Can Bissy Tea Pass A Drug Test?

There are literally dozens of home remedies out there which people claim can help you to pass a drug test.

Using bissy tea to pass a drug test is something a lot of people have claimed you can do, and you’ll see loads of people on Internet forums, Reddit, places like that claiming bissy tea works to clean your system.

Somebody asked me if that’s the case. Well, I have never tried it and there is a reason for that. I’m going to explain to you right now why using bissy tea to pass a drug test probably isn’t your best strategy.

What Is Bissy Tea & What Health Benefits

Bissy (bizzy) tea is a traditional Jamaican tea made from the kola nut.  It is supposed to have properties that help to detoxify you, to cleanse your system.

It certainly does have some health benefits, it contains ingredients which have been linked to nutritional benefit, and helping with natural detoxification.

It’s been rumored on the Internet for literally years, that it can help you to pass a drug test, using Jamaican tea for drug test success is something people have often advocated, but is there any evidence it can get rid of drug toxins?

Does Bissy Tea Clean Your System Pass A Drug Test?

bissy tea pass drug testI think deep down you probably already know the answer to this one. No, bissy tea cannot help to clean your system to pass a drug test. But let me tell you exactly why it can’t.

Yes it can be healthy for you, and yes it can be a diuretic, which means it can make you urinate more frequently. Yes, it can also flush your system through if you drink enough of it, but that would be the same with any liquid.

The bottom line is that when you take drugs they are converted into metabolites in your bloodstream. Over time, days, and in the case of THC sometimes weeks, those metabolites work their way out of your system through your bladder.

Bissy tea has no special properties to remove drug toxins from your bloodstream. So all it can do is to flush your bladder and urinary tract through, the same as any other liquid. But in doing so it will remove nutrients and dilute your urine sample.

On top of that, THC binds to fat, which is why it makes such a great drug to cook with because it binds to things like butter. But that is mostly removed through the bowels, so you could drink 50 gallons of bissy tea, and it would make literally no difference to the speed at which weed toxins are moved out of your body.

What You Can Use To Pass A Drug Test

So hopefully, you will not be crazy enough to use bissy tea to try and pass a drug test, because using Jamaican tea for drug test success is never going to work.

Your options to pass a drug test are:

  1. Use a detox drink. I recommend just three detox drinks, Ultra Eliminex, Rescue Cleanse, and Mega Clean. These are professional products that will flush your system, and replace the lost nutrients so that you can submit a clean sample that won’t get rejected.
  2. Use Toxin Rid detox pills as part of a natural detox. Abstain for about five days, take Toxin Rid, live healthily, and you should pass. If you are a heavy smoker, I still recommend a detox drink on the day of the test.
  3. The ultra-safe way to pass a drug test is to use synthetic urine. Sub Solution is a brand I would recommend because it contains all the ingredients a lab will check for in a genuine sample, plus it has a unique heat activator powder, which means you don’t have to mess about with heat pads and microwaves.
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