Best vape pen for wax – Puffco Plus review

There has been an avalanche of cheap Chinese imports in the vape pen market in the past year or two. So, when one hears of a ‘true blue’ flagship, it automatically triggers a lot of curiosity. When the device is an upgrade to a very popular one like the Puffco Pro, which used to be the best vape pen for wax, you automatically have high hopes from it.

Thankfully, the Puffco Plus does not disappoint one bit.

This is hands down, one of the best vape pen for wax to have been launched in recent times. In fact, I can safely say that this is a step ahead from the clumsy, mundane and obsolete pens of yore.

The reason for all the accolades is an innovative convection heating chamber that does not contain a heating coil or a wick. Instead, the chamber is heated completely from the outside allowing the wax to only come in contact with ceramic.

That’s as authentic a vaping experience as you’d get.

Sleek design

best vape pen for wax There’s a marked improvement in the design of the Puffco Plus. It has a simple three-piece design that looks stylish with an all-metallic glossy gunmetal casing.

The mouthpiece is positioned right over the heating chamber and features a ceramic extension that resembles a stalactite growing out of it. This is called ‘The dart’ and it is a multipurpose tool.

One of the purposes is to keep the liquids/wax in constant contact with the walls of the ceramic bowl which allows it to be heated evenly. The second function is that of a dabber or a loading tool which allows you to pick up the wax with its slightly pointed tip and load it easily into the chamber.

The Dart also creates a sealed chamber and directs the airflow by sending the rising hot hair back in a downwards direction towards the oil/wax which results in an even and flavorful extraction.

The bottom half of the Puffco Plus houses the sufficiently large sized ceramic chamber. To be honest, I was skeptical that a convection-conduction design without direct contact with a heating coil or wick would work with a chamber this size. But Puffco has a near flawless design here.

On the upside, the extra size also allows you to load a generous amount of your wax every time you load it.

What makes Puffco Plus the best vape pen for wax ?

The Puffco Plus is clearly aimed at the vaping connoisseur who is looking for an incorruptible vaping experience that is not marred by excessive heating or under extraction.

For this reason, there is a minimal amount of prep time associated with the usage. All you need to do is load the wax with the dart, close the mouthpiece and activate the heating chamber.

There is a ‘cloud’ shaped push button controller which allows you to toggle between the three temperature settings on the pen.

The button has an integrated colored LED which differs for each temperature setting and also doubles up as a low battery indicator.

The colors and temperatures are as follows:

  • Green – Low Temp – 3.6V
  • Blue – Medium Temp – 3.9V
  • Red – High Temp – 4.2V

Irrespective of what temperature is activated, double-clicking the cloud button activates the ‘Sesh’ mode or Session Mode which keeps the heating temperature constant allowing you almost 12 seconds of uninterrupted drawing time without having to press down on the button.

If the Sesh Mode is not activated, the Puffco Plus auto shuts off in 8 seconds to conserve battery life.

So, if you are looking to draw in 5-6 puffs of that nirvanaesque hash oil vapor, ‘Sesh’ mode is the way to go.

This mode is also useful while cleaning the device. Just activate the mode by double-clicking the cloud button, remove the mouthpiece and hold the device upside down to remove any residue that is sticking to the walls of the chamber.

Vaping quality

Puffco Plus reviewThe money lies in the construction of the ceramic heating chamber. When clubbed with the dart on the mouthpiece, it creates a completely sealed chamber with four strategically positioned air holes which direct the hot swirling air upwards.

This hot air which is convection based then combines with the thermally radiated combustion heat from the ceramic chamber to produce delectably thick clouds of vapor. The quality is top notch!



Best features

  • Incredibly compact portable vape pen for wax
  • Perfect for wax, crumble, oil, snap the shutter
  • Externally heated large ceramic chamber
  • Innovative Mouthpiece design with the ‘Dart’
  • Three temperature settings
  • Double click for the Sesh mode for uninterrupted 12 seconds of vapor
  • Easy to clean

To sum it up

In my opinion, Puffco Plus is the best vape pen for wax. It is a perfect example of innovation meets form and function. The externally heated ceramic chamber is a winner, it gives you flavorful hits every single time. I hope you like my Puffco plus review, for more budget vaporizer reviews, click here.

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Puffco Plus is an excellent quality vape pen for wax and concentrate.All coil-less ceramic chamber means no glue, free of coils and exposed metals. Session dode enables continuous vaping.

$119.99 $99.99

best vape pen for wax
2.7 Total Score
Puffco Plus

  • Best vape pen for wax
  • Extra compact and discreet
  • Exceptional vapor quality
  • Pure ceramic coil-less heating element
  • Affordable price
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Only one year warranty
  • The size of the chamber may be a bit too small for some potential users
User Rating: 2.7 (19 votes)
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