and heroin by utilizing cannabis.

Unfortunately, there are very few rehab centers in the United States that support the use of marijuana. This is beginning to change pretty rapidly, especially in states that have decided to legalize marijuana.

Today, there are clinics in Los Angeles, Oregon and Massachusetts.

Not Just A Drug Hideaway

Many people suggest that marijuana-oriented rehab centers are nothing more than drug hideaways. They believe that addicts will use these centers to get high for a few months and then leave. This might be true in some senses, but evidence suggests otherwise.

Opioid use has actually decreased significantly in states where marijuana has been legalized. This might suggest that some people suffering from anxiety and chronic pain are happy with giving up the pills in exchange for pot.

Of course, this is only true, if these individuals can purchase the marijuana legally as well.

This might not mean that marijuana rehabs are the solution. However, it does conclude that legalized marijuana does lead to less opioid use. At the same time, legal weed could very well help to push the number of overdose deaths lower and lower.

rehab with marijuana

Marijuana Rehabs Can Be Effective

In 2015, the operator of Canna Care clinic said that three-quarters of his patients had stopped utilizing hard drugs, by making the switch to marijuana. Dr. Gary Witman operates the clinic in Massachusetts and he believes that marijuana may be the solution to hard drugs.

It is thought that putting an addict in a structured environment, while making marijuana accessible, could prove to be more effective and successful than traditional rehabs. Some facilities focus on decreasing and eliminating the risk of death from drug abuse.

This is why High Sobriety places significant emphasis on cannabis.

There is no doubt that marijuana has therapeutic benefits.

It can provide addicts with mental and physical benefits. In return, it could help them kick their habit and return to a normal life. More important, cannabis isn’t going to cause an overdose. Therefore, cannabis can be a far safer solution.

The Federal Government Suggests Otherwise

The United States federal government doesn’t believe that marijuana is the solution to the problem. In fact, United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions has spoken out against marijuana on numerous occasions. He believes that marijuana is nothing more than a scam, when it comes to solving the opioid crisis. Is the Attorney General correct? Some studies suggest that he may be wrong.

The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine recently released a study confirmed that marijuana could be an effective treatment for pain and other problems. The study confirms that marijuana has therapeutic benefits.

The report also clarified the need to better understand the health effects of cannabis use. In basic terms, the top researchers in the United States are pleading with the federal government to allow more research studies to be carried out on the potential benefits or marijuana.

When combining this information with the fact that opioid related deaths are down in areas with legalized marijuana, it is clear that the federal government should at least think of marijuana as an option. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been true.

Trump and others in his administration have continued to speak out against marijuana, even when discussing the opioid crisis. Larry Flynt has gone on a tirade against the president and his administration.

Federal Government against weed

Can Marijuana Help You Kick Heroin And Other Opiates?

Over the past few years’ marijuana has become legal in over half the nation. Even with this fact in consideration, much of the legislation is still calling for a reform at a national level. Even more, the latest polls are showing that over eighty percent of the nation supports the legalization of marijuana.

So, why are lawmakers still so concerned with this plant and how it will affect their careers?

The fact of the matter is that hundreds of thousands of individuals will die from heroin and opioid abuse this year alone, and a lot of this has to due to the fact that they don’t have access to medical marijuana.

Maybe they live in a state where it isn’t legal? Whatever the situation is, living in a legalized state could potentially save certain individuals’ lives.

Unfortunately, for most individuals in this state, their only option is to enter a rehab-based program that promotes abstinence, which sets most people up for failure.

Kicking opioids and heroin cold turkey can be extremely difficult, but with the use of medical marijuana, it might just be possible for individuals to overcome the roadblocks that they will face throughout withdrawal and recovery.

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