Can You Vape CBD Oil?

The evidence for CBD oil being beneficial in a multitude of emotional and physical circumstances is growing all the time. It’s brilliant for dealing with symptoms of anxiety, and even helping serious conditions like multiple sclerosis. In terms of benefiting from CBD oil, one of the big questions people ask is: can you vape CBD oil?

It would certainly be convenient if you can vape CBD oil, definitely more convenient than using CBD oil dropper to put it in your mouth, due to the unpleasant taste. But is it possible?

So let’s take a look at exactly what CBD oil is, if you can vape CBD oil, and if it is possible, how efficient is it. Plus let’s look at how you could use CBD oil in a standard vape pen.

CBD Oil Tinctures Explained

You will read about CBD oil in tinctures. A tincture is merely any container that allows you to consume CBD oil. It could be a dropper bottle, a small bottle that has one of those tubes inside that allows you to suck up a liquid and then dispense it one drop at a time.

Or it could be a CBD oil spray. But because it’s in a little bottle, it’s still often described as a tincture. So don’t get confused when people talk about vaping CBD oil, and vaping CBD tinctures, they are talking about two different things.

Most people take CBD oil sublingually, meaning they put it under the tongue. The problem with this is that CBD oil can taste pretty unpleasant. Then people developed edibles, either home-made or manufactured, but these can be expensive and inconvenient.

Which is why a lot of people have experimented with vaping CBD oil, but is it practical?

Can You Put CBD Oil In A Vape?

There’s no doubting that vaporizing CBD oil is the quickest way to get the positive effects from it. This is because it is taken into the body rapidly, where it can reach the cells, and importantly the endocannabinoid system.

So it’s this fast delivery that can give a quick relief from symptoms such as pain and anxiety, but without the bad taste and preparation that standard CBD oil requires, on top of the time it takes to digest.

The truth is that there are more people than ever using CBD oil in vaporizers, so yes you definitely can put CBD oil in a vape, but you can’t just use any CBD oil.

vaping cbd oils

What Sort Of CBD Oil Can You Vape?

You can’t just use a CBD tincture to fill up your vape. The bottom line here, a common question about vaping CBD oil, is no, you can’t just buy standard CBD oil and vaporize it.

CBD oil in a tincture is designed to be taken orally. It’s merely the extracted oil from the hemp plant that contains a high proportion of CBD. But it’s important to understand that it is not optimized for vaporizing at all, which can have an adverse effect on you, and the vape you use.

It can taste really bad, making you feel ill.

So you need a specially created CBD vape oil. This is why you will see this type of oil for sale. It’s not just a gimmick, the composition allows the vaporization of the oil in a way that is not damaging to you or your vape, but that still retains that high proportion of CBD.

Basically, these CBD e-liquids contain thinning agents, because cold extracted CBD oil is too thick to flow through a vape pen, and the vaporized efficiently.

On top of that, it allows you to smoke more and benefit. Concentrated oil can be wasted, because it will only require you to inhale vaporized CBD oil a couple of times. This thinning agent allows you to consume more to CBD over a longer, and more pleasant experience.

The thinning agents also produce the clouds of vapor that you see in standard nicotine substitute vapes. This creates a smoother and more pleasant experience, that is not as harsh on the lungs and body.

There are various thinning agents in CBD vape oil is, all of which are safe and practical:

  • PG: Propylene Glycol
  • PEG: Polyethylene Glycol
  • VG: Vegetable Glycerin

These may sound unusual, but all three of these are common to standard nicotine vapes. So it’s not unique to vaping CBD oil, and any of these three are incredibly safe, all three being FDA approved in the USA.

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How To Use CBD Oil In Vape Pen

So now you are clear on the difference between a CBD oil tincture, and a CBD vape oil. Let’s now take a look at how to use CBD oil in a vape pen.

If you are already using a vape to cope with giving up smoking, then you will be good to go. However, for the people who are not already vaping, let’s reassure you by saying that using CBD oil in a vape pen is really easy, and millions of people already do it for both CBD oil, nicotine oil, and other types of vape juice.

You simply buy a high quality vape pen for oil from reputable retailers. You can then fill up the chamber, and you really are good to go.

There are two ways that CBD vape oil will work. You will either press a button to vaporize the oil, allowing you to inhale it, or you simply suck on the vaporizer and the air movement will activate the vaporization process. It really is that simple.

Can You Vape CBD Oil

Requirements For A CBD Vape Pen

The thing is that you don’t need a specialized vaporizer to inhale CBD. Because the oil has been thinned using either PEG, PG, or VG, you can use any commercially available vape.

But there are a few things that you need to look out for: 

  1. You should look for a vape that has multiple heat settings. Too low and you won’t vaporize the oil properly, too high, and you will burn the oil, which will taste disgusting and clog up the vape. Having a vaporizer with multiple settings will allow you to experiment with the right heat to vaporize the CBD oil correctly.
  2. You are looking for a vaporizer that has a decent size chamber, and a good battery life. The combination of heat settings, a good size chamber, and a long battery life, will allow you to take it to work for example, and use it through the day.
  3. Which ever vaporizer you use, you need a good quality CBD oil product that’s been infused with either PG, VG or PEG. One thing to watch out for is that some vapes only work well with one of these types of thinning agents, and using the wrong one can mean that the coil wears out quickly, or that you get a poor quality experience. 

On top of that, the proportion is important. You will see things like 50/50 and 70/30, which is the proportion of one of these three in relation the active ingredient.

So there you go, it’s really not difficult to learn how to vape CBD oil, as long as you understand the basics around the balance and type of CBD vape oil you buy, in relation to the vape you use.

The key thing to understand is that you can’t just buy a standard CBD oil tincture, no matter how high the quality, and put it in a vape. You need a CBD oil that’s been thinned using one of the three propellants we just talked about.

On top of that, you need to get a good quality vaporizer with a strong battery, multiple heat settings, and a decent chamber to keep the oil in.

Plus, something people often forget, is that not all CBD vape oil is good quality. Although they might be constructed in the same way, the percentage, the amount of milligrams, of CBD in the container could be low.

So you need to be aware of that, and always buy a CBD vape oil that contains a high proportion of CBD, then you can put CBD oil in a vape, and enjoy the relief it provides.

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