Best vaporizer under 100 – Vaporite Tantrum 3-in-1 review

If you are looking for a budget, all in one vaporizer (dry herb,wax,e juice) for less than 100 bucks, then this review is for you . I’ve heard many times that Vaporite tantrum is the best vaporizer under 100 dollars.

The first time I saw the Vaporite Tantrum, I thought that it was the ugliest looking portable vaporizer that I’d seen in a long time. It almost resembles a box mod. Who designs portable vaporizers that look like a cross between an old radio and a clumsy walkie talkie anymore?

But in some time, there was a lot of chatter about the Tantrum among the community and the main topic of discussion was its ability to tackle everything including sub-ohm e-liqs, herbs and wax.

That piqued my interest because not many vaporizers can boast of that. So, I decided that it was time to give the Tantrum some of my time and attention.

And I can say that it wasn’t a bad decision at all. Under the clunky looking design, the Tantrum is truly a versatile hybrid vape, probably the best vaporizer under 100 $.

Clunky Design

The best vaporizer under 100 Like I said, most people would find the design a turn-off. It has a metallic black casing that houses the cartridge or the atomizer tank and the battery. On the top side, you have a removable glass mouthpiece that can be attached when you are using it to vape dry herbs.
This is a neat addition because metals and plastic can create off-flavors in herbal vapor and the glass mouthpiece is also ridiculously easy to clean.

The control buttons are on the side of the casing and allow you to control the temperature as well as wattage output. Thankfully, there’s a digital OLED display that shows you the exact numbers. It does look crude at a time when one is used to colorful LED displays. But it does the job.


And we are not here for the aesthetics, remember?

The package includes a cleaning brush and a dab tool to pick up your waxes to load into the chamber. Other than this, there are two ceramic screens in the box.

What makes Vaporite Tantrum the best vaporizer under 100?

There are three ways in which you can use it and it works flawlessly in all three of them.

  1. E-Juice: If you are a fan of the thick and dense vapor clouds that can only be generated with a sub-ohm compatible mod and tank, then I don’t blame you for it. That is an unparalleled vaping experience and once you take those lung hits, you won’t settle for anything less. The Tantrum is compatible with extremely low atomizer levels. That’s as low as 0.3Ω and up. To top it off, it has a 30W maximum power output. That’s amazing.
  2. Dry Herb: Just attach the glass draw-stem when you are vaping dry herbs and it ensures that you get the full flavors in every draw that you make. There are no off-flavors and the herbs are not charred either. To clean the mouthpiece, just soak it in some isopropyl alcohol solution and you should be able to scrape off any residue easily.
  3. Waxes/Oils: Last but not the least, you can attach any tank or cartomizer with a 510 threading on it to vape your favorite waxes. Be it Shatter, crumble, CO2 or anything that you fancy, the Tantrum lets you use it instantly without any mods or changes.

There’s a USB charging port that lets you charge the device in up to 2 hours. A single full charge usually lasts for up to 50 hits of a dry herb concentrate. The numbers may slightly vary depending on what you are using it for.

Vaping quality

Vaporite Tantrum 3-in-1 reviewMost people assume that when using a hybrid, there will be some kind of tradeoff between quality and usage. But that’s not the case when it comes to the Vaporite Tantrum. There is no dip in quality no matter what you load up in it and it gives you flavorful vapor clouds every single time.

The standout feature though is the sub-ohm e-liquids which pit this against high-quality mod devices. And surprisingly enough, it delivers the same quality of vapor that you’d otherwise spend two to three hundred dollars for.


Best features

  • Compact unit
  • Precise temperature control
  • Minimal sub-ohm resistance of 0.3Ω and up
  • 30W max power output
  • Can be used for dry herbs, waxes, and sub-ohm e-liquids
  • Glass mouthpiece for pure herbal vapor
  • Digital display
  • Lifetime warranty

To sum it up

Barring an obsolete looking design, the Vaporite tantrum is the best vaporizer under 100, it ticks all the right boxes that one looks for in a hybrid vaping device. That’d be the best $100 that you have spent on a vaporizer. For more vaporizer reviews, click here.


  • E-liquid
  • Dry herb
  • Wax
  • Best budget 3 in 1 vaporizer on the market
  • Comes with life time warranty
  • Precise temperature control
  • The device may be too big for some users to carry it in their pockets throughout the day.
  • A glass mouthpiece may be beneficial to some users, but one should also consider that fact that glass can break
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