Can Cannabis Really Enhance Your Sex Life?

Cannabis is truly a magical substance that possesses a lot of health benefits. The world is growing more and more aware of these health benefits every day as the substance becomes legal and accepted in more states. With its legality on the rise researchers now have the ability to study the plant with unfettered access and with restrictions.

The latest revelations about the plant are saying that cannabis might actually enhance your sex life. Is this true and what is the research saying?

Depends On The Mood

There is no doubt any number of ways that you can get yourself in the mood to have sex. Some couples like to have a couple glasses of wine, some couples like to slow dance to romantic music, and others like to get high. The truth of the matter is that marijuana will without a doubt affect your mood.

It will clear your mind and make you all around more relaxed. This is why most people use the drug in the first place. If you are more in the mood when you are relaxed then you are going to sexually benefit from the use of cannabis. However, if you are not so much in the mood for sex when you are relaxed then you might want to shy away from the substance.

The Studies For Women

A recent large-scale study that was conducted by the Stanford University of Medicine and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that cannabis use probably doesn’t inhibit sexual performance in women. Cannabis has always been thought of as an aphrodisiac.

This is especially true in a culture where folk medicine traditions are popular. In fact, there is one woman out West that started selling a low THC cannabis promising that the use would enhance sexual desire and performance in women. There is one thing that is for sure and that is that there are more and more women out there trying cannabis with the hopes that it is going to enhance their sexual desire and performance.

The Studies For Men

You can go online to any number of forums or websites and you will probably see plenty of men praising cannabis saying that it should be declared the natural Viagra. However, recent and past studies are contradicting this.

The studies for men were quite different from those for women and don’t offer any hopes of a positive outlook. First, a study conducted in 2009 found that everyday cannabis use could make it harder for a man to reach an orgasm. A study in 2011 concluded that everyday cannabis use could lead to higher risks of erectile dysfunction.

Smoking weed and sex

What About Sexual Frequency

Now, guys shouldn’t get down just yet because there was one interesting study published that might just debunk those 2009 and 2011 studies. This study involved 50,000 Americans and was conducted by Stanford researchers.

The volunteers were individuals that took part in the CDC’s National Survey of Family Growth. In particular, the Stanford researchers looked at the years between 2002 and 2015. Each volunteer was between the ages of 25 and 45 and the average age for these volunteers in both men and women was 29.

The study really focused on how often the individuals smoked and how many times they had sexual intercourse in the last twelve months. These results were then compared against non-smokers. And, the results were pretty astounding.

First, it showed that non-smoking women had sex right around six times a month, whereas daily female smokers had sex seven times per month. Non-smoking men had sex about five times a month and every day smoking men had sex almost seven times a month. There is one thing evident and that is that people who use marijuana are having more sex.

It should also be noted that this study involved people of all different ages, education levels, income groups, health statuses, and religions. Another interesting fact is that if these findings prove to be correct it means that cannabis could potentially be used as a medical treatment to help foster libidinous feelings in individuals that have found their desire to have sex has waned.

What About Sperm Count?

Whatever the results of these tests mean to you there is one thing that is for sure. And, that is couples that are looking to have children should steer clear of cannabis because of its ability to lower a man’s sperm count.

This has always been a well-known fact and has been proven scientifically time and time again. In fact, the most recent study showed that smoking just once a week could reduce the number of your swimmers by as much as a third. Along with this, there are still a number of experts out there that swear up and down that every day cannabis use will eventually lead to erectile dysfunction.

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