Can You Mix Kratom With Coffee

Many individuals have been utilizing caffeine for a number of years now to achieve an energetic and uplifting effect. Well, it is no secret that Kratom is a relative of the coffee tree and growing in popularity as well. And, one of the reasons it is growing in popularity is because it is so similar to caffeine when taken in low doses.

Similarities Between Caffeine And Kratom

You already know that Kratom is a relative to the coffee tree, which can gives off extremely similar effects to caffeine, but how does caffeine and Kratom really compare together?

  • The Origins – Both Kratom and caffeine are considered herbs, as they are both derived from a plant.
  • The Same Family – Coffee is without a doubt one of the most popular and well known plants due to it high caffeine content. Well, coffee and both Kratom come from the very same plant family, which is known as Rubiaceae. This is one of the reasons that coffee and Kratom give off very similar effects.
  • The Chemistry Make Up – Another reason that caffeine and Kratom are so similar is because they follow the very same alkaloid system. Both of these alkaloid systems are capable of producing psychoactive and medicinal effects.
  • Historical Effect – Kratom and caffeine have long been utilized long throughout history for native medicinal and recreational purposes. That being said, it did take quite some time before the world truly discovered the health benefits of both of these powerful herbs.
  • How They Are Used – Caffeine has been a long time popular drink that is usually consumed in an oral manner like drinking. While there are pill forms available, most users prefer to ingest through drinking. Well, the exact same thing can be said about Kratom. Most users really prefer to boil both Kratom and caffeine plants into an herbal beverage. They can even be added to food, yet most individuals prefer drinking the mixture in a hot beverage like tea.
  • How They Taste – You might be surprised to learn that in their raw forms both Kratom and caffeine can give off a bitter taste. This is why most individuals prefer mixing the herb into a tastier beverage like tea. However, there are still some individuals out there that do prefer the bitter taste. That being said, the aroma of caffeine is much more pleasurable and alluring than Kratom.
  • Available In Pill Form – Both Kratom and caffeine can be purchased in a pill form. However, the pill forms are still not quite as popular amongst recreational users. In fact, in most cases only individuals that are suffering from chronic pain or opiate withdrawal with invest in Kratom capsules. Bodybuilders, athletes and other sports professional will often time invest in caffeine pills to increase mental alertness and energy levels.
  • Mixing And Matching – Both Kratom and caffeine contain unique properties that allow them to be mixed with other herbs and chemicals. This method is usually done to enhance or alter the effects that are given off by both plants. Anything that is chemical or herbal in nature can be mixed or added to Kratom and caffeine to alter, increase, or even lower the effects.

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Differences Between Kratom And Caffeine

As you can see, Kratom and caffeine are extremely similar in a variety of different areas. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they both don’t come along with some differences as well. So, how do they differ?

  • The Actual Effects – It is true that the effects of caffeine and Kratom are extremely similar in the fact that they both stimulate. However, it is caffeine that really gives off more of a stimulatory effect. That is not the case with Kratom. Kratom does stimulate, but it also gives off more benefits than just stimulating. When ingested Kratom can enhance the user’s energy level, cognitive awareness, reduce pain, relax the muscles, relieve stress, aid in sleep regulation, and even help with the unwanted symptoms of opiate withdrawal.
  • The Power Of The Effects – When it comes to potency, Kratom without a doubt takes the lead. The alkaloid structures of both herbs are similar, but Kratoms is different enough to make it much more potent. While caffeine is also known for aiding in pain relief, it is only effective when dealing with minor aches and pains. Caffeine pretty much cannot do anything for chronic pain. That is not the case with Kratom, as it is highly known for its painkilling effects.
  • Different Strains – Caffeine is available in a variety of different drinks. It has been formulated over the years to be utilized in coffee, energy drinks, and even sports drinks. Although it has been altered in these different forms it is still only available in on strain. That isn’t the case with Kratom, as it is available in several different strains. The strains are grown in different areas of the world and you can find everything from a red strain to get a green or even a white strain. Keep in mind that different strains are specifically engineered to give off different effects.
  • The Exceptional Effects – As you just learned there are different strains of Kratom that give off different effects to the user. For instance, there are some strains of Kratom that actually induce sleep, whereas caffeine does just the opposite. This is probably why coffee and tea are consumed in the mornings and throughout the day. If anyone were to invest in these two drinks before going to be they would probably suffer from insomnia. Certain strains of Kratom, on the other hand, can induce sleep.
  • Legality – One of the most significant differences between Kratom and caffeine is the legality of the two. Caffeine can legally be extracted, utilized, processed, and sold in most of the world. It can legally be produced in powder form or pill form. However, this is where Kratom is different. One of the biggest things that are still holding Kratom back is its legality. Although it is growing more and more popular and the health benefits of the herb are becoming better known, it is still facing a number of legal regulations. The Kratom plant is not recognized as a medicinal product in many countries because it can give off euphoric effects.
  • Side Effects And Health Risks – It is no mistake that both Kratom and caffeine come along with some health risks and unwanted side effects. However, the nature of this risk are very much different. Caffeine only offers mild risks that could lead to nausea, insomnia, or dizziness. Caffeine has never been known to cause any lethal risks. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Kratom, as when poorly taken it can produce harmful effects that are much more intense and damaging than caffeine. In most cases, this is because users either were misinformed about the product or misused it.
  • Getting The Right Dose – When it comes to proper dosing, Kratom is without a doubt more sensitive. You have to be extremely careful when measuring your dose, as ingesting too much can lead to unwanted and harmful side effects. In addition to this, there really is no set dose that works for every individual out there. And, this is probably due to the multiple effects that it produces. Since caffeine only produces just a few effects it does come with a set dose, unless the user has built up a huge tolerance.
  • Availability – Even though it is extremely popular Kratom and its products are not available everywhere. In fact, if you are located in or near the states, you will probably have to order it online. Make sure to purchase from trusted kratom vendors. Caffeine, on the other hand, is relatively available in most parts of the world.
  • Addicting Properties – It is true that offer the years there have been a lot of rumors and myth surrounding the addiction levels of both caffeine and Kratom. Fortunately, these are just myths and consuming both substances are usually just more of a habit than an addiction. That being said, you do have to be extremely careful when consuming Kratom, because is the usage exceeds the recommended levels it is highly possible that it could become addictive. And, this is not to even mention the negative side effects that you might suffer in the process.

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Can You Combine Coffee And Kratom?

Most people couldn’t imagine starting their day without a good energizing cup of coffee. Well, you already learned that both Kratom and caffeine could be used as a mixing agent. In fact, both herbs are often times used as a mixing substance to enhance or alter their natural effects.

Well, one of the easiest and most popular ways out there to mix Kratom is by mixing it in coffee. All you have to do is add your desired powder dosage of Kratom to your regular tea recipe and boil it. You can also just pour the powder into an already made cup of coffee and stir it until the powder disappears.

Brewing the powder usually enhances the effects of the already powerful herb, so you need to be extremely careful when choosing your dosage.

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